iPhone Snaps Part II

Hello ladies! This was a tough week for me. I took my first real sick day in over a year. I stayed home from work on Monday because I thought I was dying.  I literally texted my husband "I think I'm dying."  I had a throat infection that turned into a sinus infection and the pressure in my head was so intense that I thought my brain was going to explode.  Plus, the Mucinex I was taking for the congestion made my stomach feel like it was being stabbed...from the inside.

I've been on antibiotics since Saturday and I finally feel "back to normal" today. I had gone back to work Tuesday but didn't have a lot of energy.  Today was the first day I felt like I could work out again (and I did). Don't you just hate getting sick? Especially in the summer? 

This post is another iPhone photo post because I realized I had so many shots that I had never put on the blog before. The first category is...

Things I didn't buy:
This maxi dress from A'Gaci. I loved the print, but the fit was really off. It made my waist and hips look larger because of how the fabric laid. Not flattering, sadly.

This Jessica Simpson brand dress from Nordstrom. I didn't love the way it fit.
Once again, the print was so pretty!

This sundress from American Eagle. It was on sale and cute...but I just thought I had too many dresses like it.

This striped top from Banana Republic. Eh, just didn't love it.
Next up, outfits I wore, but never posted:
 (This is my most recent)
Dress- Target
Cardigan- Express
Flats- J. Crew
 Dress- Banana Republic
Belt- was my grandmother's
Cardigan- Zara
Shoes- Max Studio @ Zappos.com
Dress-  Tucker for Target
Shoes- Cynthia Vincent for Target
Belt- Papaya
Cardigan- Zara

Randoms/I'm Obsessed With:
This duvet set I saw at Macy's in early June. How beautiful is that? It was pricey but on sale at the time...I passed on it but now I'm giving it a second look!

My Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses. I have just loved these all summer.
HUGE, but awesome.
(From Neiman Marcus)

And lastly, the cuteness that is Lulu (and my H):

Thank you so much for your patience as I get back to regular blogging! I have some of my best friends from Canada coming to visit next week, so it will be busy busy!



  1. Get well soon! Glad you didn't die! Lulu!!! My my, is there any doggie cuter?

  2. Love all the one you wore. Your so pretty, always love your beautiful hair, I wish I have hair like yours.

  3. I love big sunglasses! LOVE.
    You look great in all those dresses! Jealous!

  4. Love the bedding and sunglasses! Glad you are feeling better.

  5. Sorry to hear you were so sick! I know from experience that sinus infections are soooo miserable!
    Loving the outfits and your hair is looking fantastic...I'm jealous!:)

  6. I love the Tucker for Target dress and outfit. You pull outfits together in such cute ways that I would never think of. Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your company!

  7. I absolutely love everything you got! And Lulu is soooo cute! Love his little face :) I'm so sorry to hear how sick you were! That must have been awful :( Hope you feel better soon <3

  8. Your hair looks really pretty in the close-up pic with the MJ sunglasses!

  9. The duvet set at Macy's is to die for! It's actually been in the store for over 2 years now. I thought and thought and thought about putting it on our wedding registry but figured no one would buy it for us since it was on the high side. Now everytime I see it in the store I kick myself for not putting it on the list. One day I'll break down and get it but I want the all the extras too! LOL

  10. glad you are kind of starting to feel ok again...

    hang in there- looking forward to more posts when you feel up to it!


  11. Glad you are feeling better! I adore the duvet set from Macys! I would definitely be going back to get that if I were you!

    xo Chelsea

  12. Glad you're feeling "back to normal." What you described sounds awful :(

    Umm...you look cute in everything. I'm a little jealous :)

  13. Sorry you were feeling sick but glad you are feeling better.

    Two years ago I had that entire bed set on my wedding registry and I was so excited about it. Then, it went out of stock for the longest time, and I was pretty upset! I found something similar elsewhere, but I really was sad that I couldn't get that one.

  14. I have that duvet! It wrinkles super easily which really annoying. Also, the fabric can get really, really warm. We don't use it at all in the summer because it's like sleeping under a sauna. It's gorgeous, but has some annoying quirks.

  15. I almost registered for that same bed set from Macy's!! We decided it was just too darn expensive and it would prob get scratched up by the cat :(

  16. Sinus infections are the worst...so painful! I usually get one or two a year and they are so debilatating. I hope you are 100 percent now! Love all the outfits as usual!

  17. I meant to say this when you first posted about them, but I love, love, love your new eyeglasses. They really suit you, and don't you love how versatile tortoiseshell is? It goes with everything! :)

  18. Oh my gosh that's awful - so glad you're feeling better!!! Great outfits - I love the striped dress with flats - very French! BTW - your legs look fantastic - very lean and in great shape!!! Hope you can relax this wkend!


  19. That Jessica Simpson dress is lovely! Too bad you didn't like the fit :(

  20. I loved those first three dresses you didn't purchase, especially the maxi dress :)Awww Lulu is super cute relaxing in front of the door!

  21. Great post V! I loved those first two dresses, beautiful prints but I agree the fit wasn't doing your wonderful figure any favors. That bed set is gorgeous, makes me want to look at something nice for my next bed.

  22. Love the striped dress from Target! I might have tograb that today. And I honestly cannot say enough great things about that mascara! Volume and length galore :)

  23. I am in love with that duvet set from Macy's. I've been searching for a set for months now and I haven't seen anything I like until now.

  24. lvoe everything you've tried on! :)
    Love Lois xxx


  25. What store did you find the A'gaci dress in? I think I need that one!!


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