Black, White & Gold Part Deux

Sometimes, one outfit can inspire another.  That was the case with today's outfit, a fraternal twin to yesterday's ensemble.  I even opted to wear the same skirt (gasp!) two days in a row (which made me realize I need to shop for another black pencil skirt that's made of a heavier fabric).

Here's black, white and gold, part deux:

Top- J.Crew perfect gingham shirt
Skirt- Ann Taylor
Shoes- Kate Spade
Belt- J.Crew
Necklaces- Stella & Dot (buy them
here and here)




  1. Cute!!!!! Love your blog!

  2. I like this outfit even more than yesterday's! So cute!!

  3. I love the beautiful set UNISTE all with frosted gold belt

  4. Ha! I have been looking for a black pencil skirt as well. It's such a staple, I've been holding out for good quality and perfect fit! Please share if you do find another you love! ;) xo, tasha

  5. Classic look!
    Check Ann Taylor for skirts. They had 50% off their sale items (I think they still do but check the store, they always have better deals than online). I purchased two pencil skirts, one for $15 (down from $118) and one for $25 (down from $125).

  6. I LOVE the gold accessories. I am more of a silver person but I love gold this time of the year.

  7. I love the casual feel of the shirt with the pencil skirt, definitely going to try this..
    Veronika where can I find you in pinterest, I would love to follow you :)

  8. I'm so excited for your OOTD posts! These keep me inspired!

  9. love this outfit!! especially the gold belt and chain!! would never have thought it would go with the checked black and white!! Fab!!!

  10. Love the outfit. I was just thinking about doing this outfit as well and then what do ya know. You did it. You must have ESPN or something. Hee hee.


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