Weekend Shopping & Brow Planing at Michael Kemper Salon

I've had the busiest Saturday, but I LOVE being productive, so I'm not complaining.  I woke up, had a bowl of Fruit Loops (don't judge) and  cup of coffee and then I got ready and had H shoot a few outfits for a fall trends story I'm working on with CultureMap.

After that, I dropped off my husband at this fantasy football draft and headed to Target to pick up a few things...and that turned into LOTS of things.

Let's start off with what I wore on my errands escapade:

Dress- Marshalls (similar); Bag- Kate Spade (buy it here, on sale!), 

You can watch my haul video to see all I got---but here are some fitting room photos of a few of the items I got at Target:

Mossimo Tweed Pencil Skirt- $22.50, size 6

Mossimo "Silk" Blouse- $22.50, size small

In the photo, the color isn't showing up properly, but it's a gorgeous spearmint color---deeper than a pastel mint but still very minty. It's gorgeous and a great choice if you don't want to spend the money to get a blouse like this at J.Crew or Banana Republic. These come in a ton of great colors---I might go back for more!

Okay, now to the fun part of this post---I have gotten a lot of comments lately about my eyebrows not looking so good/being too close together. As I mentioned in my YouTube video, it's hard to be objective sometimes about how you look. I see my face daily so it's hard for me to notice when something might be off.  Three years ago, when I was having my wedding makeup trial with my makeup artist, she mentioned that my brows were really close together. I let her pluck a few hairs and they looked good, but I didn't keep up with it.

When I was in high school, I had really thin, really awful eyebrows. When I started modeling with an agency as a teen, they asked me to not touch my brows for about 2 months. I was forced to grow them out but they looked great---and I vowed to never again have thin brows.

(from my modeling portfolio, after I had grown them out)

(later on in high school, it's hard to see because of the lighting in this photo, 
but they were super thin and not shaped well)

As you can see above, I did end up tweezing them again when I quit modeling and then I realized how much I hated them and grew them back yet again.  So I feel very, very attached to my thick brows.  Here's how they looked in my wedding day:

Nice and thick and beautifully filled in by my makeup artist.  Even as a child, I had some pretty thick brows going on:

(what was I looking at?)

(as you can see, I was already into ruffles and handbags as a baby---
watch out Suri Cruise, just sayin'---
and that's my beautiful grandmother in the background)

(apparently, I was not shy)

(Beach hair, circa over 20 years ago)

Well, that was a fun blast from the past.  Back to the brows. I went to see Craig, a brow specialist and makeup artist at my hair salon, Michael Kemper Salon.  He does brow planing, which is a technique that you can learn more about here. Craig is a pro and at $29, it's a very affordable service---plus, you to get leave with your very own brow planing tool to get the look at home. Brows frame your face and they are such an important feature that they're worth the investment.

Craig sits you down first and talks about how to measure brows and then he fills in your brows with power where they are supposed to start and end, and where the arch is supposed to be. I actually had no idea that one of my brows had an arch and the other didn't. Craig fixed it so that now they both have very subtle arches.  He also took the starting point of my brows way back---after zooming in on my photos, I did see what people meant when they said my brows were too close together. They look much cleaner and more defined now.

I am extremely happy with my results. Though it can be hard to hear negative feedback about your appearance, sometimes you need to hear it to improve on something.  So thanks to my readers who gently gave feedback about the spacing of my brows---I particularly want to thank the ladies who gave the feedback in a very constructive and non-malicious way.

(forgive my outfit, I've been cleaning all day since I got home)

If you'd like to see what else I bought this week, watch below!

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. I love that you wear so much color. I'm terrible about wearing too much black. I think it's the old east coast emo-kid in me.

  2. Your eyebrows look great!!! I think eyebrows frame the face and can make someone look completely different depending on their shape. I am always jealous of girls that have thick eyebrows that dont really require filling in...wish mine looked like that :)

  3. I love the thicker eyebrows on you! and by the way, love that kate spade!


  4. I hate thin eyebrows, but I like mine shaped. Like yours, one of my eyebrows has an arch while the other not, so I go to this lady to get them threaded every two weeks. She is just amazing, and really cheap!

    I like the results you got. Your eyebrows are thick so a little shaping is needed withouth getting them erased

  5. I've always thought your brows looked great!

  6. I think you're beautiful before and after the eyebrow shaping. I can't believe people would actually write you and be malicious about such a thing... obviously they have way too much time on their hands. On another note, I probably should go and get my eyebrows shaped as well. ;)

  7. Whaaaa??? People are crazy sometimes. I am jealous of your eyebrows - thick, natural ones always look better. Keep rocking the ones you got :)


  8. Oh my gosh-blonde Veronika!?!?!?! Love the little kid pics-so sweet!

  9. I love the look of thick brows no matter what anyone says, your's look great!

  10. Veron - they look amazing! I especially LOVE how raw that picture is of you in the mirror with your hair in a top knot bun. Like, seriously - super model gorgeous xo

  11. I laughed a little when you said "...I dropped off my husband at this fantasy football draft." My husband has two to go to!

  12. I wish I knew what to do with my sparse Asian brows. Maybe I should put them on a "plan" like you did. Everyone always says they're important and I believe them, but idk what to do!

  13. I understand what you mean! Brows are such a big part of our face and we don't always see that!!! I had an amazing guy doing my brows, but he moved and I've been doing them ever since on my own...but it isn't the same and I guess I should bite the bullet and go look for someone I like to do them again =)

    Have a great Sunday!


  14. You are so pretty! I love that adorable pink bag!

  15. I agree, your brows look amazing! You are just beautiful!

  16. Your brows look great! I can't believe how different you looked with lighter hair back then!!

  17. Did people seriously comment on your blog that your eyebrows were too close together? How weird and rude! But anyway, you look great :)

  18. @annette- yup! people commented on my blog and videos. I think everyone has their faults, but I never thought my eyebrows made me look bad or anything, but it's nice to have them shaped correctly and having the arches match.

  19. Love that silk top! I might have to go pick up one (or a few!)



  20. I cannot believe that people would have the gall to say something like that! It just seems unnecessary to me. You're gorgeous. People are stupid.

  21. I love seeing all of these old pictures of you. I have no clue how I missed it, but I didn't realize that you were a model! It makes sense since you're so tall and pretty. Anyway, your brows looks great. :)

  22. I don't usually comment but I just had to tell that you are so gorgeous with perfect eyebrows that any girl would be totally jealous of!! Keep doing what you do girl, don't ever let anyone get to you!

    Also, loved taking a look back at older pics of you...you were adorable as a little one and I wouldn't have even known the blonde pic was of you!

  23. Seriously? People actually SAID something about a feature on your face? Wow...just totally unbelievable.

    Your brows were gorge before, and they're gorge after too - and I mean that; I'm not blowin' smoke. But I do have to say...that pic where you showed your new brows, hair tossed up, barely any makeup...girl, you look stunning. You truly look wonderful w/out any makeup...wish I had that luxury.

    Also, meant to say the other day - I really love it when you include your pupster in your posts; there is just something about it that feels gushy (meaning, warm and yummy).

  24. Love that mirror? Is that from Ballard design?



  25. I'd say ignore the comments about your brows, they look fantastic! Mine are thick and closer to each other (a lot like yours actually) and I love them! I've always kept mine thick though, never tried thin brows. I get comments about them sometimes on my blog too but I like my brows and no change will happen here ;)

    Thick brows ftw :)

  26. V,

    I've been reading your blog for a while now and I have to be honest I have never once noticed anything wrong with your brows! I'm happy that you are happy with the new brow process you are following, but I hope you don't think that people were sitting out there thinking bad thoughts about your brows Ms. Thing. You are a very fabulous person and you're lovely on both the inside and the out.


  27. Omg V! I have that purse! I swear we have an obsession for pink lol! Loving the Target pieces and the prices can't be beat :)


  28. Great post! I loved looking through your old photos! I think you have amazing brows. I'm trying to grow mine out, but it is a VERY LONG process. The hair grows, but in all the wrong places! Thankfully I have a great girl who grooms them for me every three to four months, and I don't touch them at all in between appointments.

  29. I am not a fan of thin brows, you're lucky to have such thick brows - they are great!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  30. Can't believe some women felt the need to be malicious over something so trivial--guess they have too much time on their hands!

    That said, I've been waxing, threading and plucking my brows--which are full, but also need shaping--for YEARS, and I'd never heard of planing. Obviously I'll be trying it after seeing your great results. :) Thank you for sharing.

  31. Hi Veronika! Just wondering if you'll use the Kate Spade bag as a replacement for the pale pink quilted crossbody bag from Asos. I ordered the Asos one that you also have and the color from my jeans totally ruined the back of the bag - so I'm thinking of ordering the Kate Spade bag to take it's "functional" place.

    Also - not sure if you are a J.Crew cardholder but they are doing 25% off one purchase from now until Sept. 11 - if you didn't get an email just call them and they will apply a coupon code!

  32. Thanks so much for the heads up on the spearmint button down shirt! Just the type I have been looking for and a great price! I also use Craig at Michael Kempner for my brows. I bought the kit and have learned to do them myself, even though I don't always make time to do all of the dots and lines. The ends of mine are a bit thin so I like the Christi Harris brow powder.

  33. I love thicker eyebrows -- too thin = not good. Also, I noticed your photos have writing in a familiar language to me... is your family originally from the Balkans somewhere? If so, very cool! So is mine! Love your blog....

  34. oh very cool.. not part of balkans, but close :-) refreshing to meet a blogger that hails from that area. will be looking forward to your posts :-)


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