Outfits Galore! (The Last 3 Days)

I have been a bad blogger this week. I just haven't found the time to blog but I'm trying to make up for it now!

I was very fortunate to be able to attend Barbara Bush's Celebration of Reading event this past Thursday.  Many members of the Bush family attended and George W. Bush read excerpts from his book, "Decision Points."  I enjoyed all of the authors there that evening and especially look forward to reading "Picking Cotton," by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino and Ronald CottonWater for Elephants author Sara Gruen was also supposed to be there, but she fell ill.

For this event, I wore my new lace dress from White House Black Market that I got on sale at the outlet for under $40. 

Dress- WHBM Outlet
Belt- J.Crew
Shoes- Me Too @ DSW
Friday night, my H and I went to the Ke$ha concert @ Verizon. It made me feel old. There were all these teens there with their parents and all of the girls had colorful eye makeup on, bright clothes, lace tights and glitter there everywhere---on clothes, faces, bodies, hair. I guess I missed the memo.

I opted for comfy clothes because I literally woke up from a nap, threw them on and went to the concert. I was up at 3am Friday morning WATCHING THE ROYAL WEDDING, so you can imagine I was exhausted. I can't even blog about that right now because I am still stunned by the whole thing and need time to gather my thoughts. SO amazing. 

Top- C&C California
Jeans- GAP "Always Skinny"
Necklace- F21
Flats- J. Crew

Finally, today's outfit also included the same top as above (I had only worn it for just over an hour at the concert). I had my hair colored and cut today, but these photos were taken prior to that.  Then, I had lunch at Gigi's Asian Bistro with Candice and did a little shopping (more to come on that). Tonight my H and are going out for dinner for a friend's birthday. Yum!

Top- C&C California
Shorts- AE Boyfriend Shorts
Shoes- Steve Madden Fantasik
Necklace- Tiffany & Co.

More posts to come...still recovering from Royal Wedding tiredness.  It was ALL WORTH IT though to watch it all live. 

Happy weekend everyone!!!



OOTD: Lilac & Lace, Navy & Cream & Some Updates!

I was really excited to wear my new lace skirt and pretty top that I got at the Ann Taylor outlet last weekend and I wore this ensemble on Monday (I'm a day behind!)

Top- Ann Taylor
Skirt- Ann Taylor
Cardigan- Armani Exchange
Shoes- Jessica Simpson

Today's outfit was pretty simple. Just a navy skirt and cream top with ruffle details on the sleeves.

Skirt- BCBG
Top- Forever 21
Belt- J. Crew
Shoes- MaxStudio @ Zappos.com

I have a few other updates I'd like to share as well in this entry! 

Fitness--- I almost never weigh myself, but over the weekend when we were visiting H's parents, I used their scale and wouldn't you know it, it showed that I had lost 5 lbs.  I had gained that much when I first started to work out from the muscle I had put on, and I guess with the high intensity workouts I've been doing lately and better/more mindful eating, my body finally responded and burned some of that fat off! I use www.dailyplate.com a few days a week to track my calories to get an idea of where I'm at.

Personal--- I'm thrilled to announce that I am now a contributing write for the website GalTime, writing about home decor. You can check out my very first piece about Infusing Spring Into Your Home, here. I will be writing pieces weekly and I'll be sure to post the link here each week so anyone who is interested can check it out!

Royal Wedding--- I'm seriously having anxiety about the Royal Wedding!  I am just so darn excited about it I can hardly contain myself. My H even downloaded NBC's Royal Wedding app on his new iPad (God bless him! He's so sweet!)  Is anyone else as crazy excited as I am?  Or is it just me?

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!  It's another busy week for me but I'm going to try and blog as much as possible. 



One of my Readers, Taryn wrote to me and I wanted to share this with you all!

...I know a LOT of people have been scouring the internet for a Steve Madden dupe (of the Valentino Bow Sandals) since you posted about them... I've actually seen this discussed on a couple other people's blogs! (like this girl: http://vscupcakecouture.blogspot.com/2011/03/steve-madden-bow-flip-flops-dupe.html) her blog about the dupe was what actually led me to start looking for a cheaper option-- haha look what you've started. Anyways, I just pre-ordered mine the other day. Here's the link: http://www.hintboutique.com/footwear/

So if anyone wants a great dupe for the Valentino/Steve Madden Bow Sandals---there it is! Thanks so much Taryn!

Weekend Shopping, Outlet Edition: Ann Taylor, Kate Spade, WHBM & More!

Happy Saturday everyone! I had one of the best days I've had in a long time today. I started out my day with an AM workout outdoors in the sweltering heat with my trainer's group class and it really kicked my butt.  I feel great that I got up and did it though!  That's 5 days this week, yay!

After the workout, my H and I ate some lunch at home and then we headed to the 290 Outlets in Cypress.  They are my favorite outlets but I only go a few times a year. I knew Kate Spade and other store were having big sales so today was the perfect day to go.

Here is what I got (ALL on sale in addition to outlet prices!)

This first top is by C&C California. I have never owned anything by this brand but they had it at the Penguin store. This top looks kind of blah on the hanger, but it's got these really interesting sleeves and it's just a cool, casual shirt. The fabric is nice too. It originally retailed for (GASP!) $78.00 and I got it for $14.99.

Everyone knows my love for my J.Crew jelly flats (I have them in a light gray color.)  When I saw these hot pink ones I thought I was hallucinating. It couldn't be, I thought.  Oh yes, it could, and they are all mine!  The best part? They were $23.00.  LOVE.

Excuse my hair in this last pic, I was trying things on all day and it got a bit...disheveled.  This black lace dress is from White House, Black Market.  It looks MUCH better/more flattering belted, but I didn't take any pics of it with a belt on.  I got this dress because it's so pretty and feminine. It was $41.00 with tax, and I just couldn't pass that up. I know, I know, another black dress, but I have a lot of events I have to go to for work, and it's a good length for that. I love the sheer fabric on the back of the dress.

My next stop was Ann Taylor.  I have always wanted the above top, but never wanted to pay full price for it (it's from several seasons ago, retailed for about $88 originally.)  I saw it at the factory outlet for $44.99 plus 40% off so I had to jump on it.  I also got the lovely lace skirt below.  It retailed for $89.99 but I got it for 40% off as well. It is gorgeous. I love me a lace skirt. A note on sizing---the top is a Medium and the skirt is a 6Petite. Yes, Petite. I know that is really odd since I am totally the complete opposite of petite, but it just fit better for some reason, I even had a sales associate evaluate the fit of both.  The 6P was a little more fitted whereas the 6 had extra material on the side that I didn't "fill out" so the 6P was a little more flattering on me.

Lastly, I got this beautiful bright GREEN wallet from Kate Spade. It was on sale for $95.00 plus an additional 40% off (so about $57 total).  I love it because it's thin and fits into all of my smaller bags/clutches. I don't like huge wallets anymore because they are just too bulky and I only carry plastic anyway (and maybe a few dollars of cash for valet and stuff, but that's it.)

I would say this was a very successful shopping trip! I must admit, I am not really one of those people who goes to outlets and freaks out about all of the deals which causes many people to impulse buy things they might not have if they weren't at an outlet. I really try to carefully consider every item and ask myself if I'm buying it because it's cheap, or because I love it and will use it/wear it. I've walked away from many purchases in outlet stores because sometimes I have to remind myself that it's about finding things you love, not just the greatest deal.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Saturday and Happy Easter to you tomorrow as you celebrate with your families.



The Product You Never Knew You Needed (Because it Didn't Exist): Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara Review

Do you ever buy a new product and wondered how you ever lived without it?  Perhaps it tamed your frizzy hair, added a curl to your lashes or made you smell like a beautiful spring day.  Whatever that miracle product is for you---did you ever think "why didn't I use this sooner?"

I know I've felt like that about a lot of my holy grail products, but what I've never really felt is a "why didn't anyone think of this before?"(though, I have to admit when flat irons became all the rage, I wondered why they were never popular before and how I had lived without one.)

Today's post, my friends, is about Clinique Bottom Lash mascara.  I think anyone who brushes off this product as a "gimmick" needs to take another look and discover the awesomeness of this product.

To the people who argue it's just another mascara, I beg to differ.  The brush is teeny tiny. Like as small as the length of your pinkie nail tiny (or even smaller than that!)


Bigger isn't always better, I've learned, especially when it comes to our bottom lashes. I used to use regular mascara on my bottom lashes, but now I understand why Clinique invented this mascara and brush. It really does make it easier to get at all of those tiny little hairs without getting it all over your skin or it becoming too clumpy. It separates the lashes and makes them long and pretty.

I would love to post better photos, but I took these after being at work all day. I assure you, it looks much better in person and works like a dream. It also stays on forever. It's not waterproof, but it's pretty resistant to smudging. I find I need makeup remover to get it all off (which I use anyway because I only use waterproof mascaras). 

I'm so very glad I got this product, and with a price point of $10, you just can't lose.  I 100% recommend it and hope you'll make it part of your collection too :)

Why hadn't they thought of this before!?



OOTD: Right on Target

Happy Thursday ladies!  I just got home from an intense workout---I've gone 4 days in a row and I am SORE.  I always just work through the soreness because when I take too many days off, the pain is worse, whereas if I work it out, it goes away faster.

Today I brought another colorful, printed dress out of my closet. It's from the Tucker for Target collection and I had forgotten how much I liked it (I bought it towards the end of last summer...so I didn't have that many chances to wear it.)
 LOL---this is me leaving the house with my big gym bag in tow!

Dress- Tucker for Target
Shoes- Cynthia Vincent for Target
Cardigan- Express
Belt- Came on a dress from Papaya

I am really excited for a review I have coming up of a hairdryer I was sent.  It has changed my blow drying experience and I can't wait to share it with you---expect that next week :)  Here's how my blowout looked with the new hairdryer.

I also want to share with you a nail polish I got over the weekend. It's Sephora by OPI and it's called The Way Tutu His Heart and it's an opaque light pink. You need a good three coats, but I like the result a lot.

It's good if you like that real milky, opaque look. You can buy it here.

Lastly, have you seen the cover of the latest issue of Allure magazine? Lauren Conrad is on the cover and she looks STUNNING. Loving her beachy hair and smokey eyes.

HELLO Beautiful!
By the way, LC just launched a new website with her hairdresser and makeup artist---www.thebeautydepartment.com. Check it out!

I hope everyone has an incredible Friday. My husband is taking me on a date to see Water for Elephants.  I am really excited. I haven't read the book, but just after seeing the preview I knew I had to see it (plus, I just love Reese Witherspoon). Do you have any fun Friday plans? Let me know below!


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