Weekend Shopping: 20% off at Ulta & Chanel Sunglasses

Thank goodness it's Saturday!  Today H and I ventured out to my optometrist's office because my Chanel sunglasses came in (style # 5171 in tortoise---they are the ones with the bows on the sides)  and I went in to try them on to make sure I liked the style/fit.  I'll have them next week when my prescription lenses are ready :)
I picked up some items at Ulta this weekend for 20% off.  Here's what I got:

L'Oreal Magic Lumi concealer/corrector
L'Oreal Balm in Pink Satin (#118)
OPI nail polish in "Mod About You"
Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion fr cystic acne
Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Power Foam Wash
Salon Graffix invisible dry shampoo
Batiste Original Dry Shampoo
Redken GUTS 10 volumizing foam spray

If you have the time, you can view my video here:

Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. Off the pill for a month?! Are you and your husband trying to get pregnant?!?


  2. Wow, what a coincidence - I was in Ulta today and picked up the Mario Badescu buffering lotion and almost bought it, but decided to wait. Can you please do a review of it once you've used it for a while? I would really like to know if it works!!

  3. I'm interested to see how you like the salon grafix dry shampoo. I used it and did feel like it did anything. I'm still on the hunt for a good dry shampoo.

  4. Cute sunglasses!

    I find Old Navy shipping to be fabulous. I always get things so quickly.

  5. I was wondering what color you use in the maybelline dark circle eraser? Is it the brightening shade or a color- I can't decide which to get. Thanks!

  6. I thought the same thing as Andrea.....is a fashion forward little person coming soon? :) Love, love, love your blog and videos. So much fun!!

  7. emily---not quite yet---maybe sometime later this year!

  8. I've said this before, but you're so beautiful and well-spoken, and I think you have impeccable taste. Your blog is by far my favorite, and I absolutely love watching your videos! I adore those Chanel sunglasses...when you get them, can you show them in a video? I have Marc Jacobs prescription sunglasses right now, but I think I like these ones better!

  9. I literally screamed 'OH MY GOODNESS' when I saw your polish purchase. I'm in love with Mod About You! I went on a hunt for it earlier last year when I spotted it on a random girls nails. It was love at first sight. It seems like a very Veronika colour - lol. Enjoy!

  10. Please keep us posted about how your skin is doing post the pill. I am deathly afraid I will have a similar problem. Years ago, I decided to get off the pill and my skin got so bad within a few months (the cystic, under the skin kind) and I had never had those kind of issues before. Needless to say I went back on the pill. So it's always in the back of my mind about how my skin will react once we decide to have kids.

  11. I went off the pill a few months ago too, and couldn't understand why my skin got SOOOOO bad around my mouth and chin area. I finally talked to my doctor about it, and she prescribed me a cream to use. But now that you mention going off the pill and having the same problem, I'm thinking it may have been coming off the pill. That little pill must have been multi-tasking more than I thought!

  12. it's call good---it's called hormonal cystic acne---it's all about the hormones in your body and how your body responds to changes and fluctuations

  13. Hey V, I picked up the L'oreal Balm this weekend at Target, and I got the 'tender mauve'. I absolutely LOVE it! Can't wait to get more colors. I haven't tried the Revlon Lip Butters yet, but I don't know that I will now that I like the Balm so much. Thanks for your always-wonderful recs! have a great week!

  14. Thanks for the tip on the L'Oreal lip balm. I found one tube of it at HEB today while shopping and really like the look, mouth feel and color. One thing I had read when getting pregnant was that you have to be careful using salicylic acid products on your skin and there is a few others. Some of those can be expensive, so I just wanted to mentioned it before you purchased a lot of them, just in case a little bun in the oven does come along your way ;)
    Have enjoyed your blog for sometime now, but this is the first time I have commented.
    Your very talented and have a great sense of style. You have helped me with a few areas I had struggled in (especially curling hair tips).
    Blessings to you and K.

  15. aww thanks ann :) you are too sweet! no babies for the next several months for me but I will stop using the salicylic acid before we TTC :) I read about that too!

  16. the MB buffering lotion is my HG treatment for cystic acne. I probably tweeted you that before, too. I used it throughout my entire pregnancy, too, and it worked fantastically. The directions aren't very clear on how you should use it, so I just put a thin layer over my entire face. If I need to spot treat, I put a little more on those spots. I hope you love it as much as I do!

  17. Hi. You mentioned a maybelline dark circle corrector. Which one is it exactly? I would love to try it out.


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