What I've Been Eating & Other Randoms

I had an incredibly busy work week this week so as the weekend starts tomorrow, I'm planning to take naps and just relax and run errands.  Sometimes it's nice to just kick back and do next to nothing.

Here are some of my favorite meals I ate this week:

Berries with Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread and Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter

Garden salad with grilled chicken and balsamic dressing

Chobani Greek yogurt with berries

Salmon with store-bought mango pico de gailo

A Shipley's strawberry-filled donut (YUM!)

an outfit I didn't post this week (um, look at our messy bed!)

Pretty flowers from the hubs

Flower arrangements my co-worker and I made for a party at work!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hold up- they make Eziekial bread in Cinnamon raisin?? Gotta try that!
    Xo, Ann

  2. I am wondering where did you get that gold LOVE print? I love it!!

  3. I am just in love with your rustic table! Oh, and it looks like your eat pretty well too xD!

    Take care!

    <3 Rubiiee

  4. I LOVE the Shipley filled donuts! But chocolate is my fav :) That salad looks amazing too!

  5. Hi Veronika! I LOVE mango pico de gallo it's amazing. Is the teal blazer from Zara??

    I'm a new blogger :)

  6. I love balsamic vinaigrette dressings. Have you ever tried the Bolthouse Farms brand? Found in the refrigerated section near the fresh greens? It's to die for!!

  7. oooh, blueberries! I want some ^^ And I love the flower arrangements you made :-) they're very pretty! x

  8. is that your dinner table? love it! that rustic mixture with chic and vintage. ... LOVE ! can you post some other pics of your dinner table?

  9. Liz- click on the home decor tab on the left
    All Of the dining room photos are


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