7 Products I'm Obsessed with Right Now

As I'm working on my blog's redesign, I'm thinking about the feedback you all provided and I'm going to add a favorites tab to my main header. Today's post is kind of inspired by that. I went to my master bathroom after work today, looked through my drawers and cabinets and selected products I have been absolutely loving lately.

So here are just a few of my current favorites and why I love them:

Kerastase Cristaliste Luminous Perfecting Essence- this is one of the serums I was sent from Kerastase's new line and I haven't done a blowout without it since I got it. Much like Kerastase's Chroma Shine which I also have, it give a softness and smoothness to the hair and really makes hair look and feel better.  Couldn't be happier with this one and it has a really pretty scent too.  I apply 1-2 pumps to my hair, from the nape of my neck down, concentrating on my ends.

L'Oreal's Balm in the color "pink satin"- Ladies, this is a must-have.  Not only is it the perfect, subtle yet there pink color, it also has SPF, is moisturizing and overall just makes lips look like yours, but better. The packaging is also gorgeous. I love this balm so much that I keep one in my bathroom and one in my purse.   What I love most is how easy this is to apply. No mirror necessary and you just get a pretty flush of color and dry lips are quenched.

LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant in "vanilla coconut." If I could describe this scent in one word, it would be LOVE.  Sometimes I just want to drench myself in this scent and never look back.  Oddly, the actual perfume of this scent isn't as amazing as the deodorant is, so keep that in mind.  This is a deodorant so it's not going to stop you from sweating---so I layer an antiperspirant under it (both scented and unscented have worked for me) and it's simply awesome.  I also love that it's very creamy and moisturizing.  Yes, it's an $18 deodorant, but it lasts a long time and it's awesome enough to justify the price.

Eleven Skin smooth eye cream and hydrating serum- Some of you may recall me showing these products that were sent to me in a recent video.  It's my first time trying this skincare line and I was a bit nervous at first because my skin can be reactive, but I have been loving both the eye cream and serum and have been using both every night (a couple of nights a week I still use my Kiehl's eye cream just to mix it up a bit).  What I love about the eye cream is that it is SO rich.  It is super creamy and moisturizing so if you like a thicker cream, this one is perfect for you---at the same time though it doesn't feel too heavy or greasy on the delicate under eye area.  Onto the hydrate serum---I was shocked (and pleasantly surprised) that it didn't break me out. I apply two pumps to my entire face every night except for my chin.  It has an almost gel-like feel on the skin but not super sticky. It feels nice and I've enjoyed adding it to my routine and moisturizing overnight.  I still use all of my other products too, but I've added this in.  I started to use my Peter Thomas Roth pads just a few days a week because I didn't want to over-do it and cause oil overproduction so this serum has created a nice balance for me. I haven't used it long enough to comment on results as far as fine line reduction, but Andi over at
Saltwater Dreams has seen dramatic results from this product line.

Kerastase Fibre Architecte- I think it's safe to say that I've been obsessed with Kerastase products for a long time, but this is a new one to my collection that I ordered a few weeks ago.  There's been a lot of buzz about it in the blogosphere and I know why---it helps with split ends (which I have a ton of) and it makes a big difference in the appearance of split ends and with continued use is supposed to help repair your hair. It is heat-activated so the way I use this is I apply one pump to my hair when it's 80% dry from blow drying. Then I continue my blowout in sections as I add in my Velcro rollers. It can also be used on dry hair prior to using heat like a curling iron (though I still use my Oribe Royal Blowout for that most of the time).  It's a pricey product ($42) so I try to conserve it. 

From L-R- Essie Minimalistic, OPI Sweetheart, OPI Mod About You- Everyone knows I love a pink nail...and these are the colors I've been using most lately. Need I say more? All three are awesome.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer in "light" (I believe it's called "golden light" now)- I ran out of my NARS Laguna bronzer several weeks ago and started to panic. Then I remembered I has purchased (and barely used) this Bobbi Brown bronzer. I am so glad I started to use it instead of just buying another Laguna because I've really come to enjoy it.  I love that it's matte, the color is lovely and it lasts all day.  It also layers well under my Bobbi Brown "peony" blush. Don't get me wrong, I'd still repurchase and plan to repurchase Laguna eventually, but it's nice to know I won't have a meltdown one day if NARS ever discontinued Laguna (which would be crazy, right?...so they'd never do that....right?)

I've showed you mine, now you show me yours...what have you been loving lately? Leave me a comment below and let's discuss. OR you can tell me in




  1. I'm loving anything Patricia Wexler! Hope you can stop by and say hi sometime honey! Today's post is all about Mad Men fashion! Kori xoxo


  2. anastasia's brow fix, shu uemura's basic mascara (best for asian eyelashes that i've found), naked pallete from urban decay, my trish mcevoy makeup brushes ... to name a few :]

    your photos are great veronika!


    1. thanks Jen :) I used used the cross process app on my iphone :)

  3. Two of my favorites are actually ones you posted about: Mod About You and Pink Satin Lip Balm (isn't it so pretty!?).

    Other favorites: MAC Studiofix and concealer, and gel liners, Baby Blossom L'Oreal lipgloss.

    I tried to get the Vanilla Coconut deodorant the other day at Sephora but they said they are not going to carry it anymore! I looked online and it is currently out of stock.
    ...I really wanted to try it! :(

  4. Loving Urban Decay's Sin eyeshadow right now, Fresh lip treatment, Kiehl's lip balm #1 and this new-to-me anti-shaving bumps tonic called Tend Skin - it is SERIOUSLY amazing! If anyone has trouble with razor burn or ingrown hairs, try it! It's sold at both Sephora and Ulta.

    Thanks for the post, Veronika! Going to have to try the L'oreal Balm as I'm not that impressed with Revlon's version!

  5. Tend Skin is AWESOME! Can't wait to try the vanilla deodorant!

    I love OPI "Princesses Rule" because it is a glittery pink (but very subtle) and one coat makes the prettiest nail ever!

  6. I'm a Kerastase addict, myself.

    The Fashionable ESQ

  7. Oh this is a nice post idea! I'll get right to it and will come back to give you the link!

  8. This is a nice idea for a post, I'll get right to it and link you the post later when published.

  9. I love all of you picks! I just started using eleven skin too, and so far, I really like the eye cream.

    I need to try the Kerastase fibre stuff. It sounds like exactly what my poor hair needs!

    Right now, I'm loving Rouge In Love lipstick in Corail in Love. It's such a soft coral that's fun, but totally wearable. besides that, I still love my MUFE Mat Velvet + as well as the HD powder.

  10. I've been loving Fresh lip treatment in Rose, newly rediscovered lip glosses from my Tarte palette and Physicians formula tinted moisturizer! Still looking for a perfect bronzer for myself- the ones I tried are all kinda orangy:(
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Alpha-h skin care line and chantecaille vital essence serum, bloody expensive but so worth it !

    now I need this loreal lipbalm !

  12. Yay V! So glad you're liking the ElevenSkin products! So am I :)
    Also, I am LOVING the Lavanila Coconut deodorant as well, it's so nice to have a product that works, smells great and doesn't deposit aluminum into your system. And on your rec, I will pick up the L'Oreal Balm today, it sounds amazing!

  13. I adore that Maybelline Balm! I actually like it a whole lot more than the Revlon Lip Butter. I have the coral color and it is so pretty! I actually just did a post on my March beauty favorites today if you care to check it out :)

  14. great product rec's! I used to use kerestase a while back ago and not sure why I stopped, I may have to go back to it! I am addicted to laguna too but lately I have just been contouring with a Mac blush in the color Harmony - my favorite makeup artist at MAC showed me how & I love it!

  15. I'm loving Essie's California Coral and Sand Tropez polishes lately. I keep alternating between the two depending on whether I'm in a bright or a neutral mood. Also, L'Oreal Voluminous False Fibre Lashes mascara is my new favourite!

  16. I was given the Kerastase serum but haven't tried it yet, because I don't like to put a ton of product on my hair. My current obsessions: Bare Escentuals Night Serum, it has tons of Vitamins C & E which I put Mario Badescu's Seaweed Night Cream over and my skin has never been better. My facialist said it's the best skin she's ever seen. NARS eyeshadow primer is the first I've found that works on my oily eyelids, MAC blush in a Touch of Peach, Benefits Perfect 10 is the best bronzer/highlighter duo and Chanels lipgloss in Blizzard is my current fav. color.

  17. Question: where do you buy that deodorant? where is it sold?
    Also, just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to invest in the JCrew No. 2 pencil skirt and I am in love!! It seriously has the best fit of any of the other skirts I own. It's amazing, thanks for the recommendation!

  18. I just wanted to mention something about the deodorant... since the one you talked about is a bit on the pricey side and it kind of sounds like some people are/might having/have a hard time finding it, I just wanted to let you know about Secret's Scent Expressions in Va Va Vanilla. I prefer the Crustal Clear Gel (instead of the Solid) kind and the smell is absolutely amazing. The way you describe your love for and why you love the deodorant you mentioned is exactly how I feel about Secret's deodorant... and I used to HATE scented deodorants. It's actually kind of a funny sorry of how I started using it. My grandmother gave to me as a Christmas present (along with other vanilla scented gifts.. I LOVE vanilla) 2 or 3 years ago and I thought I would never use it, but one day I ran out of my regular deodorant so I decided to just use the scented one my grandmother and I've been using it ever since. It's the only kind I use, I love it so much.

    Just thought I'd mention it in case people wanted to look for a cheaper alternative.

  19. Nice share. I love this list. Actually I get interested on your opinion on the product. By the way I love your blog also. Love the design its very girly look which I like.

  20. I wish I was in love with the L'Oreal Color Riche Lip Balm. I bought some at Ulta and was not impressed. You can't see any color and it dried my lips out like crazy. :(

  21. Great post! I love the La Vanilla, too. I love that it's NATURAL! I don't worry about putting chemicals on my skin with this little gem!

    I am from Canada and I really love all the makeup, nail care items, and fun jewels from Joe Fresh! Fun stuff and super cheap!!

  22. Nice products & I love how you displayed them in front of the coral!

  23. Nice products & I love how you displayed them in front of the coral.

  24. I just found your blog and spent way too long reading past posts - you have the most amazing sense of style and great taste in decor! I smelled the lavanilla deodorant at sephora for the first time yesterday - all the varieties are amazing! :) Eve

  25. I went out and bought the Color Riche Balm on your recommendation -- I love it! Thanks for mentioning it. It really is the perfect color and feels awesome too. :) Love your blog!

  26. I wear the vanilla grapefruit scent by Lavanila and it smells scrumptous!!! So I might need to try this new product. The Bobbi Brown bronzer sounds perfect for my fair skin, and love the matte aspect- another reason to purchase! Thanks for sharing all of your obsessions:)

  27. I'm totally with you on OPI's Mod About You, that's my all-time favourite polish.


  28. I'm a total Kerastase and Phyto addict (badly)
    Just checked what the Kerastase website says about the Fibre Architecte:
    - Apply Fibre Architecte to completely dry hair, mid-lengths to ends.
    - Use with flat-iron, curling iron or blow dryer to heal and seal the hair.
    Very interesting - have to try it that way, doesn't sound too logical, but let's see.


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