Product Rave & Review: Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray

I hate to do this (no, I really do). I am about to out-of-control RAVE about a $42 hair product, so with fair warning, if you need to click off this page because you don't want to have yet another amazing hair product on your wishlist, then now is the time.

I first heard of the Oribe product line at my hair salon, which is a Bumble and Bumble salon but they also started to carry the Oribe line this year. The products were a little pricey and I hadn't heard much about them so I laid low until I had time to do a little research.

I started to see Oribe products in magazines, on websites like and on other blogs and one product in particular struck my fancy.

It was Oribe's "Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray."  What a name, right?!...and a royal price tag to match.  If I'm shelling out $42 for a hair product, it better work in some pretty wondrous ways.

Here's how Oribe describes the product:

For the ultimate blowout. this ultra-lightweight mist smooths even the worst-behaved mop while speeding dry time. It also repairs split ends, nourishes, softens and strengthens the hair, giving it healthy body and shine. Spray on damp hair from mid-shaft to ends; go section by section to blow even straighter.
It was love at first spray with this one, folks. Before a blowout, I spray it through my hair, from the nape of my neck down to my ends only.  I apply it after the mousse I use on my roots but before any other products that I use on my hair because it is a heat protectant and I want to have it as my first "layer of defense," so to say.

Then, I blow out my hair, as usual.  The product basically creates a smoother, shinier blowout, without weighing down your hair whatsoeverIt also just eases the process of blowdrying.  Hair get smoother, softer, faster.  Less snags, less frizz and more shine!
I highly recommend this one, especially if you have long hair like me that you blowdry.  I still enjoy Living Proof's "Straight" spray, but if I had to pick between the two, I'd spring for the Oribe spray. You can buy it on or on Amazon

Have you used any Oribe products? The others on my wishlist are the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and the Oribe Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray (great for Houston summers!)

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is looking forward to a great weekend!



FTC: I purchased this product with my own money from my hair salon.  These are my honest thoughts after having personally used the product. I am not being compensated to write this review, I just LOVE the product THAT much.


  1. Greetings all the way from sunny Malaysia! Just wanted to let you know that I've watched your videos and enjoy how your makeup is beautiful without being overdone. Love your elegant/feminine sense of style and how simple you try to make things. Looking forward to more!

  2. thank you so much Kristy! I am glad to have you here!

  3. You can use it as a serum too. Spray it in your palm (one spray is ample) and smooth over the hair, either for fly aways or smoothing the ends! It has a multitude of uses!!!

  4. I'm in such a rut with my hair and I was thinking about going for a semi-drastic chop but I should probably give this a try before I go though with such a scary decision. What other products do you use in your hair besides the mousse and this?

  5. Do you recommend this or that other product we like?? I can't remember the name right now, of course, but it was the Phyto Serum or something? What's the difference between the two? I guess one is for straightening and this is for de-frizzing?

  6. I HAVE tried this! My mom has been using it for several months and when I was visiting in May I used this while I was there. I did love it too, it was great, but I never went out and bought it. I was in transition at the time but now that I'm settled I should probably add it, my hair has been needing a little extra something lately. Anyway, It's fantastic and I love the scent!

  7. Jenny I still lover the phyto product as well I am just waiting for the sephora f&f sale to stock up! The phyto results are good and it's a great product to use if your prefer a cream over a spray. I think the oribe is great for shine and smoothness. It's hard to compare them because the formulas are different but they are both great products.

  8. Hi can you tell which MAC concealer shade you use?

  9. I recall that you said you wash your hair every 5 days - do you only apply mousse on day 1? I am good at 3 day washing but worried mousse will make it so roots don't look fresh at day 2.
    ps - love the site :)

  10. @anon---I wash my hair twice a week, so not every 5 days.

    You can read an entire post about how I wash it and all of the products by using the search bar on my blog. It's an entry called "sudsing up- all about my hair washing routine"

    i do not add mousse in on non wash days, only dry shampoo.

  11. Hi,
    Just wondering what does the royal blowout spray smell like? Is it an overpowering scent? Does it remind you of any other products? Just asking because I can't tolerate hair products with a heavy fragrance. Thanks!

  12. @anon---I really love the smell...i want to say it's sort of fresh and almost lemony, but not in an overpowering way...however, it does have a distinct scent, so I would use a tester at a salon before committing if you are sensitive to scents.

  13. I would definitely love to hear your opinion on the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, particularly in comparison to the Serge Normant or other dry shampoo products.


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