Curls, Without the Heat.

Last week, I showed you how to revive second, third (or fourth!) day curls using Bumble & Bumble's Texture lotion.  This week, I'm taking it to a whole new level and sharing with you the growingly popular "heat free" way to curl your hair.

I haven't had my hair curled with rags since I was a kid, but one of my internet friends, Kathy, was kind enough to share her method with me---and I'll include a few other methods I plan to try below as well!

Here's Kathy's Step-by-Step How-To on "Rag Curls"

Step 1:Cut up an old t-shirt into 1-2inch wide strips. They don't have to be even, but they should be all about the same size. Make the strips as long as you can. If they're too short (you run out while you're twisting them up) you can tie two together.

Step 2:The hair should be nearly dry. It can't be completely dry, nor should it be too damp. Take a section of hair. For this tutorial I did my whole head in 4 sections for somewhat loose curls, other nights I have done 6 sections. Remember: the larger the section, the more straight hair you'll have at the top of each curl, so if you want curls to start at your scalp, make more sections---and if your hair is a little too wet, larger sections won't dry completely overnight, so go small.

Step 3:
Smooth out the section of hair and wrap it tightly around the rag. I hold the other end of the rag in my teeth to keep it from pulling out. Then, wrap the rag back up the hair in the same direction that you wrapped the hair. (If you go the opposite way, it untwists the hair, so you'll know if you're doing it wrong.)

Step 4:When you get to the top, take the other end of the rag out of your mouth and tie the two ends together in a knot.

Step 5:Start the next section. Twist it in the same direction as the first (i.e. all counter clockwise or all clockwise.) Continue all over your head. When you get done, it will look like this.

I usually do this right before bed and sleep on it. But it will make your hair at least wavy within a couple hours. 

Step 6:
In the morning, begin by undoing the last knot that you tied. Take the rags out in the opposite order that you put them in. Unravel the rag, then gently pull the rag straight down. The ringlet will loosen and release the rag.

Step 7:
Separate a small section of hair from the ringlet and twist it around your finger to shape a curl. Repeat for the entire ringlet. Continue to undo the ringlets and shape curls. Finger comb curls to relax and separate them. Style as desired.

The final result: pretty curls without the heat and damage!

Thank you Kathy for sharing this great tutorial!  Here are my other favorite no-heat methods to achieve curls:

You can also read Andi's blog post about no-heat curls here.




  1. Hey V! I found the video from the lipstick diaries a few months ago and I've been curling my hair like this a few times a month, and it's amazing. Sometimes, when I'm not feeling particularly inspired to do my hair, I'll wear my hair with a stretchy hairband in it to work, and then the next day I have curls. Amazing, and heat free! The only tricky thing is to find a hair band that isn't too loose or too tight. If it's too loose, your hair weighs it down, and it starts coming apart, but if it's too tight, it slips up your hair and out.

    : )


  2. I've tried this method a few times. It is nice if your without tools or if you won't have time to do anything in the morning. Is that you in the pictures? It doesn't look like your hair!

  3. Andrea- no, it's kathy's hair. She wrote the post and it's her in the photos.

  4. As a Wisconsin alum, just wanted to say that I'm loving the tshirt in these pictures!

    I use the sock bun method quite a works out really well actually! I'm always surprised that it actually works.

    Love your blog by the way. I spent half a sunday reading like a years worth of posts :)

  5. That's cool, but still sounds like a bit of work! I've been using the headband method that I believe is shown in the last video on your post. It's been a lifesaver and my go-to for months now. I leave it in for at least 4 hrs to get soft, wavy curls (much like when you use your curling iron to style your hair), and sleep in it overnight for slightly tighter curls that last up to three days. They tend to loosen a bit over the course of a day, so by evening they are perfect. It's painless, super fast and no rag tying needed! Good luck!

  6. Nice! The rag tying still seems a little tricky though. I've been using the headband method for months now, the one that's shown in your last video. I wrap bigger sections of hair than the girl demonstrating does, and it gives me perfectly full wavy curls. Much like when you've used the curling iron on your hair. Let it set for at least 4 hours to get loose wavy results, or I sleep on it overnight for slightly tighter curls that will loosen up during the day. They last longer and are perfect by the next evening if I'm going somewhere or something. Good luck!

  7. Wow, that looks so good! It does seem a bit tricky. I bet my curls would all look different, or curl in a weird way. But, I'll have to try it on the weekend and just see!

  8. She came out with pretty curls, but there's no way I could sleep on all those rags....I can barely sleep as it is, ha!

  9. I noticed you Wisconsin tee....weird, I know? Are you from WI, or just love the Badgers?

    1. as i mentioned in the post, that is not me---it is one of my readers, Kathy :)


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