Home Updates: Dining Room & Window Coverings

Getting window coverings and a new dining table have been a long time coming. We've lived in our new house for nearly a year and have done quite a bit already---but we're still rocking Ready Blinds (which are awesome, BTW) on our windows and never use our super uncomfortable IKEA dining table (not much of a dining table if you never use it!)

After eating at one of our (now) favorite restaurants for the first time (Liberty Kitchen in the Heights, for the locals), I was inspired by the farmhouse style table they had with a massive crystal chandelier haning over it.  I had never, ever considered a sort of rustic looking wooden dining table...but when I saw it at that restaurant, it gave me a moment of pause.

Fast forward a couple of months later, we were at Restoration Hardware last weekend ordering our drapery hardware, and we see this gorgeous desk that has a wooden rustic top, just like the farmhouse table at the restaurant.  "Does this come in a dining table?" I ask. Of course it did.

Our sales rep showed us a dining table from the Flatiron collection.  We loved how the top had that rustic wooden door look and that the frame was a black metal. We also loved how it criss-crossed underneath.

Our house has more of a crisp and modern look---and we love the juxtaposition of a more rustic style table in the midst of more contemporary pieces.

We are going to order it this weekend because Restoration Hardware is having their friends and family sale, which means the entire store is 20% off until July 4th.

Onto our drapery hardware. We chose pieces from the Estate collection in silver and crystal. Simple, but the crystal adds a nice touch.

We have really complicated windows...so we shall see how this all turns out. I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

As far as drapery, I was totally set on doing linen. Like dead set, nothing will change my mind ever.  Then, in the store, I saw the Thai Silk drapery and it had me at hello.  In my excitement, I even started delusionaly making comments of what a great fabric it would be for a wedding gown (seriously, what's wrong with me that I'm so captivated by drapes!?)

We will likely go with the white (which looks more ivory in person). The optic white may be a little to white...the plain white is a little softer.
Here is a photo of the drapes in a darker shade from the website. They actually look much more beautiful in person:

So now, the real conundrum. Chairs. I thought I knew for sure what I wanted...and then I found some other chairs I loved too. I was, once, again, dead set on linen, tufted dining chairs. Like these, from overstock.com

But then I saw these and liked them a lot too:


Thoughts? What do you ladies think would look best with the dining table? I think they would all look good (the last chair pictured would be an end chair only, keep in mind).  I like all of them, they're very similar but also different.

I think the linen chairs will be a nice contrast to the rustic table...I just need to pick some! If you have links to any others you think would work, please let me know. Thanks for all of your comments!


  1. Veronika!!! First of all love your blog! I am obsessed with that table..I actually tried to talk my hubby into making it..I am a thrifter by nature so I had to find a way! Love the second set of chairs for sure! Can't wait to see the end result you have inspired me to get back on my decorating...I always lose interest half way through!! haha Thanks for inspiring!

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  2. I can see how you are torn - the chair at the end of your post are stunning.

    As for the rustic 'farm' dining table; have you thought about doing chairs on one side and a bench on the other, something like this:


    I also liked these chairs would work well for your style:



    Hope that helps!

  3. I like the first studded ones with the slight arch on the back or the last studded ones. I think that subtle curves would look good with that rugged table and add a little girly to it.

  4. Hi Veronika! My husband and I have this table in our dining room and love it! We actually have the chairs and cushions shown in the picture as well. We live at the beach (30A, just east of Destin, FL) and this table adds a touch of rustic mixed in with our casual beachy decor. You will love it! We have the rope chandelier from Potterybarn above it and it looks fantastic! Again, you'll love it!

  5. Hmmm maybe the overstock chairs for the sides and then the other one with the arms on the ends? Mix things up a bit? Maybe that's too unmatchy though...

  6. I love the nailhead chairs - not a big fan of the tufted! Can't wait to see how it all comes together. Your house is beautiful!

  7. Hey girly! You could get the first ones from overstock and put your own nailhead trim around the bottom. It's super easy to do and really inexpensive! I am currently working on a storage cube and will use nail head trim. Let me know if you need help. I don't think we live far from each other.


  8. I ending up picking up the tufted linen chairs from Overstock! Low commitment with the price and they look great! We are pretty happy with them!

  9. Your home is going to be beautiful! I love the nailhead chairs too. The detail on the head chairs is very cool.

  10. If you're planning on having children and you want to eat at that table with them I would definitely go with the leather vs. the tufted chairs. They'll hold up much better and you won't cringe every time they eat yogurt. :)

  11. I think I like the second chair better, but both are pretty awesome. That table is beautiful!

  12. Love love love everything you are doing!
    I agree with margaretybarra and think a bench on one side would be lovely! I had that in our old dining room and it was so interesting to look at and so functional! As for the chairs, I would suggest the first nail head trimmed one. I like how the shape at the top of the chair is more traditional. I think that would meld the modern of your home with the rustic of the table better than the other chairs and with a chandelier overhead, make the whole room more formal and finished. Just my opinion, I hope it helps a little.

  13. We have the last chairs in the post- I live in Utah (where Overstock.com) is based so I looked at a bunch in person first and they were my favorite. We always get a million compliments on them as well.

  14. I am in love with that dining table!!! And I think you are exactly right, the rustic quality of it is going to look awesome with the modern look of everthing else, it will be the perfect balance! I love the drapes and my favorite chair is the nail head one with the arch at the top; our master head board is from crate and barrell and is the same exact color/design:)

  15. I love that table. I have a rustic farmhouse table with a crystal chandelier over it and it looks awesome!
    I like the second chairs

  16. it's so much fun watching your home come together!

    my vote is for the 1st studded one pictured, i really like the curves of it - however, i love the idea of different end chairs

    my personal style would be a rustic farmhouse table (with chandelier) and some philippe starck louis ghost chairs :)


  17. Love the rustic table with all of the modern elements already in your house. So I love the first chair with the nail head detail. The tufted seems done to death. Also, I think you should move the tall piece next to the window and have the drapes be tall and wide like the photo! So gorg.. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  18. What a fun idea of doing the farmhouse, rustic table! I love it! And I am also IN LOVE with those studded chairs. Do it, girl!! :)

  19. Love the rustic table! If you want to combine the tufted back with the nail head detail I found them at Ballard Design. I'll e-mail you the picture.

  20. I think the chairs with the studs(?) would look amazing with the rustic table!

  21. I like the first chair best. Also if you haven't checked it out before, you should check out the home decor blog inthefunlane.com. Beautiful clean, shabby chic stuff, but she mixes in other styles as well.

  22. Here are some I like: http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Parson-Classic-Peat-Microfiber-Side-Chairs-Set-of-2/2216230/product.html and http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Classical-Parsons-Stripe-Linen-Side-Chairs-Pack-of-2/5721306/product.html

  23. I was skeptical about the table fitting in with the rest of your decor but I just saw an episode of high low project where they did something similar. They called it "rustic glam". I loved it and it is now my favorite episode of high low project. They used upholstered chairs with nailhead trim, a farmhouse table, and a gorgeous chandelier. I can't wait to see what you do.

  24. Have you checked World market? They have wonderful pieces!

  25. Hi!! I just recently found your blog and Im Obsessed!! Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! Question do you know if Restoration Hardware has had a black friday sale or cyber monday sale in the past?? Im in loooooove with this table! Thanks so much! xoxo

    1. Thank you! RH regularly has sales- sign up for their emails :) I always buy my stuff for 20-30% off there.


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