Weekend Organization: Get Your Drawers in Shape

I’m calling this a weekend organization project because it’s truly a project that takes just a few hours and makes a major impact. Mornings can feel stressful and overwhelming if you can’t find what you’re looking for---why not make it as easy as possible to find everything you need?

The key to having a working wardrobe is to have all of your essentials at your fingertips and not having to dig through drawers.  That’s why I spent a few hours today organizing my drawers so that mornings were a little calmer.

The first step is to measure your drawers so you know what size containers to buy.

Then, visit your local Target (or another retailer that sells storage bins) and select bins or drawer dividers based on your needs. As a side note, I did visit The Container Store and found their items to be incredibly pricey, thus I got my stuff from Target and IKEA.

The reason I wanted to do this in the first place is because my dresser is really tall and I noticed I wasn’t really wearing all of my jewelry because it wasn’t as accessible as I needed it to be.

I decided to organize the rest of my drawers while I was at it since I felt they could use a little work too (I’ll spare you the before shots, they are embarrassing).

For my jewelry, I chose organizers from IKEA and Target.  Here’s how it turned out:


(side note: can’t wait to get rid of that brown wall)

Next up, I tackled my workout clothing drawer, which is the largest/deepest one in the chest of drawers. I used zebra-print bins from Target. Not a huge fan of the print on these, but they were on clearance and you can’t see the print on them anyway.

From left to right---I rolled up all of my Lululemon workout tanks so they would be like little cylinders in the box---I also have mu Lululemon shorts in there.  In the middle I have Lululemon pants and tights and some colorful t-shirts. On the right, I have sports bras and random cotton tanks.

Then, I organized my underwear drawer.  I used more shallow bins because these drawers aren’t as deep as the workout wear drawer.

I also keep my tights in this drawer in the middle of the two storage boxes. This may be TMI, but I separate my regular undies in one basket and my thongs in the other. I also keep bralettes with the thongs. It all makes sense in my head, I promise.

I used the same bins in the drawer below it with bras and lingerie, but I figure you don’t really need to see that, right?

Moving on, I used plastic drawer dividers in my last drawer, containing all of my swimwear.  These are from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

How do you keep your drawers organized?  Let me know in the comments below!




  1. I love your jewellery! And you did a great job on the organizing. :) I've been on a cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing mood as well. I don't have any drawer organizers though, I just designate each drawer for something.

  2. love it, now I'm inspired to go out and do the same thing. loving your blog all the way from Australia :-)

  3. Fabulous organization! I need to tackle this and you've given great tips. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration! Love your jewelry, too!

  4. I don't keep my jewelry in drawers but I do keep my makeup in there. I just went out to get some organizers like those that you got to keep all the makeup from sliding around all over the place. I agree about the container store being a bit pricey!

    Good idea to have the clothes in organizers too, keeps it from getting mixed in with other stuff!


  5. I use the clear and soft plastic from Bed Bath and Beyond. It comes flat and I unfold it. I love that its clear and easy to move if I change my organization. Thanks for sharing Veronika.

  6. Love the way you organized your drawers! I really need to do something like this

  7. I don't have any chests of drawers in my room though I'd definitely do the same as you if I did. I wrote about my closet organization here: http://www.alison-elle.com/2011/02/tiny-closets-organization-101.html

    xo, alison*elle

  8. I definitely need to do this! my drawers are a disaster. And my jewelry is in tangles.. ha.

  9. Love this post!! I am not that organized, I have a pretty organized dresser but not sorted into bins. I'm inspired :)


  10. Love the bins within the drawers, everything looks great!

  11. I love the idea of bins in drawers. Do you know how deep the drawers w/the workout gear bins are by chance? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Angela---off the top of my head I don't remember but it's the HEMNES drawer from IKEA so they may have the dimensions online---it's the first drawer down from the two upper (thin) drawers :)

  12. Love this post! I finally got a necklace organizer (actually a picture frame with little pegs attached for keys and whatnot), and I recently got a new desk set from the Container Store (I know...expensive! but these were on sale lol) to help me organize my bills. I'm tackling my dresser drawers once I bolster my courage. :)

    I'm actually totally obsessed with my desk set, especially the hot pink hanging file folders. :) There are pics on my blog, if you're interested.


  13. Ok - this is fabulous. From jewelry - swimsuits. I've gotta hit up Target!

  14. Awesome! Thanks for sharing - its great to see how you do it / finding out its possible to organize! !! :) Great work!

  15. That's amazing how organized you are! Everything in my drawers are literally just thrown together in a huge mess. I need to get more organized!

  16. Love it. Can you share (if you haven't already) where you got that pave link bracelet in the top photo on the right?

  17. Wow, you are super organized! I always see these dividers and such but refrain from buying them because I don't know how they will fit; I really need to write down dimesions and bring them to the store with me. I do have my jewelry organized the same way you do though!

  18. I never would've thought to put bins in dresser drawers! That seems like a great idea!

  19. I'm so picky on organizing my drawers and closet! I bought the ikea organizers but didn't like how they fit in my drawers, so I put them in my daughter's drawers. I will try the ones from BB&B

  20. I love the jewelry drawer! But I would have loved to see the before pictures hehe

  21. i love organisation posts!
    youve inspired me to go through my crap! lol

  22. Very nice! I unfortunately do not have a dresser for just those types of things. I just have my panties and bras in the top two drawers (one drawer for each) Then it goes into clothes.

  23. Great post. I am definitely trying this with my drawers.


  24. Nice...I also love organization posts! For some reason, I had never thought of adding dividers or containers to my drawers for organization-what a great idea! I like to keep my closet super-organized so I can see the pieces that I have. For necklaces, I purchased a men's tie holder and hung it vertically in my closet-works great!

  25. My drawers are pretty jacked up, so I guess this post was just for me:-) I definitely need to look into these drawer organizers. Thank you for the tips.


  26. I have those same Kendra Scott earrings and I LOVE them. I get compliments on them all the time.


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