Outfits Lately & A New Purchase

On Sunday I spent a couple of hours cleaning out and reorganizing my closet. Every spring and fall I rearrange it so that the warmer clothes are in the front for fall/winter and the cooler ones are in the front for spring/summer. It makes getting dressed easier and keeps things that are in-season easier to see. I also wanted to see if rearranging my closet would get me back into wearing bright colors again, since I am still sticking with mostly boring black. I love black, but I'm growing tired of it.  Once it's consistently warmer out, I know I'll get excited to break out color again.

I'm sure I'll end up cleaning it out again in the next couple of months (I'm overdue to donate some items I never wear) but this weekend was a good start.

Here are some of my most recent outfits:

Artizia shirt, Banana Republic sweater, F21 necklace, GAP maternity modern boot pants, Zara shoes

Lululemon cool racerback tank, PH8 jacket, GAP maternity really skinny pants, Zara flats

Nordstrom blouse, Nordstrom blazer by Gibson, GAP maternity pants, Zara shoes

Banana Republic dress, with and without tights

Zara Blazer, J.Crew shirt, GAP maternity pants, Tory Burch flats, Banana Republic necklace

GAP shirt, J.Crew sweater, GAP maternity pants, Zara shoes

I hardly ever shop for myself anymore. I'm trying to make it though the pregnancy buying as little as possible in terms of clothes. I have a lot of looser tops and tunics and a sweet co-worker of mine gave me some of her maternity clothes as well so hopefully I'm all set. I think once I start to grow more and more I may have limited options, but I'm trying to stretch the stuff I have as long as I can.

I did make one fun purchase recently though, a pair of nude Steven by Steven Madden heels.  I couldn't resist the bow and they will be great for spring (or as long as I can wear heels before the baby comes!)

Happy Monday and hope you have a great week!


  1. I adore the nude bow heels - they're so girly yet chic. Also love the black Banana Republic dress and the blue ZARA blazer. Your maternity style is so stream-lined and sophisticated - love it!

  2. Omigosh, I love those pumps. Sometimes bows are too flat or otherwise oddly shaped but those are basically my ideal shoe bows! Love all your outfits, Veronika :)

    xo, alison*elle

  3. Love those shoes! I am wanting shoes with bows too. Bows must be in the air! Nice outfits.
    Love~ Radha

  4. The shoes are amazing! I'm beyond obsessed with bows lately. I always have been I guess, but I find myself wanting another pair of heels with pretty bows atop them!

  5. I love your outfit posts, but I find these really hard to see any sort of detail in what the outfits look like. Will you go back to taking outfit pictures with your better camera?

  6. I love the way you incorporate stripes into your outfits. It's such a lovely dimension.

    Would love it if you stopped by sometime!

    Love from South Africa

    Arum Lilea

  7. @lindsay- I may start using my regular camera when it starts to get lighter outside. It's still too dark most mornings to get decent photos.

  8. you always look fab -- love all these outfits! xo


  9. I enjoy having a nose at your outfits lately - You always look so stylish! And the shoes are really nice, and that's coming from someone who isn't particularly into shoes! :)

    Alex xo

  10. Those heels are super cute! I love all of these outfits - I think it's so great that you haven't sacrificed your personal style during this pregnancy! :)

  11. oh my goodness, i have been LOVING these outfit posts :) you look so good pregnant, and your outfits just look so comfy!

  12. hi adorable outfit posts! I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased your bedspread?


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