On Repeat?

Lately, I find myself wearing the same pieces to work over and over. I definitely have my favorite, no-brainer outfits that I always feel fantastic in, so I often repeat them or switch out one element like paring the same top with a different skirt.

One of my favorite things about blogging used to be shopping and picking out new looks to style and share. I've purchased some new pieces in the last few months, but I'm really finding that the majority of the items I wear have been in my closet for some time. 

The outfits I share on my blog are always "in real life" outfits, meaning that I actually wear the outfits I post to work. I sometimes think of how fun it would be to style outfits "just because" or to experiment with something really trendy that might be out of my comfort zone, but I like my blog to be a place where women who work in an office setting can get some inspiration. That often comes with the caveat that I'm showcasing a lot of similar looks.

I hope y'all are okay with me sharing outfits that are similar to recent ones I've worn. I'm always on the lookout for new pieces I can share, but I don't get a chance to shop as often as I used to (especially because I prefer to try items on--- so though ordering online is convenient, it often means I'm returning a lot of what I order).

Here's what I wore yesterday:
skirt- j.crew, factory version on sale for $34! | top- zara (similar)  | shoes- nine west  | necklace- tiny tags, ℅ 
Happy Friday & have a great weekend!


  1. Love this combo. You are giving me some inspiration for after baby!!!

  2. I love your outfits and that you do repeats and mix and match because as a working mom I also have a difficult time finding the time to shop and it is hard for me to find items that look good together while I am shopping with my kids! You give me a lot of inspiration to mix and match some of my old items with some new ones. I also love your tips for sales going on and seeing what shoes/jewelry you pair with your outfits. Keep the OOTD coming please! :)

  3. I have always loved your style because it's your real clothes. Those other blogs are fun to look at (kind of like a magazine, I guess), but I rarely save their photos or actually get inspiration from them like the bloggers who are more real. I'm glad to see more of your outfits these past few months!

  4. Old outfits, new outfits - I love ALL your OOTDs! Keep them coming! :)

  5. I definitely have my go-to outfits too, although they are nothing like yours. Mine consist of jeans and a white t-shirt. I'll jazz it up with a long necklace or a scarf once in awhile. Definitely my mom uniform!

    You look great! :)

  6. Your blog is great because the style is accessible. You feature pieces that I have in my closet or I could get at the mall down the street. Then you present them over and over in new and fun ways that make me excited about my own work wear. Love seeing so much of that on your blog lately! :)


  7. Love the pattern mixing, V! Looking gorgeous as usual! :)


  8. Love this pattern mixing! You're definitely inspiring me. I need ideas for office wear and I feel like so many blogs out there are just about "trendy" and not about what's realistic in an office. That's why I love your fashion posts!

  9. Great outfit and mixture of patterns. We all have those timeless favorites that we tend to wear over and over.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  10. Love the mix of patterns! I don't think I am as fashion adventurous as you are. I would never be able to come up with something different & have it turn out so be-a-u-t-ful!


  11. Love your blog as is! It's inspirational, but still very relatable. I buy things you link a lot, because I appreciate being able to see the mutliple, practical, real-life, ways you've styled a piece.


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