Neon & Lace

This morning while getting ready for work, I vowed to bypass my trusted J.Crew No. 2 pencil skirts for an older favorite, my lace pencil skirt from the Ann Taylor outlet.

Reunited, and it feels so good

I'm seriously so happy I rediscovered this skirt.  Sometimes I find myself buying new things and only wearing those things (obessively) for a couple of months.  I need to focus on mixing and matching older and newer pieces---I think that's the key to understanding if your wardrobe is going in the right direction. Are you just buying a mish-mash of stuff that you can never wear together or are you making cohesive choices that are versatile?

The skirt and belt are older, the blouse, jacket and heels are newer.  Combined, they made this (btw, H was home this morning and he took these photos):

Top- Zara
Skirt- Ann Taylor Oulet
Belt- J.Crew
Shoes- Nine West (new, buy them here--these are SO comfy wore them all day
and was on my feet a lot and they are amazing!!!)
Bag- Kate Spade
Blazer- Nordstrom

Do you ever make it a point to "re-discover" items in your wardrobe that you've ignore for a few months?




  1. The skirt looks really good on you! It seems a bit shorter than the ones you usually go for, and girl you're rocking it!

    1. it's definitely an inch or two shorter! I usually like them longer but this skirt didn't come in a longer length :(

  2. I really need to find a skirt like this... it's so perfect for all sorts of summer outfits. Looks great the way you've paired it here!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. I have to reorganize my closet every month just so I can re-discover something new each time :)
    The lace skirt with the pink blouse looks so feminine and pretty.

  4. I love this lace skirt. It's very light and girly. H&M actually has similar skirts in three different shades for $15.

    Vonae Deyshawn

  5. Love it! You are dead on when you say that it's easy to get caught up in only wearing new items. As fashionistas, we sometimes resemble kids who are fatuated with a new toy, and then move on to the next! Because you buy a lot of classic pieces, they will never look dated :)

  6. V - for reference, do you find the Nine West heels fit to size? Also, when I click on the link it shows the Champagne Synthetic, but yours are the Tortora Patent Leather, correct?

    Thanks! :)


  7. Good point on rediscovering pieces. I know for me, I get fixated on the new outfit and end up buying something that looks like something I already owned :-/ I love the skirt! Such a classic look :-)


  8. I totally agree with you! I do make it a point to rediscover my closet. Whenever I feel like 'I have nothing to wear' I go check things out and I always find something 'new' that I can mix with something actually new! That is also the best part about buying staples and quality pieces of clothing - they last for years and you will be able to mix them with so many items to get the most wear out of them!

  9. I love, love this skirt!! This is amazing!

    I think that the combination of new and old things is the basic rule of the wardrobe! I try not to buy a new thing, if I know that I have like almost new, because the important thing is not quantity but quality clothing and its compatibility.


  10. super cute! the pink and purple go so well together. very soft and feminine outfit!

  11. Hi V, LOVE your skirt!! I am such a fan of lace, and the shoes look great with this outfit.

  12. Love this look on you V! It's great to rediscover things in your wardrobe and mix & match! Today I am wearing a blue dress from a year and a half ago :)


  13. Ooooh, I love that skirt on you. Like some of the other ladies have said, I like that it's a little shorter than the skirts you normally wear, too--it's short without being scandalously so, and you have great legs! That skirt is perfect.

    I've definitely been trying harder to dig back into my closet a bit. I tend to hang on to a lot of what I buy, and it's fun to "rediscover" things I've forgotten about. I also get stuck on wearing the same things over and over again, so I'm happy to know I'm not the only one that does that. ❤

  14. Isn't it funny how one can rediscovered clothes buried in one's closet? I also tend to wear new things a lot then I always find pieces in my closet and I feel like I must wear them ASAP.
    Love the combination of neon and lace.

  15. Great outfit. I love how the pink and purple look together and that skirt is so pretty and feminine.

  16. Beautiful !! Love your outfit :)

    My beauty Blog:

  17. Love how you made the lace skirt office appropriate!

    I love re-finding older items in my closet. And so does my husband so I stop going to buy something new :)

  18. Love the outfit! I think I need to go get something neon for my wardrobe. Although I did just buy myself the Bond Street Florence in Coral for my 30th birthday present and I've read mixed reviews on it's brightness. So depending on how bright that is, maybe that can be the neon in my outfits.

  19. I really wish this skirt was still available! I've been looking for something like this (at a reasonable pricepoint) with no luck! Great outfit and fabulous skirt!


  20. again, that purse is great how its a statement piece but works with everything! I would never have thought to buy something like that, but now I'm tempted (although my black quilted KS purse is a favorite too!).

  21. Gorgeous head to toe. I'd love to see it with a lighter colored blazer. Love the skirt.


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