Wishing all of my readers a very happy Valentine's Day!  We're keeping it simple and ordering in some pizza.  H got me some lovely tulips and we of course exchanged cards.

As for today's outfit, every time I wear this Forever 21 blouse, I remember how much I love it.  It's a fun pattern and I love the laid-back shape. 

F21 blouse, GAP maternity really skinny pants, F21 basic tank, 
Jessica Simpson Boots, Banana Republic necklace.

Have a great night!


  1. I love this outfit! You look fantastic!

    Happy Valentine's Day! x

  2. I love the tulips! Happy Vday love birds! Just think...your last one without the baby!

  3. you look gorgeous! i love seeing the bump haha
    happy valentines day

  4. You look amazing! x - personal blogs.

  5. I loved tunic style tops like that from h & m especially when I was pregnant.

  6. Veronika- you look great! Just a little tip for your tulips (in case you didn't know already), I got some yesterday and they were drooping as soon as I put them in the vase. After some research, I decided to drop a penny in the bottom of the vase. This morning they are nice and perky! Just thought I would share :) Krissy@DaintyChef

  7. I love tulips! That's probably because I'm from the Netherlands haha :)


  8. Glad to hear you two celebrated a great Valentine's Day!

  9. i love that gold chain necklace, it's so chic and goes w so much!

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  11. You are looking great these days. Please share your diet these days.
    Thanks :)

  12. Since you are a new mother-to-be, I think you will like this blog : . I love her looks and since she gave birth, almost all her posts are about her beautiful young baby boy. :) Just wanted to share this with you, I'm sure you'll love her.

    Enjoy ! xox

    - Joelle

  13. I forgot to ask : where are your boots from ? I love them, I know they are Jessica Simpson's but do you know where I could find them ? Online or in stores.

    Thank you :) keep up the good work, I love looking at your outfits !


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