"Man Care" Tools, Upgraded- A Gift for My Husband

I think I mentioned this in my Christmas post this year---but my husband and I haven't been huge on exchanging Christmas gifts for the past couple of years. He did get me a few small gifts this year and I got him a panini maker a few weeks before Christmas...but we've just preferred to buy gifts for others and sponsor some very deserving kids instead.

So when BlogHer and P&G contacted me about gifting my husband a new Braun Series 7 shaver, I jumped at the opportunity---not only because it's an awesome, high quality gift, but because he has been using a really cheap electric shaver for years and I think he is well overdue for an upgrade.

My husband is really into the latest gadgets---he has an iPad and AppleTV and all of that---but for some reason he never cared much to upgrade his man-care tools.  I think this shaver will change that once he experiences how much of closer and smoother of a shave it provides (plus, he's got sensitive skin and like most men, deals with ingrown hairs, so a better tool is a welcome addition). 

P&G is running a promotion right now for $20 off of the Braun series 7 shaver plus free shipping, so if you're looking to upgrade your man's "beauty tools" (just don't tell him I called them that) visit the P&G eStore before Jan. 24th.

I also made a really brief video to show you what the shaver looks like.  Check it out below!


  1. Hi Veronika! congrats on the baby! i have been missing your videos and when i seen it pop up in my youtube feed, I thought i would come over and say "hey"

  2. Hi Veronika. No offense, but I'm a bit confused as to how you can recommend a product that neither you nor your husband have tested. Is this meant to be a product review or simply an insight into your Christmas gift-giving? With so much sponsored content on blogs these days, it's becoming harder and harder to differentiate between the two. Notwithstanding, it looks like a neat gadget.

  3. @Melissa---I agree that it looks like a neat gadget---this is simply a sponsored post to showcase a product that I was able to gift to my husband. I am not reviewing it because I myself cannot use it. It gets good reviews online so I am hoping my husband will enjoy it :)

  4. So should we expect a review of the razor from your husband? Hee hee.


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