Sunday Houston Blogger Brunch- May 2012

I think brunch was invented so that people would look forward to Sundays.  Once a month, a bunch of us Houston blogger gals get together for brunch and this month it was at Haven, a restaurant described as a "seasonal kitchen"---they use fresh, local foods and their menu changes all of the time because they use what's in season. I had yummy chicken enchiladas and a mimosa.
It's hot here in Houston---but AC makes it freezing cold indoors, so I decided to wear short shorts with a long tunic and blazer. Yes, this is the same tunic I wore to work last week, just styled differently!

The balzer may look new to you---because it is! I had to return the white pants I got at Zara because they fit was off from the other two pairs I own and I decided this bright emerald blazer would be a versatile addition to my closet. What do you think?

My H was nice enough to snap these shots before I left the house. Let's all thank him for better photos!

Tunic- Zara (buy it here)
Blazer- Zara
Shorts- Buckle
Wedges- Michael Kors
Necklaces- both by Stella & Dot c/o:
Katie McMaster Kiner

I've been mentioning that I need to get my hair colored and cut soon---though admitedly, now that is had grown out from my last set of highlights, it does look more blended. I get a lot of requests to post photos of my haircolor as it looks "in real life" and I would say this shot is pretty close.

At brunch were Nina from; Shasie from; Magen from; Monica from; Katie from; Annina from and Mishelle from  Check out their blogs for style, beauty, food, fashion and more!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!




  1. hey sister thats my photog website :)

  2. Love your style, Veronika! You always look so chic and put together without looking overdressed. Can't get enough of your blog... and I'm a Texas girl (Austin), too!

  3. Cute blazer and love the hair color you have now!

  4. Great outfit, love the new blazer it's such a pretty color.

  5. So great to meet you! Looking forward to our next brunch! xo

  6. your legs look great! makes it easier to wear cute shorts ;)

  7. I'm not sure if it's been suggested before, but when using your tripod and shooting photos on your own, you can "pre focus" before taking your shots. Mark the spot on the floor where you plan to stand, place a chair or stool in that place and focus your lens. Then move the piece and stand in its place. Should help with the focus issue you're having.

    1. thanks someone has suggested that! my husband actually took these so they look pretty good to me!

      I guess in the morning when i'm trying to leave for work I hate taking those extra steps as I'm running around in heels but I will try it. Does that work when using a remote?

    2. I've never used a remote, but I don't see why not. It works that way in a timer. Do you shoot in auto or manual? I'd say try shooting in manual and pre focusing. The remote should make no difference. The photos he took turned out great. If he's willing to help you, awesome! But no reason not to try perfecting the remote skill either :)

  8. beautiful, as always :) by the way.. i studied your 'hair curling' tutorial video last week, and this weekend i was able to FINALLY give my hair the perfect curls i always wanted. so THANK YOU! :):) have a great day xx

  9. I'm a part of the Houston Fashion Bloggers, when does Brunch normally fall on? Is it on the calendar? By the way, love the purple bag!

  10. Oh no I was in Houston for the weekend and haven't heard of it :( Is it by invitation only these brunches?

    You look fab btw :).

  11. I love you in shorts! This looks casual yet still put together for brunch

  12. The purple and teal look great together. I really like that blouse!

    Would love the follow back :) Enter my giveaway for a Nordstrom and Starbucks gift card!

    The Pretty Pinhead

  13. You have a killer amazing pair of Legs!

  14. Hi, do you all still do brunch? I'd love to join in.

  15. Hello, do you all still do brunch? I'd love to join in.


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