DIY Painted Valentines

I'm participating in a Valentine card exchange with some lovely blogging mammas this year so Saturday night after Harper went to sleep for the night, I got out my trusty crafting box and got to work (I'll do a reveal of all of the Valentines we recieve on the 14th!)

I loved making these Valentines! It only took me about an hour and a half to make these, including the time the paint took to dry, writing all of the addresses on envelopes and sealing them to be mailed. 

I had purchased some Valentine crafting items from Target to make my cards but my original plan just wasn't looking the way I wanted when I started to experiment. As I sat there, wondering what I'd try next, I suddenly thought "paint!" I have so many of those acrylic paints so I got out my hot pink, white and baby pink paints to create a nice base/background for my Valentines.

Step by Step:
1. Use heavyweight paper and cut Valentines to have rounded corners (I just traced our Christmas card so they'd all be even). I think rounding the edges or even using those crafing scissors that can do scalloped or pointy edges makes them more fun.

2. Add three (or more!) paint blobs to a paper plate

3. Use a foam brush or regular paint brush and get creative! Paint horizontal, vertical, diagonal or squigly lines--- it's up to you. I would paint a card and then add more dark or light pink depending on the look I wanted for that specific card.

4.  Add finishing touches--- mine were all from Target. I used a glue gun to affix anything that didn't already have an adhesive on the back. I cut out gold glittery hearts, made hearts out of pipecleaners, etc. 
That's it! As you can see, this is a super easy project. If these were for adults, I would have gone with a more sophisticated look and maybe used a black or gold marker to write a pretty saying about love on the front of the card. I think that would look nice against the painted background. However, that would not really be fun or appropriate for babies and kiddos since they are more drawn to bright colors, textures, etc, so I wanted these to reflect that. Harper obviously couldn't help make them this year, but next year, I'll have to think about Valentines we can make together.
Some of my supplies from Target---the glitter paper I used to make the gold hearts (not shown) was from Michael's.
Mixing my paint colors to achieve different looks as I painted each card. You can add more paint as you go.
Below are the finished Valentines---I used the first letter of each baby/child's name on their Valentine to peronalize it a little bit. I wrote out the name on a few as well.
Are you making Valetines this year? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I love the ombre-ish look. Very cute! And the glitter hearts are such a fun touch!
    Home Style Love

  2. Those are adorable! I love the pink background and the gold glitter!

  3. Love it! I know some little girls who can't wait to check the mailbox!

  4. Love these! Pink and gold is one of my favorite color combos. My little Emily's 1st birthday is on Saturday and those are the party colors! I will be making pink and gold crafts all week for her decorations!(I actually took a vacation week from work, because I am that excited haha)

  5. Such great Valentines Day cards! The pink and gold compliment each other so well and the incorporation of the foam letters works great!

  6. Great idea. Looks easy enough to do. Can't wait for my little one to be old enough to do this with me. Right now, she would probably just put everything in her mouth so that might not work...maybe we could do some hand prints or something for her....

  7. Love this! I'm making my own vday card for my hubby this year, and this helped motivate me to be creative :)

  8. This is a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing such a fun treat for Valentine's Day!


  9. So cute I love them! My little guy can't wait to get his!!

  10. What a sweet idea! You totally inspired me to get moving on Valentine's for my daughter's daycare cohort. :o) Thanks!

  11. What a sweet idea! You totally inspired me to make Valentine's for my daughter's daycare cohort. Thanks! :)


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