Dressing in Dots

In my last haul video, I talked about a silk dress I scored at J.Crew for $53 (it was originally $168). Pleased with my incredible savings, I finally wore it today.

Dress- J.Crew
Cardigan- Express
Scarf- Forever21
Tights- Target
Boots- Jessica Simpson
Jacket- BR
Bag- Tory Burch Reva Clutch

Polka-dots again?  Well color me surprised!



PS- I will share my New Years resolutions soon---and hope you'll share yours with me as well!

In the Navy

I was all excited this morning to wear my new bird-print top. I had the perfect outfit planned and paired it with navy diamond-patterened tights and my navy blue lace skirt from Zara.

Later this afternoon, in a meeting room full of delightfully flourescent lights, I noticed that my lovely bird blouse was not in fact navy, but black.

Though my eyes failed me, I still like this outfit.

Top & Tank- Forever 21
Skirt- Zara
Tights- Forever 21
Shoes- Kate Spade
Trench- Banana Republic
Necklace- Stella & Dot "Ever After" (
buy it here)

I have to say that the "ever after" necklace is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces. It's so dainty and feminine.  I just love the length too---it sits so perfectly on your collarbone area.  Here is a closer-up shot I took earlier today:

...and another shot of how I switched up this outfit for a casual dinner with my in-laws:

Have a great week everyone!



Christmas Haul

I hope you all enjoy my Christmas haul. It includes items from J.Crew, Banana Republic, Sigma Makeup & More!  Hope everyone had a very happy holiday!


Merry Christmas, from Our Family, to Yours!

Wishing all of my lovely readers the merriest Christmas and a wonderful New Year!



I Am Slowly Going Gray-z

Yes, gray-z. Not crazy, but gray-z. That's because we've got a whopping 16 paint swatches on our kitchen walls that we're testing to find "the one."  Now, keep in mind, these colors may not be showing up on your monitor exactly as they look in real life, but it's probably pretty darn close.

Here's what you're looking at:

colors on the left (from top to bottom; left to right; all Sherwin Williams)
1. Amazing Gray  (a favorite)
2. Essential Gray
3. Proper Gray
4. Requisite Gray
5. Repose Gray
6. Mindful Gray (we like this one)
7. Pussywillow (this one's nice too)

colors on the right (from top to bottom; left to right; all Benjamin Moore)
1. Cement Gray (too blue)
2. Gray Owl (too blue)
3. Cliffside Gray (too blue/green)
4. San Antonio Gray
5. Coventry Gray (too blue)
6. Stone Harbor
7. Silver Fox (like this one too)
8. Revere Pewter (a favorite so far)
9. Chelsea gray (we like this for the guest bedroom)

Benajmin Moore Colors:

Sherwin Williams Colors:

The challenge we face with painting this new home is that the entire second floor is so open-concept that we want to find a gray that's fresh and that we can use on all of the walls and the stairways.

I liked the accent walls in our last home, but for some reason I'm dead-set on one color this time around. Our new home was a model home, so it already had accent walls painted, and I just wasn't feeling it for this home.

The look we are going for is fresh, crisp and airy. We are leaning towards the light grays---we are really loving Benjamin Moore's "revere pewter" which is incredibly subtle and light. We also really like Sherwin William's "amazing gray." As you can see, we tried a lot of grays in the blue family and it just isn't for us. The colors look almost pastel-blue in natural light---not the look we are going for.

We are finding ourselves attracted to the grays that are warmer and have more of a brown to them---in fact, I was warned online that BM's "revere pewter" looks beige on the paint chip---but on walls, it transforms into a beautiful, true light gray. Here are some images of the color I found on Pinterest, for reference:

I see these photos and I think I've made a decision, but then I go back on Pinterest and design blogs and see more amazing gray walls and I feel like I HAVE TO try other colors. Like these:

At this point, I am feeling very frustrated because I cannot make a decision and all I want to do is buy more and more paint samples. At least by now I have learned to stop buying any gray samples that have lots of blue or green in them...but that still leaves me stuck.

The next step is to probably get some BEHR samples and then get it down to a few colors we love and paint larger portions of the wall with them---and then decide which colors will go in each room.  Although an open floorplan is awesome, it can also be frustrating because as I mentioned earlier in this post, we basically have to use the same color up the stairs from the first floor to the second and the second to the third since you can see both stairways from the second floor.

We have such dark hardwoods, cabinets and furniture that I thought a really light color would do the trick---but then I see some more saturated grays that really pop against white trim and I wonder if that's the direction we should go in?

If you have a gray wallcolor you love or have any other comments, please leave them below! Let's cross our fingers that I can make a decision in 2012!



OOTD: Singin' in the Rain

Ever since I got my Hunter rainboots for our trip to Paris/London last Christmas, I've been itching for a chance to wear them again back home, in the land of summer droughts.

When I heard that Thursday's forecast called for rain, I didn't think twice before slipping on the glossy black boots I longed for:

Jacket- Forever21
Scarf- Forever21
Jeans- GAP "Always Skinny"
Tank- Lululemon
Shirt- Gilly Hicks
Boots- Hunter Wellies (buy them here)


Black, White & Gold Part Deux

Sometimes, one outfit can inspire another.  That was the case with today's outfit, a fraternal twin to yesterday's ensemble.  I even opted to wear the same skirt (gasp!) two days in a row (which made me realize I need to shop for another black pencil skirt that's made of a heavier fabric).

Here's black, white and gold, part deux:

Top- J.Crew perfect gingham shirt
Skirt- Ann Taylor
Shoes- Kate Spade
Belt- J.Crew
Necklaces- Stella & Dot (buy them
here and here)



OOTD: Black, White & Gold

It's the Monday before Christmas and going to work is admittedly not so fun with the impending holiday on my mind.  In my attempt to remedy this, I've tried to start this week right by dressing nicely and adding fun accessories to my outfits.

Though I wore this top
in a post last week, I decided to opt for a black and white ensemble this time, with touches of gold.

What do you think?

Skirt- Ann Taylor
Tights- Target
Shoes- Kate Spade
Belt- J. Crew
Necklace- Stella & Dot (
buy it here)
Bracelet- Banana Republic
Watch- Michael Kors

Wishing everyone a wonderful week---I'm trying to catch up on blogging over the holidays to bring you all lots of new posts in 2012!



*My photos were edited using Windows Live Gallery. Love love love this program!

Saadia Organics 100% Argan Oil Gift Basket Giveaway WINNER!

I am so excited to annouce the winner of the Saadia Organics gift basket! Here's how I picked the winner:
  • Counted all entries to come to the final number of 246 (took me a good hour, LOL!)
  • Eliminated all invalid entries in the process of counting (unfortunately, if your entry did not have an email address, it was disqualified)
  • Used random.org to generate a number between 1 and 246

The winning number was comment 161

Laura---congratulations! I will email you at the email you left right now!




Stella & Dot Jewels & My Jewelry Collection

I sure felt like the luckiest gal in all the land this week when I recieved a lovely package from Katie, a Stella & Dot stylist.

I had never purchased Stella & Dot jewelry before but I had always thought it was super cute. I just never bit the bullet because I wasn't sure about the quality---but now that I have some pieces, I am confident that I will order many more because I am so impressed with the overall style, look and quality of the pieces.

First of all, HOW CUTE is the packaging?  That alone made me feel pretty darn happy.

And here are some of the lovely pieces Katie sent to me:

(I wear this everyday now!)

I also filmed a jewelry collection video this weekend that you can view here. It includes these pretty Stella & Dot pieces and some of my other favorite jewels. 

You can visit Katie's
Stella & Dot Shop to check out all of these gorgeus pieces---and many more!  Katie has also been generous enough to work with me on a Stella & Dot giveaway---so please look out for that soon!

Do you own Stella & Dot jewelry? Let me know what your favorite pieces are in the comments below.  Can't wait to style these with some of my daily outfits!


PS- I used Windows Live Photo Gallery to edit these photos which is why they look so awesome (believe me it's not my photography skills!)  The software has the capability to edit the color and exposure of your photos with the click of your mouse.  I am part of the Windows Champion program where I'm testing out the Windows 7 software and I can't rave enough about the awesomeness of this program!

FTC disclaimer: The Stella & Dot jewelry was sent to me for consideration. I absolutely love it and these are my honest opinions about the pieces. The rest of the jewlery shown (in my YouTube video and some of the photos in this post) was purchased with my own money or given to me as a gift from my husband and/or family members, as indicated in this video.
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