In the Navy

I was all excited this morning to wear my new bird-print top. I had the perfect outfit planned and paired it with navy diamond-patterened tights and my navy blue lace skirt from Zara.

Later this afternoon, in a meeting room full of delightfully flourescent lights, I noticed that my lovely bird blouse was not in fact navy, but black.

Though my eyes failed me, I still like this outfit.

Top & Tank- Forever 21
Skirt- Zara
Tights- Forever 21
Shoes- Kate Spade
Trench- Banana Republic
Necklace- Stella & Dot "Ever After" (
buy it here)

I have to say that the "ever after" necklace is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces. It's so dainty and feminine.  I just love the length too---it sits so perfectly on your collarbone area.  Here is a closer-up shot I took earlier today:

...and another shot of how I switched up this outfit for a casual dinner with my in-laws:

Have a great week everyone!




  1. Love the whole look! I bought this shirt too!

  2. thanks trishelle :) love this top! so versatile!

  3. Great outfit, I love mixing navy and black together!

  4. Despite it not being an all-navy outfit as you had planned, black and navy is one of my favourite colour combos so I'm loving this.

    Saw your tweet about the tights running, grrrr, that's soooo frustrating!

    Lastly, I LOVE (I think, from what I can see ;) your flats (?) you wore to dinner with your inlaws. Have another pic or link to where they're from??

  5. I absolutely adore this top!!! Such a perfect print. I love how you styled it on your last outfit :)

  6. I honestly really love black & navy together! I think it looks so chic :) You look really pretty, I love navy tights! Love the necklace as well, and your house always looks so clean! <3

  7. I LOVE that blouse! I've been trying to find it in the store for a couple weeks now!

  8. I got an almost identical top (except white with orange birds) at Old Navy early this fall. I love it! Good F21 find!

  9. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

  10. Hi V. You look stunning no matter what you what you
    wear, but there is too much going on here. - lace, birds, print tights.

  11. @anon---thanks for your feedback. I think mixing textures is so fun. Outfits would be boring if everything was all the same. I like a simple look too, but I think it's more fun to experiment. I understand it's not for everyone though!

  12. Love this look! I think it was a very sophisticated way to mix patterns. I need to get better at this myself! I love seeing more outfit posts lately, and your "sneak peeks" every now and then are so fun!

  13. Great lighting in the first few pics! Love the top with those jeans.

  14. @stephanie---I actually had to edit all of these (the lighting) because I was shooting against natural light.

  15. Super cute! I need to go to F21 and try to find that top!

  16. Hi Veronika

    I''ve got a OT question:

    I saw that u own a Michael kors watch and I want to buy myself one, too.

    Would you prefer the mk 5216 or mk 5217 ( I have fair skin, dark brown hair and blue-greenish eyes...)?


  17. @anon---you'll have to post links to the two styles because I don't know which ones you are referring to just by the number.

    thank you!

  18. zebra print in the background? eeks....

  19. ok have to know:
    who makes those shoes?!
    and the dresser behind you in the "casual" shot? moving soon and in need of a dresser!

  20. Regarding the watches:
    Mk 5217:


  21. @anon---one of the links is missing and the other won't show up for me :(

  22. i love, love, love, love, love, love this outfit, so classic!!


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