So maybe I did a little more shopping...

In Toronto, a Saturday is always best spent walking around and exploring--- you can shop, eat, people watch and overall just take in the energy of the city.

That's exactly what we did that sunny Saturday. We walked to Queen street, the Eaton's Center and ate lunch at a restaurant across from the new Trump Hotel.

The night before, my friend Heather and I were in my friends Ashley's kitchen and we marveled at the fact that ten years ago...did we ever imagine we would be standing in Ashley's kitchen and looking over at our husbands hanging out before a night out...? It seemed natural and yet surreal at the same time. It was just one of those moments...(guess you had to be there).

Here's what I wore for our downtown excursion:

Shirt- Aritzia
Necklace- Banana Republic
Shorts- Buckle
Sandals- Steve Madden
Watch/Bracelet- Michael Kors/J.Crew
Bag- GAP




  1. I love those sandals! and I spy an Aritzia bag! what brought you to Toronto- are you originally from here and relocated to the USA?

  2. I love this outfit! I need that shirt.... I want to visit Toronto so badly!

  3. OMG David's Tea! We got one in my town about 6 months ago and I couldn't be happier. It's the best! What did you pick up?

  4. I love ur outfit <3 check out my post "come shoping with me at Dubai Mall" hope u like it.

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  5. Love shorts with button up shirts, it looks simple but still polished and chic.
    I've only been to Toronto once and it was in February, probably not the best time to visit. I'm planning a trip there this Summer. Besides the above mentioned places, would you recommend any other ones?

  6. Anxious to see what you got at Aritzia! My favourite store ever... except for the prices ;)


  7. I know what you mean by surreal moments. Years ago I would have never thought I would have moved so far from home, it's just one of those things. I love the color of your shirt very cute!

  8. Love that shirt and your hair always looks fantastic!

    Maja -

  9. Such a pretty dressed down outfit! But still so well put together as always!

  10. Love your outfit, and the cute SM sandals - I featured these on my blog today in yellow! You are always so classically chic...I love it!


  11. Shopping bags from two of my favourite places!! :)

    xo, alison*elle

  12. I really love the steve madden sandals. I've been wanting a pair with the bows but wasn't sure how they would look on. Now I know I love them! Great post!

  13. Your new layout looks amazing Veronika! I love it!

  14. Love the new layout - it feels so much more grown up while still keeping that girly charm. These pictures are inspiring me to invest in some black shorts - they look great with a simple button up!

  15. You look so pretty! I LOVE your new blog design - it is great!

  16. First - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sorry I didn't get to post it on FB (soooo busy, you understand).

    Second - the new blog design is gorgeous. I love it!

    Third - I am digging these "casual" outfits - you've giving me oodles of ideas for the summer!!!!


  17. How does your casual look so chic?
    I don't think that fair!
    Love the shirt
    Kat x

  18. I like those sandal, We stepped to King road, the Eaton's Heart and ate lunchtime at a eating place across from the new Trump Resort.

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  19. I like it seems so much more evolved while still keeping that female appeal. These images are motivating me to get some dark-colored bermuda

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