Pop of Pink!

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been skipping outfit photos because I'm figuring out the best route to take to my new job and trying to figure out what time I need to be leaving every morning.

I woke up a little earlier this morning and was finally able to squeeze in some outfit photos! 

Speaking of which, I've been getting a lot of questions about the dress code at my new job. Technically, it's "business casual" but in our department, we veere more on the business side of that since we deal with the media on a regular basis and we all want to look as professional as possible.

I always dressed up more at my previous job, so it's great that I'll be able to wear the same clothes I already have. Something I'd really like to add more of to my wardrobe are blazers---different colors, prints, etc. It's a nice way to polish-up your outfit without being too fussy.

Here is what I wore to my new job, day three:

Top- GAP
Skirt- J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Wool
Shoes- Kate Spade
Blazer- Express
Bag- Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo

Hope everyone is having an incredible week!



Microsoft Windows Mouse Winner!

I know I say this every.single.time I do a giveaway, but I truly appreciate everyone's patience when it comes to my giveaways. I sometimes get ambitious and say I will announce the winner the day after the contest closes, but sometimes life gets in the way.

I am thrilled to announce that out of 228 entries (wowza!), the winner is entry number 11, Andrea! Congratulations Andrea, I am emailing you tonight about how to claim your prize :)

Thank you so much for entering! I always appreciate everyone taking the time to enter and I love giving back to my readers whenever I can :)



PS-  I am trying to get back to taking outfit photos but the new job has me sitting in traffic a little longer than usual so I'm trying to adjust the time I leave the house (I HATE being late!)

The Big News- I Got a New Job!

Today was my first day at my new job.

(Lulu is excited too!)

Whew. Okay, that was easy!  I didn't want to make the announcement until I oficially started my new position, but I am so thrilled to share this amazing news with you all.

It's always said that good things come with time and after three years of working at a PR firm, I was ready to move into a position for an organization who's mission I am passionate about and where there is plenty of room for growth.

I'm still working in public relations, but I am working for a large organization now and I couldn't be happier, because this is truly the opportunity I have prayed for for the last couple of years.

I'm so excited for a fresh start, doing something I love, working towards an incredible mission and to be part of a team of great people!

Something else I feel excited about is that I feel reinvigorated---and not just in my work life but in my personal life. I truly feel a new sense of motivation and I know that attitude will be evident even here on my blog.

I'm looking forward to feeling excited about getting ready for work everyday.  I just feel so blessed and so lucky that 2012 has been a wonderful year for me so far.

Here's to an amazing 2012 in a new place, with new opportunities and a new zest for pretty much everything!



Weekend Organization: Get Your Drawers in Shape

I’m calling this a weekend organization project because it’s truly a project that takes just a few hours and makes a major impact. Mornings can feel stressful and overwhelming if you can’t find what you’re looking for---why not make it as easy as possible to find everything you need?

The key to having a working wardrobe is to have all of your essentials at your fingertips and not having to dig through drawers.  That’s why I spent a few hours today organizing my drawers so that mornings were a little calmer.

The first step is to measure your drawers so you know what size containers to buy.

Then, visit your local Target (or another retailer that sells storage bins) and select bins or drawer dividers based on your needs. As a side note, I did visit The Container Store and found their items to be incredibly pricey, thus I got my stuff from Target and IKEA.

The reason I wanted to do this in the first place is because my dresser is really tall and I noticed I wasn’t really wearing all of my jewelry because it wasn’t as accessible as I needed it to be.

I decided to organize the rest of my drawers while I was at it since I felt they could use a little work too (I’ll spare you the before shots, they are embarrassing).

For my jewelry, I chose organizers from IKEA and Target.  Here’s how it turned out:


(side note: can’t wait to get rid of that brown wall)

Next up, I tackled my workout clothing drawer, which is the largest/deepest one in the chest of drawers. I used zebra-print bins from Target. Not a huge fan of the print on these, but they were on clearance and you can’t see the print on them anyway.

From left to right---I rolled up all of my Lululemon workout tanks so they would be like little cylinders in the box---I also have mu Lululemon shorts in there.  In the middle I have Lululemon pants and tights and some colorful t-shirts. On the right, I have sports bras and random cotton tanks.

Then, I organized my underwear drawer.  I used more shallow bins because these drawers aren’t as deep as the workout wear drawer.

I also keep my tights in this drawer in the middle of the two storage boxes. This may be TMI, but I separate my regular undies in one basket and my thongs in the other. I also keep bralettes with the thongs. It all makes sense in my head, I promise.

I used the same bins in the drawer below it with bras and lingerie, but I figure you don’t really need to see that, right?

Moving on, I used plastic drawer dividers in my last drawer, containing all of my swimwear.  These are from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

How do you keep your drawers organized?  Let me know in the comments below!



This Week…

I had a major event at work this week so blogging has taken a backseat---but I still wanted to do a little post for the weekend.

First, let’s talk about my hair.  Some of you may remember that the last time I had my hair colored, I went back to add more lowlights.  This time around, my blonde pulled way too yellow and the highlights were not distributed evenly, and to be honest, my hair just looked a little over-processed.  I’m not sure how it happened, because my colorist is awesome, but sometimes these things just happen. 

Basically, my hair looked way too high contrast. I favor a blended look so I went back this Friday to have more lowlights added to break up the blonde and to have my blonde toned down to a softer color. My colorist said that from now on we will use color instead of bleach to do my highlights.

Here is what I mean when I say the highlights were yellow:

So yean, not good.  It is SO much softer and much more blended now (as you’ll see in the photos below and in my fitting room photos):



PHEW!  The next time I have my hair done, I am really looking to get a look like Kate Beckinsale’s.  I don’t want to go as dark as her on the top, because my natural color is lighter than hers, but I love the overall look of the soft, blended highlights poking out from underneath and on the sides (with way less of them focused at the top/crown/roots)



(Photos from JustJared)

Seriously Kate, can we all just have your hair?

Next, I wanted to share some fitting room photos from my recent shopping trip to Zara and J.Crew.

First, this gorgeous paisley No. 2 pencil skirt from J.Crew. I loved it, but for $148, I’m waiting for a sale. It fits just like the wool version:


Then I tried on some tops at Zara
(I got the second lilac tee-featured in today’s haul video and also the blue paisley tunic)




I liked the minty top above, but I wanted something even longer.  I still have a great minty tank from Banana Republic from last season that I plan to wear a lot this spring/summer.

What else am I focusing on this week?  Working on drafting ideas for my new blog design:


Relaxing before I start another big week (by reading People Style Watch, of course)


and H and I are about to enjoy delicious Five Guys burgers for dinner (I get mine without the bun, less guilt and I don’t miss the bread at all!) 

What could be better?



PS--- You can watch my latest haul video below (only if you want to!)

New Blog Design- Need Your Input!

In the past few months, I really started to think about my blog's design and wanting to change it.  I loved my new design for a long time, but I am ready for something fresh and something that feels more "me" after having blogged for more than two years now.

I am working with Meg from the blog
O. is Me and I'm really looking to just make my blog visually appealing and also more functional for my readers.

That's why I'm asking you ladies what you'd like to see in my blog design.  I already plan on adding:

  • more social media buttons/ways to connect
  • more sidebar categories that take you straight to the posts you want- outfits, home decor, home tour, YouTube videos, etc
  • A more grown-up header---still feminine but not quite so girly girl
Are there any other features or tabs you'd like to see? Please share your ideas in the comments below. I can't promise to implement every one of them, but I want to make reading my blog a good experience for all of those who visit so your insight is very helpful :)



PS- this new design will be for THIS blog :) I am not switching platforms or changing my url or anything, just a fresh design!

PSS- HOW CUTE is this little poster my H made me as a surprise?  I couldn't believe it!


As we continue to decorate our home, there has been one area of our home that I could never really figure out. 

When we first went to look at our new home, it was a decorated model home.  There was this space between the kitchen windows, fridge and island that was quite large and the designers put a little round table and two chairs there.|

(this is from when our home was still a model home---
see the little sitting area in front of the window

It looked cute, but it felt impractical.  We already have barstools on our kitchen island and we also have a dining room set (which we plan to update eventually).  So...we didn't really need more places to eat or sip coffee (because, we totally do that on the couch---the coffee sipping, not the eating).

For a long time, I just thought we would leave the area bare and I didn't mind that.  Then one day, I suddenly had a strong urge to put something there and for some reason, all I could think was "bench."
(This is the space now---to the left is our laundry room and to the right
is our fridge and then there is a big gap before you hit the kitchen island

I had always wanted an upholstered bench for in front of our bed---but for some reason, that space in our kitchen seemed to be the perfect place for a bench.  For one, the bench would be right in front of the window and because the bench is narrow, it will make a statement without be too overbearing for the space.

I had looked at the Lola bench at ZGallerie before but didn't want to spend the $350 on it.  This weekend, I noticed that the white linen version was on sale and since the fabric matches our bar stools and is a nice contrast to our super-dark hardwoods, I decided to take the plunge and order one.
Here's why I'm glad we invested in this piece:
  • It is incredibly versatile---I can always move it to a bedroom or transfer it over to a dining room table (I love the look where a dining table has a bench on one side and chairs on the other)
  • Extra seating--- if you ever have a lot of people over, a long bench is a great way to provide more seating space

This is what the bench looks like:
It also comes in a velvety gray or dark brown color, but we liked the crisp white linen (it's more off-white).

In thinking of how I wanted this space to look, I also wanted to add a rug underneath the bench and I like this one that I saw at Crate & Barrel recently:

Eventually we'll have curtains put up on the windows in our kitchen and I'd also like to add some cute accent pillows to the bench.

The bench should arrive next weekend so I will definitely post photos when we have it all set up.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



Valentine's Day Giveaway- Who's the Sleekest of Them All? (This Mouse!)

Happy Valentine's Day dear readers :) I thought today would be the perfect day to do a giveaway since Valentine's Day is all about sharing the love.Though jewlery, chocolates, flowers and spa days make for great gifts, tools that make your life easier are great gifts too (especially since most of us are online or looking at a computer screen for 8 hours or more a day---I know I am!)

That's why today I'm giving away a Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse in the Sangria Red Diamond color. Don't let its sleek and sexy silouette fool you---it's made for faster and easier scrolling with a touch scroll strip, where a flick of a finger starts hyper-fast scrolling and a simple tap brings it to a stop . The Arc Touch Mouse is also outfitted with Microsoft’s BlueTrack Technology so you can track on virtually any surface while you’re on the go. Plus it retains wireless control of your computer up to 30 feet away! This mouse retails for $59.95 and is avaialble on the Microsoft website.

Let's face it gals---when I'm online, I have tons of windows open, blogs to scroll through and images to edit---so anything that makes that process more seamless is an A-plus gift in my books. Plus, as far as computer mice go, this one is pretty darn cute!

So let's make this one easy---leave me a comment with your email address if you'd like to enter to win this mouse.  That's all you have to do! I'll use random.org to generate the winner after this giveaway closes next Tuesday, February 22nd at midnight CST). This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.

Because I don't want to leave you without some pretty images to swoon over this V-day, check out these cute pics from a recent Windows Valentine's-themed photoshoot:

Awwww....I have to say, these are totally pin-worthy! You can check out the rest of the gallery here. You can also follow @Windows on Twitter for the latest news and updates.

Happy Valentine's Day and if you'd like to win this awesome mouse (you can use it at work or home!)  leave me a comment with your email address below. If you're feeling chatty, let me know what you and your love did for V-Day this year!


PS---H and I had a laid-back Valentine's Day. We exchanged cards, H got me pretty pink tulips and made a cute photo of lulu and we had some yummy Mexican food for dinner.

FTC Disclaimer: I am part of the Windows Champions program and Microsoft has provided me with products for my personal use.  I am not compensated by Microsoft as part of this program and I am not being compensated to write this post, I just love giving as much as I can back to my readers.

Lana Del Rey, I Think I Love You

My husband always calls me a "hater" because when I first hear a new album, I say "I don't like it" and a day later I know the lyrics to half of the songs.

When my husband burned me a CD of Lana Del Rey's album, I was reluctant, but he urged me to just listen to it. I popped the CD into my car and it was like love at first listen. It usually takes me awhile to "warm up" to new music....but I couldn't even fathom the album would be as amazing as it is. Finally, music that is different, interesting and beautiful. Her voice and lyrics are captivating, mysterious and almost haunting in some songs.

I google'd Lana Del Rey after hearing her music and I was stunned by how gorgeous she is. I think she's got a spot right up there with Kate Beckinsale on my "most beautiful women" list.  I will definitely be trying out some of her hair and makeup looks!

For anyone interested in her music, my favorite songs are "Born to Die," "Off to the Races," "Video Games" and "Radio." I love the entire album but those are standouts to me.

Here are some of my favorite Lana photos. I'll start off with some of the more glamorous ones (umm, is her hair amazing or what..!? Kind of makes me want to go red even though I'd never have the guts to actually do it!)

...and some more casual/non photoshoot shots:

All photos in this post are from: http://lanadelrey-.tumblr.com/ 
http://lana-delrey.tumblr.com/. I encourage you to follow
these sites if you love her as much as I do!)

Have you heard Lana Del Rey's album?  Are you as obessed with her as I am?  Total girl crush material.

Here is the video for her single "Born to Die"

Oh, and because I know people will ask/comment, no, I didn't think her SNL performance was awful.  I think her voice is beautiful. A lot of people think she is too "awkward," but that is what appeals to me---that she is not like everyone else and seems to be very humbled by how much people like her music.  I like that she stays true to herself and doesn't have all of these gimmicks. I like a Britney Spears concert as much as the next fan, but sometimes the simplicity of someone just singing (no dancing, back-up dancers, crazy sets and props) is so wonderfully refreshing.

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