Henri Bendel Opens in Houston! My Wishlist

When I found out that a Henri Bendel store was opening in the Houston Galleria, I was pretty excited. I had seen the store before at Northpark Mall when we were in Dallas and I remember thinking how unique the pieces were.

After having seen the store in person, the day after the official grand opening, here are my top picks & wishlist items:

These are so stunning, especially in person, that it took every fiber of my being to just step away...far far away. I hope to get these lovelies for the next special ocassion that comes up...My H joked "Christmas is about 6 months away." LOL.

I absolutely loved the rose gold/tortoise version of this bracelet---I couldn't find it online, but this bright blue one was actually the first one I saw in the store and it is gorgeous.

I love this travel makeup case because of its bold striped pattern and also the super-deep pockets.  I actually gave my Target makeup travel bag to a friend, so I will probably purchase this one for the next time we travel. I like that has the little hanger and that it is plastic-coated so it won't get dirty.


I liked this little charm bracelet---the little hat box is an adorable touch and it would like great layered with other bracelets. I also think it would make a cute gift!


and finally, there's nothing prettier than a simple bracelet---in rose gold, of course

Have you ever shopped at Henri Bendel?
What are your wishlist items? Link them below!



  1. Henri Bendel is so amazing and I get lost in there every time I visit the store in NYC. I've been eyeing the rose gold bangle forever! Great picks for your wish list :-)


  2. These pieces are all gorgeous! I especially love the earrings. I've never been to a HB, but I am dying to go!

  3. I agree, the rose gold bangle is goregous! I personally think the store is too expensive and I wasn't really impressed when I went to the store, but I am not a jelwery person so I cannot really comment on that! I think $70 for a makeup bag is a little excessive.

  4. I have the charm bracelet, got it at the flagship store in NYC! I cannot wait to visit the Houston store!

  5. These are great pieces!! I'm loving the charm bracelet and the hinged bangle!

  6. The earrings and the rose gold bangle... LOVE!

    I need to stop by the Galleria soon! Baybrook is so much closer to me, but it just does not have enough store options...

  7. I have the bangle in black and gold and although I love it, it does unhinge easily when banged around ever so slightly. I do love the charm bracelet and wish I had seen this when I was in NY a month ago. Sadly, we do not have any retailers in Canada that carry Harry Bendel. I might need another trip to NY or maybe, Houston????

  8. i love HB , does hi goes on sell? cause i think is pretty expensive but on sale could be a hit!

  9. You know, I've seen Henri Bendel at some malls here in SoCal, but I've never stepped inside one! I always assumed they were way too expensive. But they seem reasonable! I love the emerald earrings the most.

  10. i love henri bendel!!! i always stop in when i'm in nyc...but luckily we just got one in dc recently!

    a peek of chic

  11. The first pair of earrings are my favorite from there. They have them in purple and I think they're gorgeous!

  12. http://www.henribendel.com/TIGERS-EYE-KING-TUT-BRACELET/235623,default,pd.html?dwvar_235623_color=1935&start=13&cgid=shop_jewelry_bracelets

    I think the link above shows the tortoise and rose gold King Tut bracelet you mentioned. SOOO pretty! I have a Henri Bendel in a mall near me, but I always hesitate to buy expensive costume jewelry.


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