New Haircut & Hair Products I'm Loving

This past weekend, I had my hair cut and I realized that I haven't posted about my favorite hair products in quite some time.

I had more hair cut than usual---I asked my stylist to shorten my layers and overall length because my hair was feeling really dry and heavy.  I am really pleased with the results. My hair holds style better now and overall has a more defined shape.

Here are some snaps:

This was the first day I had it cut---I was playing around with it later in the day parting it in various ways to see how the layers fell.

This is the back of my hair on the first day it was cut-  a lot of my readers request to see the back so you can really see how the layers are cut.

This was my hair on Monday when I washed and styled it myself. I am still using the same blowout/rollers routine that I always use. Refer to this post for details.

This photo was taken this morning when I curled my hair with a curling iron. Refer to this tutorial for how I curl my hair.

Now onto products, here are a few I've been obessessed with lately:

This is my second bottle of this shampoo. The first was actually a full-sized sample I got as a promotion at Sephora. I had to repurchase because it really is that good and is one of my all time favorite shampoos. It leaves hair feeling clean, yet soft and also allows for ample volume in your hair, which I can't say about a lot of other damage-geared formulas which tend to weigh hair down. I also love the smell and love how it lathers. You don't have to use a ton either. It's absolutely amazing.

I have had this product for over a year and when my Crystalliste serum ran out (which I love) I decided to try using this for my blowouts (previously I was using it as an overnight treatment). I use a few pumps of the Elixir Ultime from the nape of my neck down to the ends of my hair prior to blow-drying. It is really smoothing and overall I love how it makes my hair feel.  It also combines well with other products.

This (pricey) mask was sent to me over a year ago but I just started to use it over the last few months. My hair has been really dry lately so I wanted to use something that is made for damaged hair. I apply the mask in the shower after shampooing and then I wash my body and shave to let it sink in before I rinse it.  I really like it and my hair feels good after using it.  As a side note though, I do still love my Macadamia Hair Mask, but will probably wait to repurchase until this runs out as I am working on using up products before I buy new ones so I don't have a ton in my shower and cabinet waiting to be used.

Wishing everyone a great week!


  1. Your hair looks amazing!! I love it curled!!

  2. Love love the way you curled your hair for the second tutorial. :)

  3. Your hair looks great V! I love Kerastate Elixir Ultime, my dry ends love it too :)

  4. Your hair looks amazing!! Do you use dry shampoo?

  5. Love the blonde at the tips! Kerastase makes some great products!

    =) Brooke

  6. Looks gorgeous! Love the long layers. I had my hair cut recently too and it feels so refreshing!

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

  7. your hair look gorgeous!!

  8. Your hair is just gorgeous! And I'm sure all the pregnancy hormones are making it that much better. Oh how I miss those! ;) I'll have to check out that have me sold!

  9. Stunning!! Your hair is always fantastic!

  10. LOVE the layers!! I have had to do less layers lately and more of a "blunt" cut at the bottom because of all of the post-partum hairloss, but once I have some more growth, I am definitely doing layers like this!

  11. I am definitely bookmarking this and showing this to my stylist! Your haiir is everything Veronika! It's sooooo pretty!

  12. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

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  13. Wow, you look amazing! Thanks for sharing photos of your newly curled hair, Veronika. They suit you perfectly. It somehow gives off a bubbly, yet classy aura. Taking care of one's crowning glory should be a must since it plays an important role on how a person should look. Good luck with your future endeavors! :)

    Isaac Valentino @ SNV Hair


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