Weekend Updates

This morning I met with one of my friends for a lovely brunch at Sweet Paris.  I had a Bonne Mama crepe with four berry jam and a side salad with strawberries. YUM!  If you are in Houston, definitely check it out. They also have crepes with eggs, meat, etc. So delicious and the decor is really nice as well (think tufted bench seating and gorgeous chandeliers).

Simple weekend outfit- GAP maternity really skinny pants, Lululemon cool racerback tank, 
Tory Burch Reva flats and a Banana Republic sweater. Sorry for the sad facial expression. 
Don't know what was going on there.

After brunch I met my husband in the Village and we headed to the baby boutique Doodles to look at the glider we were contemplating for our nursery.  If you remember from a post a few weeks ago, this is the one we were looking at:

The consultant at Doodles told us that the glider we were looking at also comes in a style with a taller back and suggested we take a look since we are both tall.  We decided to go with the taller back style since it is the exact same chair and just a few inches taller (so now we can both lean back and have full shoulder/neck/head support).

We picked a textured ivory fabric that a couple of shades lighter than the fabric on the glider above.  It won't be ready for another 6-8 weeks but I'll be sure to post photos when it comes in.  The thing I love most about the chair other than how it looks and how comfortable it is, is that the slipcover is pre-washed and can be removed and washed at home. 

We decided against getting the matching ottoman. I kind of wanted a mis-matched ottoman from the start---and also, the ottoman was nearly $600. For an ottoman. Let me repeat that. $600, for an ottoman. I just cannot in any way, shape or form justify that. I don't mind investing in pieces of furniture that are versatile and will stand the test of time, but I just couldn't get on board with a $600 ottoman---nearly the cost of the glider itself!  

I like that this glider can later be used in a living room. I've often thought of how nice it would be to have a reading nook.  Maybe in the future in our next home!

Here's the glider we got (but as I mentioned, ours is not in this fabric):

After ordering our glider we decided to make a quick stop at Carter's because the entire store was 40% off and I also had an additional 20% off coupon (the sale is online too, click here!) I don't want to buy too many clothes, but I do take advantage of sales when i can so I don't have to pay full price, especially since I have time on my side and can wait for all of the sales.  Here are a few items I purchased:

Muslin swaddle blankets-loved the sweet prints on these

baby mittens and socks, which I've heard are essentials those first few months...

...and this adorable bathing suit (buy it here). I just couldn't resist.  I purchased it in the 18 month size because the store associate told me they tend to run small. I'm really buying very little newborn sized clothing. All of the moms (and some dads!) I know advised me to buy everything in larger sizes because babies grow so fast, especially out of the newborn-sized clothes. I also buy things based on season---so I don't buy sweaters or anything too warm in smaller sizes because the baby will be born in the summer---I always buy warmer items in the 6-9 month size.  Have to think ahead! Mostly I'm just buying onesies because babies pretty much live in them for the first few months. I'm saving the dresses and other outfits for when baby is older.

I also wanted to share with you a special gift that arrived in the mail this week! I know Francis from the online/blogging world---she has three sweet girls and blogs over at It's a Pink Life. The busy mamma also runs her very own business making handmade bibs and baby headbands. She was so sweet to send me a couple of beautiful items for our baby. I am thankful to have such thoughtful and generous readers. Thank you Francis!  Check out her store, FHJ Baby, here.

Tomorrow my goal is to clean out and re-organize my closet. When it starts to get warmer, I rearrange it to have my warmer weather clothes right out at the front and move the more wintery items to the back. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! 


  1. I like the glider, and agree with you, $600 for an ottoman is crazy! Make sure you keep your receipts for clothes -- my niece was bigger than average until she was about eighteen months old, so some of the seasonal things I'd bought for her way in advance didn't work. I can't believe you're putting your warmer clothes up and I'm so jealous -- we've had yoyo weather here in NC for the last few weeks -- ice last Friday, 70+ degrees on Wednesday, then back down in the 30s on Friday. I hope that groundhog was right today!

  2. @sarah---I am keeping ALL of my receipts and keeping most tags on too! :) I will only wash and de-tag newborn sized items. :)

    We still have some cool days here in Houston but overall it hasn't been cold and the next few weeks should warm up even more, I'm hoping! :)

  3. I love the items you've brought for your baby. And the bib that was made and sent to you is amazing! Such lovely things! I am also buying lots of baby things in bigger sizes and being mindful of the seasons. X

  4. Have you checked out Kohl's for baby clothes? I buy most of my son's clothing there now. They carry a lot of what Carter's carries in their stores, but there is always some sort of sale or another plus coupons. I generally get each piece of his for under $4 each. Not fantastic, but definitely cheaper than most other stores that carry baby clothing, and he outgrows them so quickly that I don't mind spending $3 and change for a onesie or a pair of pants that will fit for a month or two or that might get ruined by a blowout or something.

  5. Oh, and I just read your comment about only washing and de-tagging newborn sized clothing. I would suggest not doing that, either, at least not until you are further along in your pregnancy and get an estimate of how big your baby might be. My son never fit into any newborn-sized clothing. The NICU had him in the same two or three outfits that they had to keep washing because they had such a limited supply of 0-3! He was in 6 month sizes by the time he was 3 months. Now he is only 9.5 months and has been in 18 month for a while. You never know!

  6. Weekend brunch with a friend is one of my favorite things to do. Banana walnut pancakes is what I always get.

    I LOVE that bathing suit. So adorable. I want one in MY size. :)

  7. a $600 ottoman wow!!
    cute photos and lovely outfit

  8. I love Carter's but just an FYI they run small. They're sleepers and onesies are wonderful though. They really do hold up to constant washing so much better than other brands!

  9. Just an FYI Carter's does run smaller than other brands. If your daughter is 8lbs or more it's likely she'll skip their newborn size. However, their sleepers and onesies do hold up through constant Washington without pilling so much better than other brands!

  10. haha i wonder how many of these ottmans they actually sell....crazy!

    Just wondering how your gym routine is coming along. Are you still super exhausted?

  11. Sweet Paris sounds great! I wish we had beautiful little eateries where I live. We have lots of chain restuarants ;(

    Love the things you have picked out so far for the baby. You have such classic taste!

  12. @andrea--- I have not been working out at all--I just walk and I clean the house still which is a little bit of a workout :)

  13. Thinking of the glider after baby (aka in a reading nook or nap nook) is exactly what we did. They are so comfy even after you don't need them for baby. :)

    Looking beautiful!

    xo Lulu

  14. The ottoman look super comfy!

    I've got a question: how long is your necklace with the Return to Tiffany heart?

  15. @anna- I am not sure because I am not using the original chain it came with

  16. Can't wait to see you guys welcome your baby girl! That little bathing suit... too adorable for words!

  17. You will LOVE using the muslin blankets for so much more than swaddling. I actually use the halo sleep sacks to swaddle, and the muslin blankets around the house, and as burp cloths sometimes!

    I added you in my blogroll on my new blog- is that ok?


  18. Hi! I am new to your blog and am really liking it! I was always a size 2/4 before I had my son and now I am a size 6 with some hips :) I am wondering what your size is pre-pregnancy for reference reasons when you post your outfits and for when I go back in your archives :) THANKS!

  19. @uknown- I usually wear a 4 in pants and skirts. Some of my J.Crew pencil skirts (the wool ones) are a size 2. Other than that for dresses and stuff I wear smalls and mediums usually. I have some items in my closet that are a size 6 too.

  20. Your baby will definitely be a stylish hot baby! I love your OOTD photos and all your hauls. God bless you on your delivery :) You'll make a lovely mom.

  21. That is so cute! Do you happen to know the brand of the glider? My husband and I have been shopping around (currently I'm 27 weeks!) and we've found one good Little Castle glider (you can customize the fabric), but I'm always curious of other people's finds. Thanks!

  22. My SIL has the exact glider you posted and opted for a mismatched ottoman as well. The glider is so comfy! I'm sure you'll love sitting in it with baby girl!

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  24. I just wanted to add that everyone told me my baby would grow so fast. She is now 8 months and just hit 16 pounds. She was in newborn clothes for almost a month before she hit the 0-3 month clothes and stayed in them until 3.5 months. She wore GAP skinny baby jeans in 3-6 month size until 7.5 months.

    She was born on May 25, so she was a sumer baby! she wore bathing suits, dresses and just the onesies. Trust me - buy a few dresses in the newborn or 0-3 month size for when you leave the house. Its the cutest!

    I was lucky that I bought an under 7lb outfit for her coming home from the hospital. She was still swimming in that! My husband and I were both 7-8lb babies so I didnt expect to have a 6lb girl who didn't have a big growth spurt, but it happens.

    ps-the carters precious first onesies at target are the best for the first months, in my opinion. really soft and comfy and fit perfect plus they come in a 3 pack. GAP clothes tend to run a bit bigger.


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