Re-Styling a "Memorable" Dress

Sometimes when a dress really makes a statement (like my yellow lace Lucille dress from J.Crew), you tend not to want to wear it as often because it's so "memorable." 

I think they key is to have fun with the piece, everytime adding one or two different elements. This time, I switched out the fabric belt the dress came with to this hot pink belt that I got at the J.Crew outlet last summer. I also later added the navy blue cardigan. It's about making little tweaks that make the piece feel fresh.

Dress- Presley Skye at Nordstrom
buy it here; more gorgeous Presley Skye dresses here; here and here)
Shoes- Ivanka Trump (
buy them here!)
Belt- J.Crew (
buy it here)
Sunnies- Chanel (love these, too!)

How do you re-style a "memorable" dress?  Share your ideas below!


  1. what a pretty dress on you! you look lovely! xo

  2. Love this look! It looks great with the pink belt.

  3. That dress is devine! I love the fitting, print & colors. Very nice combo with the waist belt! Nice platforms & bag aswell, love it! You look gorgeous!

    Wishing you a lovely Saturday!

    XOXO from the Netherlands,

  4. I adore this look on you.. stunning dress!!

  5. Wow that dress is gorgeous!!!! I really like it plus the way you styled it =D =D =D


  6. I tried on a very similar Presley Skye dress at Nordies yesterday, I couldnt really pull it off. I have a very short torso and full bust. I wanted to love it, and I love it on you. Just not a flattering cut for me. Sigh. Love her prints.


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