Holiday Shopping: Gifts for Men!

Alright, I'll admit it. I am the worst at picking out gifts for men.  The main reason is that my H never really wants things. He likes to get gadgets, like any dude (big flat screen TVs, iPad, etc) but as far as other things...he could go a year without buying new clothes and be perfectly happy (not that I'd allow that!)

I'm trying to fulfill a promise here that I'd post a men's gift guide so I asked my H's stylish friend Jeff if he would help me out and tell me what the cool gifts are these days.

Check out his picks below! I(I've also added some of my favorite stores for men at the bottom of this post!)

Chor Faux Leather Jacket with Knit Hood

Hope this post gives you some ideas!  Other stores I LOVE for men's shopping are:

  • Club Monaco
  • Express (for dress shirts)
  • Nordstrom- my H loves getting his TOMS there (they have great shirts and ties too!)
  • Lacoste
  • Apple (iPads, etc!)
  • J.Crew
  • The Nike Store
  • Lululemon (H loves their men's lounge pants!)
  • Diesel (H loves their denim)




  1. Oh God, my H is the same way and it makes him really hard to buy a present for! Thanks for sharing these finds!

  2. Great finds! I really like that faux leather jacket for my Mister!

  3. My husband really wants AppleTV and the Griffin Helo TC helicopter for iPhone ( I think he and my son will have a blast with the helicopter!

  4. My boyfriend would laugh in my face if I bought him any of those things. Let's just say he is low maintenance.

  5. I got my husband a Sling Adapter through our provider DISH Network. They have a rebate on it so it ended up being free. My husband can watch live TV anywhere we are at on his IOS or Android device. I hooked it up to my employee account and gave it to him early and he couldn’t wait to try it out. You can access all your subscription channels and DVR recordings. It is an awesome device and I know I will be using it too. He told me it was the best present ever.


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