Weekend Shopping & Baby's Dresser Has Arrived

We had a pretty laid back Saturday, until I decided when we got home from lunch and running errands that we were going to empty out the nursery.

Our day started off with our Restoration Hardware Baby & Child Haylan wide dresser and hutch being delivered (we got it for 20% off!).  More on that later.

Then, we went out for lunch and I suddenly had a major craving for ice cream. So we made  quick stop at Marble Slab and enjoyed the beautiful warm, sunny weather.

We also went to Target where I picked up some adorable onesies for the baby.  I was thrilled to find some mint green and purple ones!

Then we stopped in at Marshall's Home Goods where I scored some lovely baby and home decor deals.

I was able to find these gorgeous tulips, which are identical to the ones I got at Marshall's Home Goods last year for our coffee table---those these are in a different shaped vase and there are less tulips. The arrangement cost $39.99, which is a deal considering how expensive these arrangements tend to be in speciality stores. They had a lot of nice ones in store today so be sure to check out your local Marshall's Home Goods!

I also picked up two of these beautiful wall mounts.  I absolutely love that the hooks spell out LOVE.  I got one for my closet and one for the baby's room. Not sure where I will put it yet but I thought it would be sweet in her bathroom or above a bookshelf.

Finally, I picked up a beautiful dress and some onesies from Marshall's:

We are so thrilled with the dresser!  It will be perfect for the room once it's all arranged. Though it's on the pricier side (heck, it cost more than our dresser) I'm really glad we made the investment because it's a piece that doesn't scream "nursery" and will look good in a child's room and eventually in a teen's room. In fact, I joked with my H that if our daughter ever doesn't want it, I'm happy to take it for our room!  It's a beautiful piece.

One piece of nursery furniture down---three to go!  We need to order our crib and glider and possibly a bookshelf (or we may do floating shelves, I haven't decided yet) as well as a chandelier.

I can't wait to see the room come together with all of the little details! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Veronika,

    Love the dresser, it is absolutely a gorgeous piece and one that will grow with your daughter even as she moves out on her own when the time comes. How exciting to see you're starting to show for clothes and nursery items now.

    One piece of advice I learned with my stepdaughter and buying for others is buy items in larger sizes. Babies don't always come out super tiny (I've had to return size 0-3 months clothes because they were too small for a newborn) and its nice to have a selection of clothes in various sizes as for the first few months they grow so fast. A friend of mine had that happen. She recieved baby clothes in small sizes and the baby grew out of them before wearing them all. Then she had to buy more clothes because everything was outgrown all at once.

    Also make a mental note of how big she will be in various seasons. This will help you score some awesome deals as sales come on and the seasons change!

  2. Hi Amanda! Tons of people gave me that tip too :) I am buying most items in 6 months and UP. I did buy a few 3 month items but I am limiting those.

    I know they grow so fast :)

  3. Your baby is going to be the best dressed baby lol!


  4. omg the baby clothes is so cuteee!

  5. How cute are the clothes you got for the baby! I'm sure you are having fun. Like the tulips too. Good idea. So Veronica. I am obsessing over a new spring/summer handbag and want to know what you are attracted to. You always have good ideas.
    Love~ Radha

  6. I also bought my daughter's furniture from restoration and love it! It definitely does not look "nursery". Can't wait to see it all come together.

  7. Thanks for the reminder about Marshall's for baby clothes. I am on the look out for a beautiful dress for her 1st birthday! And OMG I love that dresser! Where did you get it?

  8. How cute are those baby clothes! I love that you are purchasing reasonably priced but fashionable baby clothes (at Target, Marshalls, etc.). I always wonder about the bloggers who only buy Crewcuts, Joe's Jeans, etc. for their babies...who can afford that?!!

  9. I love those onsies, the pants are adorable, and that dress is gorgeous! It's so exciting getting the furniture- it makes it all seem real. That dresser is beautiful!

  10. Veronika,

    I love the flower arrangement! Did you purchase at Marshall's or Home Goods?

    xo, tasha

  11. Natasha- the store is Marshall's Home Goods. That's what it is called :)

  12. Absolutely ADORE the dresser! And you are so right...it's an investment piece that really won't "outgrow" its use. We tried to make the same type of choices when picking out our nursery furniture. I wanted items that fit in well with the overall feel + decor of our home.

    It's going to be so fun for us to watch as your nursery comes together! So fun!
    xo - Marion

  13. I love everything you bought! I especially love the dresser!

    XO Alex


  14. The dresser looks gorgeous and of great quality!! Can't wait to see your room set up:)

    I also ordered my furniture from RH Baby...it is already in (super fast) but we are waiting until March to have it delivered and set up...I am so excited!

    They said that their spring catalog or for you in store (lucky!) is coming out mid February, end of February so they may have some new items. Have you made a decision regarding the other pieces of the nursery?

    Your clothing is also too cute!

  15. @sandra---I think we are going with the Millbrook Iron crib from RH and some of their bedding too---a white bedskirt and possibly some of the sheets in the color "pink petal."

    As far as the glider goes, we are going to get it at another store where we found one we loved :)

  16. Beautiful crib:)

    I got the European pin dot crib sheet in petal and the washed velvet cribskirt in petal...like other ones as well but waiting to see spring collection for additional crib sheets.

    I am thinking of getting the pinwheel quilted voile quilt and sham personalized to use over chaise in room....the store has too many beautiful things!!

  17. Those tulips are gorgeous, and I'm loving all these sweet little girl clothes.

  18. I like how Lulu made an appearance in the last picture!

  19. Oh, what fun! I can only imagine how fun it is to "nest" and buy for your future mini-me! Love the purchases.


  20. I am so in love with your dinning room table! The boyfriend and I often wander around Restoration Hardware excited for the day we can actually buy things (we are potentially moving over seas for a year in the near future so we are hesitant to buy anything substantial). The dress is super cute too (and everything else featured in this post, haha, I love everything you buy!)


  21. Get a furniture anchor kit at a home improvement store and anchor the dresser to the wall. That will keep your child unable to pull it over on top of herself.


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