Kerastase Giveaway Winners!

634 entries. WOW! You all absolutely blew me away with this giveaway.  I am so excited to announce the 10 winners and can’t wait for them to try the amazing Kerastase Cristalliste line!

Here’s how I selected winners:

  • I removed all invalid comments---either ones that didn’t have email addresses (which were never published) and ones that indicated that the user had removed their own comment, so that they didn’t count as entries.
  • I also removed anyone who entered after the giveaway was already closed and entries that did not leave a comment about what their favorite hair secret was, as I felt it was not fair to those who submitted actual hair secret comments versus ‘please enter me” which was NOT a valid entry for this giveaway.
  • I ended up with 634 total entries and used to select the 10 winners

…and the winners are…….


AnonymousApr 15, 2012 10:04 PM

Great stuff! I try to wash every other day and rarely use any heating elements. Also, a leave-in conditioner has been good for my hair and I almost always let it air dry.

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AndreaApr 22, 2012 03:00 PM

Your blog gave me the confidence not wash my hair everyday! My hair is so much healthier and I have more time in the mornings! Dry Shampoo is a must :-)

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Lauren KApr 22, 2012 08:17 AM

What a wonderful giveaway! I'm always looking for new hair products!
I have thick, wavy hair - the best thing for it is to wash it every 3 days, and always use a conditioning mask for 5-10 minutes. It may be a lot for someone with hair that is more fine, but for me, it's the perfect amount of moisture!
LaurenK009 (at) gmail (dot) com

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AnonymousApr 20, 2012 03:55 PM

Awesome giveaway!! I have color treated hair and use a baby toothbrush to help dye my roots!

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NalasApr 16, 2012 02:12 AM

I was able to buy some Kerastase products when I visited Paris because I found the prices better there and I loved the products. I am one of those gals that can't go a day without washing it, so I try to keep heat off of it when possible and just air dry :)

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KayleeApr 15, 2012 11:24 PM

I love kerastase!! I would love to try this line, what an awesome giveaway! Best kept secret for healthy hair? Wash/dry (use heating tools) as little as possible. For me, that would probably mean 4-5 x's per week. Hair generally holds better the second or third day anyway, so that's a bonus.

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AshleyApr 16, 2012 11:10 AM

I love doing oil treatments on my hair and trying to limit the amount of heat styling on my off days.

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AnonymousApr 15, 2012 05:22 PM

Hi! I don't wash my hair on a daily basis and I comb my hair before going to bed.

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Ash.Apr 15, 2012 04:44 PM

Hey Veronika,
I stumbled on your blog 2 weeks back and have been hooked ever since-Love love love your blog. My secret for healthy hair is a product the deep scalp follicle treatment by John Masters-I was very skeptical about trying this product but after going through a bottle of this I was a convert-It has really helped my hair grow stronger and faster.My hair feels healthy and I am on my second bottle of this-Love this stuff.

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♥ LaurynApr 15, 2012 12:09 PM

not washing my hair everyday. also - not using my hairdryer everytime - sometimes airdrying to give my hair a break is best!

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Thank you so much to everyone who entered!  I am going to contact the winners via email. Please note that if you are not a US resident but you were selected as a winner, the products cannot be shipped to you so I will have to choose another winner.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!




  1. congrats to the winners! super cute blog! xx

  2. Darn! I wish I would have won! Thanks for doing these giveaways, though!

  3. wow huge succcess!!! i tell you. your like... so big hah ( said in valley voice )kidding on the wording but meant it ;) I love n misss you! I want to shoot together soon im bored


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