Outfits Lately & Updated Hair

I realize not all of my readers subscribe to my Facebook page, so I'm posting some of my outfits from the last few weeks (some I haven't posted on FB either).

First, I'll show you my newly colored and cut hair. I didn't have any color applied on the roots this time (I am not coloring my roots during pregnancy) but my roots are perfect now anyway for the subtle ombre I do anyway so there is no need to color them darker.  I had a few (maybe 10 or so) teeny tiny highlights added in to some of my ends and had over an inch or so cut off. It feels so much better!

(it looks a little lighted in this pic than in person, IMO)

Lululemon tights; Target sweat shirt

Zara wool coat; J.Crew scarf; Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

The night I met John and Sherry from Young House Love!

Banana Republic Coat and Sweater; Lululemon tights; Nine West boots

Banana Republic Coat and Sweater; Lululemon tights; Hunter boots; 
Forever 21 infinity scarf

My hair before I cut and colored it and my new iPhone case by Tin Tree Gifts on Etsy

New necklace from Forever 21 (in person it looks totally J.Crew but cost about 1/10th of the price!)

Banana Republic blouse; Express pants

Banana Republic trench, Zara dress

Forever 21 top; GAP always skinny jeans; Tory Burch Reva flats; LV Neverfull GM

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love your outfit with the wellies! Are the sweater and jacket recent?

  2. You look amazing. I see you have your new LV bag. That style and print is probably one of the only ones I would like to own, so I'm truly jealous. Can't wait to see the little bump :)

  3. Beautiful, Veronika! How has your skin been since being pregnant?!

  4. I love your LV bag!

    XO Alex


  5. Great outfits! Thank you for posting them...I am not on FB. I hope you will post/video your Christmas decorations.

  6. You look beautiful Veronika! I wish I had your hair, it always looks perfectly curled! Also adore the LV bag. I'm debating on getting the mm neverfull or the speedy 30. Decisions, decisions ;)

  7. So many gorgeous looks. Love your everyday style - I always get so much inspiration from these posts. And that LV bag is to die for. Ah, so gorgeous!! xo

  8. V - such cute outfits. Love the Banana sweater & Nine West boots. Hope you're feeling well and getting some energy back :)
    XO - Lulu

  9. I have the same bag. I love it.


  10. is that banana republic coat still in stores??

  11. How has your skin been since being pregnant?! Breakouts or clearer skin?!

  12. Very fashionable. You look pretty on your hair and in your outfits too..I love it.

    Find out more: Special Occasion Hair and Make Up Melbourne

  13. You look like Kate Middleton in the photo with the tan trench. So chic! Congrats on the little nugget, very excited for you guys!

  14. Good call going with the ombre for your pregnancy! The great thing is as well, is that it is so low-maintenance, no roots to touch up. I love mine :) You look just stunning, can't wait to see how cute you will look with the bump!

  15. I've been eyeing that lv for awhile now but I have a speedy and can't justify two bags right now. Anyway, are your hunter boots the gloss or regular? I'm considering getting a pair but I'm not sure if I should get the gloss or not. Yours are cute though!

  16. I love everything (as usual) but I especially love the pieces you have from Banana Republic. Sometimes I go into the store and feel like nothing stands out to me on the hanger, but then I'll see it on someone (like you) and it looks so amazing! I guess I just need to try stuff on there anyway...

  17. Your hair looks fab! I love your trench too.

  18. Your hair looks great! Oh you got the LV neverfull. I've been debating for months now about getting one. Tell me it's worth it ;)

  19. I have got to get those Hunter boots! Dang, I want them bad! You look so cute in them!


  20. I love your style Veronika! you are so stylish :)
    your style really inspires me.


  21. I love your new Louis! Such an amazing investment piece and it works with absolutely everything!!!!
    You look great, I love all the outfits and I hope you are feeling ok, momma-to-be:-)
    XO, Gina

  22. You're absolutely glowing! And I am in love with your hair- it looks amazing! :)



  23. Congrats on your pregnancy! As a mom of 3, being able to bring forth a beautiful innocent life to this world is truly a blessing. I love the dark green Banana Republic coat you are wearing in two of the pics. Is it from the reg store or factory and did you get it recently. I have been in search of a coat like this forever, so any info you can pass along would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Smitha


  24. @smitha- the coat is from last year from BR but they have similar ones each year and so does J.Crew

  25. I really love how you layer in cooler months. The tights/boots/sweaters/scarves look really works for you.


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