Lip Loves: L'Oreal Color Caresse Wet Shine Stain & Maybelline Color Whisper

I haven't reviewed beauty products in what seems like an eternity so I'm so excited to share a couple of products with you that I've been using recently that are deserving of a review.

As you all know, my makeup routine is the exact same everyday. I use the same products and apply them the same way.  The one exception to this is lip products. I find myself trying new lip products more than any other makeup products.  I get less attached to lip products and always want to try the new lip gloss or lipstick whereas I don't feel the same thrill to try a new foundation or bronzer (in fact, I can be downright reluctant to).

Two products have impressed me recently. The first is L'Oreal's Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain.  It was an impulse buy at the grocery store and since I hadn't bought makeup in months, I thought, why not? I'm so glad I got it because I absolutely love it (and it was on sale too!)

It's basically applies like a stain, but shines like a gloss.  It doesn't give the super-shine look like most glosses do, but that's what I love about it. The shine is more subtle, but it's still glossy and has the look of a gloss, without feeling too sticky or heavy. The texture is lovely and it is long-lasting. I put it on every morning before I leave the house!

Mine is in the color "Pink Perseverance." It's a beautiful soft pink. You can buy it here.

The second lip product I'm enjoying is Maybelline's new Color Whisper gloss. It's similar to Revlon's lip butters, but truthfully, I like this one better. I like how it gives a very sheer color to the lips and I like the way it feels. It doesn't have a residue at all and it feels balmy. Perhaps what I appreciate most about it is that 

I got the color "Petal Rebel." The color is a pretty pink---but not a baby pink (which is what a lot of my glosses are). You can buy it here.

Have you tried any new products lately that you love? Or have you tried the ones I've reviewed here? Leave me your comments below!

Thank you for reading!

FTC: I purchased these products with my own money. These are my honest thoughts and I am not being compensated for this review.

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(aren't these pretty!?)


  1. Both of these look great :) Thanks for sharing, I'm definitely going to be looking out for them now! Enjoy your day :)

  2. I'm loving Loreal's Colour Riche Balms in Nourishing Nude and Caramel Comfort. Super moisturizing(perfect for Chicago weather) with a nice color. I've had them for a few months so I'm ready to try something else, I'll have to look for your suggestions, Thanks

  3. I love the color whisper! I have two shades, and def want more! I agree that they are so much better then the Revlon lip butters. Thanks for the reviews V :)

  4. I'm loving Maybelline's ColorSensational in Pink Peony (035). My lips are chapped all the time during winter –I live in NYC- so I need to constantly put lip balm during the day. After doing it -I use the regular Duane Reade brand– I apply this crispy pink lipcolor to bright my day. I'm looking forward to Spring to use it by itself ;)

    I also like mark.'s "Lipclick" because they are creamy and feels like I don't have anything on. This Avon line has a large range of shades but my favorites are Cha Cha (an intense red) and Tutu Tutu (a shimmery berry.)

  5. ive been hearing a lot of both these lip products on youtube. I can't wait to try them

  6. I've been SUPER into lip colors lately... I think I might've gotten 3 or 4 different colors just within the past few weeks. Would love to try out that first one! My current favorite lip items are the Fresh lip colors (sooo smooth and longlasting!) and the Revlon JustBitten lip crayons.

  7. I love the lip butter from Revlon so I totally want to try these out! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thank you for the reviews! I picked up the Loreal Gloss in Lilac Ever After and really like it so far. I like that it's a stain and doesn't dry my lips. I also forget to reapply lipstick at work so I like that it has a long staying power.

  9. These both have been my fave of all the new spring collections (drugstore that is). Great colors!

  10. These look great! I'd really love to see them on you -- any chance we could see them in action?

  11. I got some of that lip stain in a gorgeous red color and i literally wear it EVERY DAY...i hate when lip stuff is sticky and this isn't sticky at's beyond amazing!! I love the lighter pink you have, i think I'll have to grab that one!!

    Emily @


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