In Case You Missed It...

Here's what I got at the Sephora F&F sale!

...there are some other fun purchases too :)

Check out of my friend's Etsy shop for adorable (and affordable) jewelry designs:

My Sephora Buys:
Benefit Eye Bright-
NARS Laguna-
Living Proof Prime-
Clarisonic brush head-
Bare Minerals stroke of light-
DiorShow waterproof-

Banana Republic:
shawl collar sweater:
striped cardigan:

GAP racerback bra-


  1. Glad to see you back with a haul video :)

  2. Yay glad to see your videos again! I love Dior mascara so much!!

    XO Alex

  3. I love the Sephora buys! I've been wanting to try the Living Proof Primer, let us know how you like it!


  4. Hi Veronika! You have the most gorgeous hair. I know you have said that you don't wash it all the time. I would love to try that but I work out almost every day and after my workouts my hair is just dripping wet. So I feel like I have to wash it every day. What do you do after your workouts?

  5. aire bra
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  6. I'm so glad you're back Veronika! I began following your blog over the summer when I graduated from college and began working in a business casual office setting. As you can imagine, I have had to completely overhaul my wardrobe in the last 6 months. I love looking at your outfit posts and haul videos for ideas! Thanks for all of the time you put into these posts, you have really inspired my wardrobe :)

  7. This was great! I recently picked up the Maybelline highlighter after you mentioned it. (and as a substitute to the more expensive YSL touche eclat.) Have you used the YSL, if so, how do you compare it to the Maybelline? May I ask what foundation you use?

  8. happy to see a haul video yay! I love the shawl collar banana republic sweater and the soft "sweatshirt". I do the same thing in the evening when I know I'll be home the rest of the night - I have to change into soft, comfy clothes.


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