Sunday Brunching

This Sunday, a group of us blogger gals got together for some brunch at Cuchara Restaurant. I can't say I loved the food and tiny menu, but the amazing company more than made up for it. 

From left- Bethany, Jamie, Magen, Mishelle, Meg (with baby Kennedy) and moi.

Also, I got to look at this adorable face all afternoon:

Kennedy is seriously the best baby.  She was so good the entire time and eats like a champion.  Yay for awesome babies!

It was a little cooler in Houston today (thank God) so I opted for dark jeans, a dress shirt and cardigan for warmth.  Of course I had to add a bubble necklace for good measure.

 It was SO windy when we shot these. Hello crazy hair!

Cardigan- J.Crew (buy it here)
Shirt- GAP (buy it here)
Jeans- 7FAMK Dojo (buy them here)
Shoes- Ivanka Trump (similar flats)
Bag- Kate Spade (buy it here)
Necklace- c/o Groopdealz

Hope everyone had a great Sunday!


  1. Such a great outfit for the occasion. I'm hoping the weather stays cool into this week!


  2. I love blogger hangouts, and the outfit you chose is just perfect for a Sunday brunch. Those Dojos look really good on you... they never looked right on me, I have no idea why!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. It's nice to see something other than skinny jeans! Nice outfit :)

  4. I LOVE those jeans! You look so adorable.

  5. Love that outfit! I am going to have to try and recreate for myself! =) Thank you!


  6. love the cut and print of your top! New follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts!

  7. Is Jamie wearing the same necklace as you?
    I love your outfit!

  8. Glad we got to finally meet! Loved your outfit! I know my face is adorable. I mean, my daughter's. ;)

  9. Those bubble necklaces are all the craze. Like to see how you wear yours. Do you have more in other colors? Sounds like a fun afternoon!

  10. Love this! I need more jeans in my closet, some of the non-skinny variety ;)

  11. Your outfit is perfection! And I think Kennedy's is too!

  12. so pretty! those jeans are so flattering on you u look amazing!


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