What I've Been Eating

Here it is! Finally! My long-promised "what I eat" post.

I tracked what I ate for over a week to give people who were interested an idea of the kinds of meals and snacks I eat frequently.  My diet is not perfect and I am NOT advocating that this is the right diet or telling anyone they should eat like I do. Believe me, I'm aware my diet could use a lot of improvement.

I simply recorded what I've been eating to give people an idea of what my daily meals  look like (and to show I actually uh, do eat.)

I'm working on adding more veggies to my diet right now and more protein as well.  You'll also notice I tend to eat the same thing for breakfast almost every morning: oatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries. I just love it and can't help myself. I've also included my workouts on any given day so that you can see what I did that day, in addition to my eating.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Morning workout:
1 hr, cardio and core focused

two cups of green tea with mint (I drink the bigelow brand or Zen green tea by TAZO)
1/2 cup or so of quaker oatmeal (plain, the quick cooking ones)
1 cup of blueberries (mixed in with oatmeal)
Teaspoon or so of cinnamon powder (I don't measure it I just spinkle and mix it in)

Two chicken roll-ups from Zoe's Kitchen (leftovers from dinner)
small seving of Zoe's mayo-free coleslaw
About 7 pieces of honeydew melon
1 cup of  green tea with mint

Kashi 7-grain cracker (about 15) with Skippy Natural Peanut Butter
1 cup of green tea with mint

Whole grain pasta with Jennie O. Turkey Sausages (about 90 calories for 2 links, FYI) and tomato pasta sauce
2 Butterfinger "fun size" chocolate bars (it's no secret that I'm addicted to these)

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Morning workout: lower body/legs and some bursts of cardio

Breakfast: two cups of green tea with mint
1/2 cup or so of quaker oatmeal
1 cup of blueberries
Teaspoon or so of cinnamon powder

Lunch:Jason's Deli turkey wrap
Side of fruit
kroger chocolate/chocolate cookie
1 cup of green tea with mint

Afternoon Snack:baby carrots and a couple pieces of brocolli with some organic ranch dip

Dinner (I was at an awards event):
Southwestern salad
Chicken with some kind of cheese and sun dried tomatoes, potatoes and asparagus (I didn't finish the chicken)
Some "bottle caps" candies (maybe a handful)
Half of a brownie

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Morning workout: total body (upper and lower)

Breakfast: 2 Breakfast buritos with ham, egg and cheese w/whole wheat tortillas (I didn't eat the second tortilla, just the filling inside of it)
2 cups of green tea with mint

Snack:about 7 large chunks of honeydew melon
1 cup of green tea with mint

Lunch:Whole Foods Tamarind Chutney Chicken Salad (small size  0.38 lb)
Whole Foods ShaSha Co. Original Ginger Snaps (you can have 15 cookies for 140 calories)---they contain no refined sugar, trans fat or dairy.
1 cup of green tea with mint

Water with 1 pack of Emergen-C super orange

5 Guys Cheeseburger with NO bun---lettuce, tomatoes, onion, ketchup, pickles
Some 5 guys french fries
2 butterfinger fun size chocolate bars (YUM!)
1 cup of mint medley tea (non-caffeinated)

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Strawberry & Banana homemade smoothie with "LifeWay" brand Kefir from Whole Foods
Strabucks Zen green tea (grande, hot)

Dim Sum at Gigi's (this included chicken, shrimp, crab and pork dumplings and spring-rolls)
* This is a big lunch for me and filled me up for a long time

Wheat Thins crackers with JIF peanut butter

Handful of almonds
(I had gotten last-minute concert tickets and I didn't want to have a heavy dinner before I went---I didn't get home until after 11 so I went to sleep because I just didn't feel hungry---I'm learning more to just listen to my body)

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

1 1/2 slices of whole wheat toast (I buy the Nature's Choice brand) with JIF natural peanut butter
1 cup of TAZO Zen green tea

(Sunday was kind of random because we woke up late, at around 10:30 AM. and then by noon we were at the pool where we stayed until about 3 PM)
Large handful (probably 15 or so) wheat things
1 large bottle of Smart Water

I also had a piece of turkey and cheese at the grocery store deli (you know where they give it to you to make sure it's what you want?)

When I got home from grocery shopping, I had a massive bowl of fresh cherries!  YUM!

Small bowl of Frosted Flakes cereal w/ skim milk

1 cup of green tea with mint

While cooking---a piece of cucumber and a slice of a peach (I was cutting up fruit for the work week)

A few bites of the egg, spinach, broccoli and zucchini casserole thing I made---it was a combo of whole eggs and egg whites. Baked in the oven for 30 minutes. I am going to eat them for breakfast to get a little break from my oatmeal.

Some PopChips (BBQ flavor). Today was a massive snacking day for me. I typically never really eat like this---I like to have full meals, but it just didn't work out that way for me. I was so focused on preparing food for the week that I kind of just grazed all day.

Monday, June 27th, 2011
(I was in and out of the office today so I was trying to eat as much as I could between meetings)

1 piece of homemade Frittata (eggs, egg whites, spinach, brocolli and zucchini---it was about the size of my hand)
About 5 slices of a peach
1 cup of green tea with mint

(during a long work meeting)
2 cups of green tea with mint
A few pieces of strawberry, kiwi and blueberries

Lunch:Some Kashi crackers with peanut butter
(I usually bring leftovers but didn't have any today---this is pretty filling for me though because of the whole grains and fats in the peanut butter)

Whole Foods Strawberry cupcake (it was a co-worker's birthday)

Workout (evening)
Full frontal body

1 Jennie-O Turkey Burger w/white American cheese and a scoop of guacamole
4 Tostito chips with guacamole
2 "fun size" Butterfinger chocolate bars (mmmm...my guilty pleasure!)
1 cup of mint tea (no caffeine)

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
1/2 cup of oatmeal with blueberries and cinnamon
2 cups of green tea with mint

1 babybell cheese (the red wrapper one)
1 cup of green tea with mint

1 Jennie-O turkey burger pattie with cheese and guacamole
About 20 cherries
Whole Foods ShaSha Co. Original Ginger Snaps (I had a lot of these--I was craving them and just listened to my body)

Some Kashi crackers with Skippy natural peanut butter

Full body---back of body

Zoe's Kitchen protein plate---grilled chicken over a huge bed of non-mayo coleslaw (it has feta cheese! so yummy and crisp!)
1 Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich
More ginger snap cookies (these are clearly a trigger for me---they're the kind where I just can't stop eating them, so I may stop purchasing them alltogether)

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
Morning workout:
Cardio and Core

Breakfast:Oatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries
2 cups of green tea with mint

Lunch:Leftover Zoe's Kitchen protein plate---grilled chicken over a huge bed of non-mayo coleslaw

Whole Foods ginger snap cookies (at this point, I am just trying to get rid of them so I can't eat them anymore. I am going to have to start calling them crack cookies)

Snack:about 7 or 8 chunks of watermelon (so good!)
Some BBQ PopChips

Jennie-O Turkey Sausages with whole grain pasta and marinara sauce
2 fun size butterfinger chocolate bars

Thursday, June 30th, 2011:

Morning workout: full body

Oatmeal with blueberries and cinnamon and about 2 peach slices
2 cups of green tea with mint

1 Babybel cheese

Medium Turkey Guacamole sandwich from Schlotzky's Deli (I only eat half of the bread that its on to save on calories/carbs)
some gingersnap cookies (this is the LAST of them, thank goodness!)

watermelon chunks
some BBQ PopChips

Beaver Nut burger from Beaver's---it's a no-meat burger made with cashews, brown rice and some other ingredients I don't remember---but it was delish!

Side salad of mixed greens, cucumber and tomato with a bit of vinaigrette dressing

Friday, July 1, 2011

Morning workout:
Bull body, back of body

croissant sandwich from La Madeline with egg, tomato, cheese and turkey

About 7 peach slices
Some BBQ PopChips (I eat these often as a snack, they are low-cal and delicious!)

Chicken roll-ups from Zoe's Kitchen w/ side of non-mayo coleslaw (I got the chicken roll-ups with mozzarella cheese and NO onions---they do the fried onions on them which is a lot of butter and unnecessary calories)

2 "fun size" Butterfinger chocolate bars
1/2 of a skinny cow ice cream sandwich

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Morning workout: cardio & core

Breakfast:Oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries and cinnamon
2 cups of green tea with mint

Lunch:Kashi Black Brean Burrito (I try not to eat frozen foods often but this was one of those days)
About 2 cups full of cherries
1 cup of green tea with mint

Snack: (shortly after lunch, still felt hungry)
quaker oatmeal raisin granola bar (I love these---90 calories and so sweet!)

Some kashi crackers with peanut butter

2 Jennie-O Turkey Burger patties w/cheese and reduced-sugar ketchup
3 "fun size" butterfinger chocolate bars
A few bites of H's oreos n' cream ice cream (yum!)
1 cup of white berry Tazo tea

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries and cinnamon
1 cup of green tea with mint
1 cup of black coffee (no milk/sugar)

Lunch:Large "spinach" salad from La Madline (it has spinach, red bell peppers, strawberries, walnuts and balsamic---my absolutely fave!) I get my salad with the bacon bits or mushrooms that are supposed to come with it.

A few bites of La Madeline who grain bread dipped into their straberry jam (OMG to die for!)

quaker oatmeal raisin granola bar
some "bottle caps" candies (obviously craving sugar today!)

Pre-workout snack:
Kashi crackers w/ peanut butter

Five Guys french fries with ketchup (this is obviously unusual for me, but hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do)

2 fun size butterfinger chocolate bars

1 cup of Tazo whiteberry tea

What I'm trying to work on:
  • Recently, I've been trying to add more protein to my breakfast to keep me full until lunch. In addition to my oatmeal with fruit, I am now eating 2 turkey breakfast sausages (Jennie-O brand, 90 calories for 2 links). My coworker also suggested eggs and egg whites so I will try to add those in some days as well instead of the oatmeal to mix it up a little!
  • Eating more veggies---period! I need to eat more vegetables. I've been eating more salads lately and have been buying veggie trays with dip to keep at work for snack time
  •  I would like to eat cleaner---more fresh, less processed
  • I would like to eat more protein in general, not just at breakfast
  • Drink lots of green tea---studies prove green tea lowers cortisol levels and that green tea drinkers tend to have less belly fat
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Buy "fun size" treats so you don't go overboard
  • Grocery shop on Sunday and buy healthy foods---cut all fruits up and take them to work in GladWare so there are no excuses for bad snacking!
  • Buy pre-made veggie trays so you always have accessible veggies that you can eat at work or on the go (no excuses since it's already cut up into bite size pieces for you!)
  • Skinny cow ice cream sandwiches are huge, satisfy ice cream cravings and are only 130-140 calories---I like to have one after dinner sometimes
  • If you have trouble understanding how much you are eating (like I did) use www.dailyplate.com to track calories
  • Eat smaller portions---I used to eat until my stomach hurt because I thought that's what you should feel to be "full"---STOP before your stomach hurts---I promise if you give your stomach a little more time to tell your brain you are full, you will feel satisfied even if you stop eating before that "full" feeling
  • Read Bethenny Frankel's "Naturally Thin" book---seriously---it made me think differently about food
Favorite Snacks:
  • BBQ Pop Chips
  • Fun Size Butterfingers
  • Homemade strawberry banana smoothies
  • Quaker oatmeal raisin granola bars
  • Plain almonds
  • Skinny Cow cookies and cream ice cream sandwiches
  • Reeces Pieces bites (you can have like 55 of them for 160 calories!)
  • Kashi crackers with peanut butter
  • Brocolli, cauliflower and baby carrots with ranch dip
  • Cereal- honey nut cheerios, fruit loops, Kashi Go Lean, frosted flakes (all in moderation, of course)
  • Starbucks's low fat very berry coffee cake
  • Teddy Grahams in "cinnamon" or "honey"
  • ShaSha ginger snap cookies (addicted to these!)
  • Sour Patch Kids (but I hardly eat these anymore...they are too good to eat in moderation)
Here are some updated pics of my workout progress too!

(Yes, my hip bones have always stuck out like that, no matter what weight I am at)

Well, that's all ladies.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below. If you have constructive suggestions or recipe/meal ideas, I welcome those as well. If you are going to leave a comment telling me that I have an eating disorder or anything in that realm, please don't waste your time actually typing it out, because I will not publish it.


I realized I didn't post about water intake---I drink a TON of water everyday.

I also have been really loving a lot of different fruits lately---watermelon, honey dew, cherries and raspberries galore---I am often eating these as snacks after lunch.


  1. This was a helpful and interesting post! Thanks for sharing : )


  2. I think you look healthy and fit, and very inspirational! I love this post lots of great ideas. I love green tea and it's a huge boost for your metabolism too :)

  3. You make me feel better about snacking! I always feel a tad bit guilty if I snack more than once a day (even though I know 6 small meals are better and so forth).

    If you want variety, I try to pack some sort of homemade trail mix and keep it at my desk at work (mine is mainly nuts and dried blueberries, but you can always add in chocolate, granola, etc).

    We have totally different body types, but my hip bones are also noticeable! There are definitely parts of me I still work on with yoga and the gym, but no matter what the hip bones protrude. It's nice to see I'm not the only one : )

  4. You've been looking really good Veronika and your hard work is paying off. Especially your legs. They're looking much shapelier. Could you share your leg workout? I have thin legs that don't retain much muscle and I do lots of lunges in my gym class. I would love legs with more muscle tone! Also thanks for the healthy snack tips. I tend to be a bad snacker (eg chips, chocolate, etc) so trying to snack healthier.


  5. I've been looking for some new things to try andreally enjoyed your meal and snack ideas. However, I don't understand why you would post the workout progress photos when nothing has changed since the last picture that stirred up such controversy. I do admire your self confidence, though. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks for this post! It must have taken you forever to write up. Great tips and it's super nice to see your diet laid out (and full of tasty, but healthy foods and treats!).

  7. I am really really shocked by the amount of processed foods you eat. It makes up a majority of your diet. This is in no way healthy, and shouldnt be bragged about or admired.

  8. im not sure what kind of trainer you have, but this is not enough food overall. you're missing tons of protein and just substance in general.

  9. @ anon- I eat whenever I am hungry which is usually every 3 hours. I am working on eating cleaner but I eat more than enough to feel full!

  10. this might sound like a weird question but it would help me out with my own planning what time do you wake up to work out and how long do you work out in the morning also what time do you go to bed.....lol i know weird question

  11. Evening workouts are at 6:30 and morning workouts are at 6. It's an hour long workout. I am in bed by 10 and usually asleep by 10:30 or 11.

  12. that was detailed! I think it is always brave of people to say what they eat everyday... it's like being naked in public ; )

    You look fantastic, and I think your meals deem varied and healthy. Seems like you eat what you want, when you want it. Way to go girl!

  13. holy jeeez so you probably get up at like 5 or 5h30.....im trying to get into working out in the morning but getting up that early takes getting used to
    kutos to you

  14. I would suggest a subscription to "Clean Eating" magazine or any of the clean eating books. For the amount of workouts you are doing, you are NOT eating to fuel your body. It's a miracle you can make it through the day and your workouts. How many calories does your trainer suggest you eat? Have you thought about meeting with a nutritionist?

    In regards to listening to your body, your body will continue to crave sugar the more you eat it. Do you plug all your meals into some sort of tracker? I think you would be stunned to realize how much sugar you are taking in a day and the lack of good carbs and protein. Remember that sugar is not just sweets! It's in your ketchup, the fruit you eat, the peanut butter etc. Your snack list is appalling. I think posts like this are dangerous because SO many of your readers practically idolize you and ever with your disclaimer, people will only look at your "results" and think that they can get away with eating horribly and still being "healthy".

    I really am shocked V.

  15. thank you for this post. I know it took a lot of guts to post pics and your eating plan since there are so many haters out there. I think your post is very inspirational and i love seeing your progress pics because they make me want to hit the gym too! lol great job V!

  16. I don't eat horribly. I eat okay and I am working on it. Even in the last few weeks I've been eating more veggies. I think sugar is okay in moderation. Fruit has natal sugars i try not to eat added sugars a lot (like in ketchup). Ice cream and chocolate isn't awful if you aren't eating the entire tub of it.

  17. Wow Anonymous is really freaking out here why don't you start your own blog to help educate people on clean eating because this seem really unproductive for such health connoisseur

  18. A really great website you may be interested in is the "Eat Like Me" blog on self.com because it's what a registered dietician eats each day. I've enjoyed this blog for a while b/c she also explains why she's eating certain things and outlines calories of each meal.

  19. Geez, there were some harsh comments. Saying your diet is appalling is rather dramatic.

    I ate very similar to that in my 20's. When you're on the go, and don't have kids relying on you for meals, it's much harder to commit to time in then kitchen.

    Your choices aren't horrible, but the quantities do to seem quite paltry. Throwing together your own salads and grilling lean meats for fast meals would be much better replacements for the Zoe's and Jason's Delinkeala.

  20. V, my brother is a personal trainer and he would be appalled if I showed him this as my eating list. You need a lot more fuel for those workouts you're doing. You're body will actually respond better (get more leaner, stronger) if you fuel it properly.

  21. @run blindly - thanks for your suggestions :) I do need to prep more in advance!

  22. Norma- i would love some ideas and suggestions!

  23. Anon- i just book marked the eat like me blog! thanks :)

  24. Thanks for sharing this with all of us, V. Obviously you have a lot of readers who admire your body, and it was beyond nice of you to even write this post. I think you are a healthy eater overall. Yes, I'm sure there is some improving to do, but we all can say that! As long as you feel healthy, then I see no problem with the way you eat. The main thing I took away is that I need to try green tea! Is iced green tea okay, or must it be hot? I wonder if hot tea has more nutrients than iced green tea. Maybe that's a silly question, but I am new to all of this! I've also read that some people get stomach pains from green tea, and since I have a sensitive tummy, I have never even tried it! I think I will now ;)

  25. I admire your workout schedule...I really would love to be in bed by 10pm (already it's 10:10pm as I write this!) and workout in the am to get it done with and have that energy throughout the day.

    Question: I know you say you're not a big drinker, but it this reflective of your regular schedule? I know my idea of "sweets" is a glass of wine. Just wondering! :)

  26. I know you've mentioned your issues w/ IBS before. I haven't been officially diagnosed yet but that seems to be where I'm headed (after tests, etc). I was wondering if you've experienced any adverse effects by incorporating more fruits and veggies? Or found ones that work better? And/or how you've managed that? My regular dr had originally suggested to eat as much produce and whole grains/eat as clean/balanced as possible... which I did over a 3 month period or so. Unfortunately only thing that did was cause severe bloating (like looking 7 months preggo every night). Now GI dr says that may be making things worse.. so now don't know what to eat... salad or french fries..lol!
    Only good thing came out of it - sounds like I'm doing similar 'bootcamp' type workouts - I have NEVER had any upper body strength (like not even monkey bars as kid) and as soon as I upped my protein, I started seeing definition where I've never had before even though workouts the same (not bigger arms just way more toned). Also started craving my daily candy breaks way less... HTH!

  27. I don't think anyone is being harsh, they are being realistic. When you have a blog with so many followers you open yourself up to criticism. You always talk about the fact that you are tired, and I think that the amount of food and types that you eat contribute to that.

  28. You know what I like about your diet? It's real. The fact is, most of us have treats from time to time, and most of us would like to eat healthier but for whatever reason don't. I appreciate your honesty, and I don't think you eat terribly or anything like that. Like you, I want to be better about incorporating more clean/unprocessed food into my diet, and more protein. But because I work full time and don't love meat, it's hard. But I try, and that's important. Plus, who can honestly say they work full time and eat like a Whole Foods-worshiping saint every day?

    Keep up your good work! I can definitely notice a difference in your arms and legs. You were thin and pretty before, but now there is even more definition. You look awesome!

  29. Hi Veronika, Thank you so much for this blog entry. You look fantastic and it's so inspiring!I can clearly see that it's about making the right choices regarding diet and exercise.
    I have a suggestion for breakfast that you might could try to get more protein (which your colleagues had also suggested) and to get more vegetables:
    I eat it myself in the morning sometimes:
    4 egg whites (and 1 egg yolk, but I don’t eat that because I’m trying to become a vegetarian)
    1 to 2 teaspoons curry (Depending on how strong you want it)
    1 half pepper chopped into cubes
    1 Red onions (or white onion) into cubes
    1 piece of leek (about a piece of 10 cm), chopped into cubes or you can use scallions (the same amount as the leek)
    Fresh spinach leaves chopped into cubes (I usually take a hand full or two)
    Herbal salt and pepper (after taste)
    If I eat with no vegetarian so I'll make a portion with chicken sausage (chopped into slices. I usually use about 6 pieces chicken sausages when it’s the small size).

    I mix it all into a bowl and stir well until it seems okay to me. Then I pour it out on a hot pan in which I have put oil on (I usually use sunflower oil).
    I divide it into four pieces, so it's easier to turn around. When it has a golden brown color I turn off the heat.
    Then you can serve it with the accessory of your choice. I usually make a salad or fresh fruit.
    If you would like to see a picture of how it looks, I have a picture on my blog: http://gogreenbykristine.blogspot.com/

    I have unfortunately not a picture of the finished result, but I’ll take one the next time I’m making this breakfast and then I put on my blog.

  30. You look great! Are you sneakers running sneakers by any chance? I am in the market for some!

    We have very similar stats, I am 5'10 and 125-130 pounds. I do eat sort of healthy, I had a dietician for a while but I do eat a lot of sweets and I don't deprive myself of anything...EVER. LOL. I just got the book "Look Better Naked," it's sitting on my desk and I didn't start following yet. But they do have a great 6 week eating plan in the book - it's not a DIET per say but shows meal plans for 6 weeks that will help you eat better and then hopefully get you thinking correctly about portions and all that stuff.

    I am planning on starting it soon. I have to go grocery shopping! It got great reviews on Amazon so I am excited to try it. It also has exercise tips and all that other fun stuff but I mostly got it for the menu plan!

    I am not appalled at your eating habits like Anon is because it very much resembles mine. But I think it's time for me to start thinking healthy and eating a little bit healthier.... funny enough as I am typing this I am eating a Sprinkles cupcake at 2:30 AM. Oh vey! LOL

  31. OMG, people who are freaking out need to stop. V, you are very brave to post your food log/workout progress. I think you look fantastic and in NO WAY do I think your eating is bad. Please - this post isn't titled "scientific, perfect, nutritionist post," it is an honest reflection of what you're consuming. And NO ONE is perfect when it comes to eating, we all have days where we splurge or don't eat perfectly. Seriously...what's that saying about stones and glass houses...?

  32. Your diet is crap. There's nothing of substance and most of what you posted comes from a box or package. Please, girls, don't use this as your "healthy eating" standard. Cute tummy though. I suggest going to fit day dot com to input your diet. It gives a great breakdown of your nutrition. I think you'll see you're lacking sufficient nutrients as well as protein. It looks like an overwhelming majority of your calories are coming from processed carbs.

  33. @Jessica you said what I Wanted to say! No one is perfect, we can't always eat healthy, we can indulge and Veronika is just showing us truthfully what she is eating which is so good of her :)xox

  34. Ok, just reading all the previous comments here is making me really angry. I am a former ballet dancer and let me tell you, you think V has problems eating....no way! You should have seen the way I used to eat and the way MANY dancers eat! It's not good, but to say that V is "horrible" is just totally wrong! You clearly stated at the beginnig of this post that you are not saying this is how people should eat or that you are perfect. I don't think you eat badly whatsoever....sure you can improve, but you eat like a normal person and if that is the amount of food that works to make you full, then do it. V, don't let anyone make you feel badly for this post. I love your blog and I think your terrific!

  35. You're looking great! While I agree with you that you DO need to eat more protien and fruits/veggies, I think you have a very, very normal diet. What Anon failed to read is that you stated that you know your diet isn't the best and you are working on it! You're a very busy hard working woman. Unless you have a live in chef and tons of disposable income- eating clean/full meals that aren't on the go is really tough! Seriously try out egg whites. So easy to make and very filling. I normally do 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites. You can throw in cheese, veggies, chicken, beans etc and you'll be full till lunch!


  36. Just wondering ..is this the type of diet that's promoted in bethany's book? Because I just ordered it and I would hate to have wasted my money. I appreciate u posting the comments of the critics of your eating I'm sure this will push you towards cleaner eating. Also do u have a before picture? And how have u changed ur diet from before u started regularly working out again?

  37. You don't have to publish this but can I offer you some better snack suggestions? The only things decent on your list were the smoothies, almonds and veggies.

    Smoothies- Try adding Greek yogurt to up the protein and try to avoid adding sugar to the smoothies. If you must, try a tiny squirt of honey.

    Almonds- These are a great snack! Make sure to buy the raw almonds to avoid the extra sodium. Also try incorporating cashews, pecans, and even macadamia nuts for some variety. OR make homemade trail mix with nuts and dried fruit.

    Veggies- Ditch the ranch and substitute hummus, laughing cow wedges or some nut butter. I would suggest trying natural nut butters that have no added sugar. Peanut, almond, cashew are all great options.

    Other options- Lara Bars are GREAT for those sweet cravings! They are made with dates and have very few ingredients. They even have cookie flavors and chocolate flavors. Also Blue Diamond makes these cocoa roasted almonds that are my go to when I feel like I need candy. I try to only eat these when I am really struggling with a sugar craving because they are so addicting. Also, instead of the skinny cow ice creams, Costco now sells Greek yogurt pops that are delicious and only 70 calories and even have a decent amount of protein. You can also buy a small popsicle mold for cheap and make your own fruit and yogurt pops. I make chocolate pops with chocolate almond milk and yogurt. Another good snack is a laughing cow wedge smeared on a piece of turkey and rolled up.

    A good rule of thumb is that every snack should be a mix of good carbs and protein. There are so many great resources out there to help you improve your diet. I think once you start feeding your body and your muscles the fuel that they need you will notice a dramatic improvement in your energy, your workouts and even how your skin looks. Good luck!

  38. @anon---thanks for those tips :)
    I do eat raw almonds and I also eat cashews and other nuts but just didn't during the time I posted this! I also eat Lara Bars ! the banana breas is my fave!

    I have been meaning to try greek yogurt---i will do that :) thanks for your tips!

  39. re: bethenny-no, my diet isn't what is in her book. I didn't base it off of that, I moreso learned about listening to your body and portion control.

  40. Hi V,

    I've been rerading your blog for a long time now, without ever posting a comment. I've been on a weight loss journey for a while now. I have l ost 40 pounds in total (took me 1 year), and have kept it off for over a year now.

    Besides my daily workouts, I have found that a few snacks/meal ideas help me keep my weight loss on track... here are some suggestions I wish I knew about before I started, hopefully they help you change your daily routine :

    1) For breakfast, try 0% fat greek yogurt. It has about 16-18gr. of protein per portion, which keeps you full all morning. I eat it with some fruit and chopped nuts (walnuts are great for your brain and heart, so are almonds). Or you can sweaten it with honey or sugar free jam.

    2) Instead of green tea or coffee, try hot water with the juice of half a lemon. This cleanses your digestive system and is a great way to start the morning. It also helps pump up your metabolism at the beginning of the day to help you burn more calories.

    3) For a nice frozen treat, freeze a banana, and then smush it in the blender till it has a creamy texture. You can add a little almond milk if you want. It's like homemade ice cream with no sugar or additives.

    4) DONT FORGET TO DRINK WATER. This is so important, and I can't stress it enough. Your body needs to be hydrated :o)

    To cut out processed foods, I would plan a menu ahead of time,shop for what you need, and set aside one day a month to just COOK. Then freeze up into portions and freeze. This can be done with tomatoe based sauces, fruits (compotes and jellies to sweaten yogurt and smoothies), homemade granola, etc.

    good luck and keep up the good work :o)

  41. And FYI, I work full time and manage to eat relatively healthy. It's all about planning ahead! And even when you can't plan ahead, make smart choices when you have to rely on things on the go. I keep a jar of peanut butter (natural), a giant bag of almonds and at least a handful of healthy bars in my desk for emergencies.

    I also try to keep some sort of bar (Lara, Luna protein, ThinkThin) in my purse at all times! Life IS crazy but there is nothing wrong with at least being 90% prepared. :)

    Also, allow your self a cheat meal (not a cheat day) once a week.

  42. Wow, some of the anonymous posters on here are really mean. I think V's diet is very normal, especially given her schedule, and I do see protein and healthy things like veggie snacks, fruit, and oatmeal on her list. I agree with Cassia Jade—if you don't like V's post, go start your own blog about nutrition. Otherwise, mind your own business.

    V, I love your blog and read it every day. Don't listen to the anonymous posters who can't even bring themselves to sign a name to their mean words.

  43. After reading this post and the comments, I continued on in my reader and followed some links around until I landed here, completely by chance. Just thought it was worth sharing, even though I think all the anonymous criticism rebuttal is like beating a dead horse by now.


  44. You look great! I remember when my stomach looked like that before I had my boys! My diet is similar to yours and I've lost close to 40 lbs. I should drink more green tea though. I love the fact that you eat "real" food(i.e. butterfingers, cookies, etc.) One thing I learned was that a large serving of Five Guys french fries has OVER 2,000 cals! Holy moly! Needless to say after I found that out I will not eat there anymore. I don't think a lot of people realize that. I know I didn't. Oh, you should do a post about certain exercises your trainer has showed you! I'm getting bored with my workouts. Thanks, your blog is wonderful!

  45. For some reason I thought you were Gluten Free? Were you at one time or something?

    I can't believe you've never tried Greek Yogurt. I practically live on it these days. I hope you like. It has made snacks and Breakfast so much easier and tastier!

  46. some of you are morons, it says in the first paragraph: My diet is not perfect and I am NOT advocating that this is the right diet or telling anyone they should eat like I do. Believe me, I'm aware my diet could use a lot of improvement...

    Get over it.

  47. For some reason I thought you were Gluten Free? Were you at some point?

    I can't believe you haven't tried Greek Yougurt yet. IT's really hit or miss- most people I know either hate it or love it. I hope you love it. It makes breakfasts and snacks so much easier & tastier too!

  48. I'm the same way with my breakfast - I have practically the same thing every morning. Have you tried VitaTops? I have one (the chocolate kind is my fave) with 2 slices of low sodium turkey bacon, 8 oz of 1% milk & 1/2 grapefruit.

    My favorite new dessert is Diana's Bananas (it's just a frozen banana dipped in chocolate). I get the dark chocolate baby ones. They are sooo good - I don't even miss ice cream.

  49. I loved this post! Thanks so much for sharing. I love following your blog and think that its great sharing your workout routine and diet. I am constantly trying to add more protein and veggies into my diet too and sometimes I can be awesome and other days not so much. Sometimes snack foods make an appearance more than they should, I too love sour patch kids (who can really ever eat just a few?!) and am all about peanut butter. I don't know if you've heard about it yet but have you tried PB2? You can find it at Whole Foods and its a little more pricey at Amazon but its really tasty and has less calories and fat than regular peanut butter without having a bunch of weird stuff in it (def. not diet peanut butter). I am partial to the chocolate peanut butter flavor and just thought since I eat it about as often as you do you might want to try it :)

    Keep up all your awesome blog posts and product reviews!


  50. thank you to everyone who provided tips and feedback--I appreciate it, because like I said, I am trying to improve my diet because I KNOW it isn't as good as it could be.

  51. You obviously don't do well with criticism, constructive or not, so I will just make an observation: I see VERY little calcium in your diet. Since you do strenuous workouts, this is concerning.

    Your diet is devoid of a lot of necessary nutrients that have already been addressed, but calcium is HUGE for women. Try adding milk (cow, soy, whatever) to your oatmeal instead of water. That will also help up your protein. If you're having a chocolate craving, have a big glass of chocolate milk after a workout. It's a great recovery snack, as it has protein and carbs. Others have mentioned Greek yogurt. One serving has around 30% of your daily protein, over 20% calcium, and around 100 calories. It's basically a super-food.

  52. Why did you publish the moron comment? I think that the comments in this post have been helpful. And yes, you did give a disclaimer but you also asked for feedback. No one called YOU a horrible person. They simply stated that your food choices were. And I think if you really stepped back and looked at your post again, you would realize that their comments were not off base. Yes, you eat better than the majority of America. But you ASKED for feedback. Not everyone that reads your blog is out to get you. Some of us genuinely want to help you eat better. Please don't be so defensive. Some of us are trying to help.

    I think its really unfair for you to post comments that are "mean" to other posters (who gave you honest, real feedback). So commenters can not be mean to you, but its ok to be mean to each other.


  53. thanks anon---I will definitely try the greek yogurt...I am taking constructive criticism---when it's helpful and constructive---like the advice many have provided about foods and snacks I can eat that are better choices---what's not constructive is when people come here to insult me when I've never claimed to be an expert or giving advice---I wrote an honest post about what I really eat---it was requested---and it also shined a light on my eating habits and made me realize I could improve. That's a great thing IMO.

    I would like to know how "perfectly" all of the people who left non-constructive comments ate before they started to make better choices. It is difficult to change your lifestyle and it takes time.

  54. @anon---I was never gluten free---my doctor suggested I try it once because of my IBS but then my symptoms improved so much so we knew it wasn't gluten.

  55. @anon---regarding hot water with lemon---I think green tea has more antioxidant and metabolic benefits so I think it's the better drink choice---plus, I need a little caffeine in the mornings and it does the trick :) your other advice was great though, thank you so much!

  56. I wanted to PM asking you to post your menu, so thank you for doing this! I really love your variety of food choices, you look amazing and you enjoy a treat when you want to, good for you Veronika!

  57. Do you eat before you work out in the morning?

  58. anon---I used to, but I can't anymore because it makes me sick (like nauseous or gives me horrible stomach cramping). I eat right after.

  59. I've been a reader since you began blogging. I skimmed over the comments and saw nothing that was "mean". What I saw was genuine shock at what your diet consisted of because you sort of give off this very health oriented person.

    It's understandable for people to point out that this isn't a good model regardless of your attempt at a disclaimer. You can't post a flat yummy pic in your workout gear and honestly think that people aren't going to want to follow your plan.

    Try not to be so defensive to people just because they aren't commenting on how pretty and inspiring you are, especially if you skip over a comment calling those against your plan "morons".

    Also, I'm posting anon because I don't have any of these accounts, not because I don't have the courage... even though this is online so we are all essentially posting anonymously.

  60. I would like to see what these Anon readers eat and look like. You're young and busy and honestly, that looks similar to my diet. It's not perfect but you didn't claim it was. You're very brave to open yourself unlike this- you go girl! These other rude, critical readers should think before speaking. Their language diet is appalling! - Cori

  61. Thank you for posting this. I am always interested in what other people. Maybe getting some tips/ideas.

    Also, my hip bones always stuck out as well-- most people lecture me about it saying it shows that you are underweight and not eating properly.

  62. @anon---I am not being defensive---I think I am being very receptive and open to ideas people are providing.

    I don't need people to tell me I am pretty and/or inspiring. I am lucky to get enough of that from my husband, family and friends to fulfill me :)

    If I were really being defensive, I could have chosen not to publish half of these comments---but I didn't because a lot of the advice was sound advice that was helpful.

    I didn't post this so I could claim how healthy I was. I am glad people are giving advice and making suggestions.

  63. @cori---I would like to see what others eat too! people need to realize that the path to having a healthier lifestyle happens over time. It's not like one day you are eating junk and then you eat clean for the rest of your life. It takes time, energy and knowledge to learn recipes and prepare meals. I am working towards my goal of eating cleaner---but i'm also not going to deprive myself or eat perfectly. Life is too short to never eat cake or ice cream!

  64. I agree. Indulge a little every now and then. The disconnect is that you post a picture of a skinny little body that people aspire to have, then post your meal plan. It's insincere to not see the correlation your inferring whether intentional or not. That's the point of the negative comments. So people don't see that and try to follow it.

    Also, the problem isn't a handfuls of candy, its that you don't eat nutrient rich foods. That's all.

    And for the inevitable "she's probably fat eating potato chips behind her laptop" comments... I'm 5'5" 125 lbs of lean muscle. I'm also a full time worker with a husband (and our baby... the 100 lbs lab) and yet somehow I manage to nourish my body.

  65. @anon---I'm proud that you can do what so many americans can't---be healthy and make it a priority in your life.

    You seem to have a wealth of knowledge on the subject---I would love to hear some tips and tricks from you and meal and snack ideas. thank you!

  66. wow, that was so detailed! kudos for posting your meals. it's so hard to eat healthy and no matter what you eat or how much, there's going to be someone to criticize it. no one is perfect and i don't think there's a way to eat 100% perfectly, you just do what you can and eat what you want.

    Kristen from Love Lipstick and Pearls

    (blogger comments is still being lame)

  67. Here's a typical day...

    Breakfast: black coffee, scrambled egg whites, turkey sausage.

    Snack: piece of fruit (apple, berries, etc)

    Lunch: usually leftovers from dinner in a smaller portion.

    Snack: veggies with hummus or cucumber raiata (similar to yours!)

    Dinner: broiled or grilled fish/chicken with sauteed veggies like squash

    I try to stay away from salads, because force most part they aren't very nutrient rich. I like to have the mindset that everything I eat has a purpose.

    For treats, a couple times a week we might grab a sprinkles cupcake or something like that. Also, this isn't a health issue, but you might want to try some different teas like rooibos, oolong, or something like that just for variety.

  68. @annon---thanks for those tips---I do like the idea of eating with a purpose. I may consult with a nutritionist eventually so I can get the most out of my eating. I have never heard of the teas you posted but I have a tea place by my office that I can check out.

  69. Veronika,

    It seems like you go on and on about how unhealthy Americans eat and how we are all just so overweight and obese, but you don't seem to have a problem with the fact that women, especially white ones, strive and admire the "underweight" with fake boobs look. Can you explain why?

  70. I already posted before, but seriously, so many anonymous commenters out there are so rude! Look, is your diet perfect? Of course not. But this isn't a health and nutrition blog, and I didn't read your food diary as a "here's what to eat to look like me" type thing. The fact is, you were already thin to begin with, and genetics probably factor in, so you can get away with eating certain things that others can't. The important thing I took away from your post was that you're exercising hard and trying to live a healthier lifestyle, and keeping track of your food and seeing where you can improve are key to doing that.

    It was brave of you to be honest and post what you eat. I'm not sure why someone would rip you apart and tell you how unhealthy you supposedly are. Why do women feel the need to tear each other down? If you disagree or don't like something on a blog, just click away!

  71. I really don't understand all these snotty comments. Get over yourselves and worry about fixing yourself before you criticize someone who isn't even purporting to be perfect.

  72. Hillary---thanks for your comment-" important thing I took away from your post was that you're exercising hard and trying to live a healthier lifestyle, and keeping track of your food and seeing where you can improve are key to doing that"

    what you said is exactly why I posted this---it helped me shed light on my eating habits and it was a good thing for me to track all of my food and be so honest with myself (and my readers). I am glad some people have offered ideas and suggestions on where I could improve. I am not ignoring them---I plan to follow-through on many of them!

  73. Snacking wise, I am completely in love with turkey pepperoni, baby bell cheese, hummus and carrots and skinny cow ice cream! I give you props, because your eating it very good considering how busy you are, most people would eat fast good for lunch everyday!
    P.s I love your sports bra

  74. I appreciate your honesty. I knew there would be criticism when I first saw it, but what people don't realize is that you are a"real person" writing a blog. You never claimed to be a nutritionist. People asked what you ate and you gave then and honest answer. All these negative comments discourage people from being honest. I am 5"8 125 lbs and although I am thin and try to be healthy most of the time (eat clean etc) there are times I want ice cream and eat more sugar than I should. My life isn't devoted to be a nutrition addict and you never claimed yours was either, so people need to calm down. I think people aren't used to honest answers, so kiddos to writing the truth and saying what most people won't.

  75. @anons---thanks for your comments. I think it's better to be honest and reveal that my eating isn't perfect than to lie and say I eat clean everyday.

    oh and my sports bra is from Lululemon :)

  76. One more tiny suggestion: make the switch from Jif "natural" pb, to a truly all-natural pb or almond butter. Jif and Skippy both have added palm oil and molasses. There are several brands that contain only peanuts and a negligible amount of salt, and they are so peanut-y and delicious. I promise, one you switch you'll never look back. Several grocery stores also now offer machines where you can grind your own peanut and/or almond butter without any additives.

  77. @ANON-can you recommend specific brand of PB so I can look for them? I have a whole foods down the street basically and can check out the brands they carry.

  78. When I don't grind my own in-store, I usually buy Laura Scudder's Smooth, as it seems to be the most readily available at a variety of stores. Just make sure you buy the one that says "All Natural" and not the one marked "No Stir", as the no-stir has hyrdrogenated oils added.

    Just give the jar a really good stir when you first open it (make sure to get all the way down to the bottom), and refrigerate. You won't need to stir it again after the initial time.

    Hope that helps!

  79. yes it does help thank you so much! I am going to pick one up at whole foods---I have been meaning to make the switch to an all natural peanut butter for awhile now :)

  80. Another quick meal suggestion: One of my favorite lunches that I take to work with me in the summer is black bean salad. Black beans (rinsed and drained), corn (either roasted and cut off the cob, or canned), chopped tomatoes, red onion, jalapeno, sliced green onion, cilantro, salt, pepper, cumin, a little olive oil. Throw it in a bowl, and serve with sliced avocado on top. Protein, veggies, good fats, fresh = YUM. When I'm super hungry, I'll add a little brown rice for extra fiber/whole grains.

  81. I LOVE black beans! I will have to try that one for sure. :) you just eat it cold right?

  82. Yes, eat it cold. If you mix it in a big bowl, the leftovers will keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Honestly, I think it gets better after a day or so because all of the flavors mix. It's great with tortilla chips, too, as sort of a dip. Makes a great snack in smaller portions as well.

  83. I absolutely love your blog and I think you look amazing! Don't listen to what everyone else says. You're beautiful, you're fit, and you're healthy. There is nothing wrong with having 2 Butterfingers as a treat. Heck! I ate a chocolate brownie for breakfast this morning!

    I recently started making those "green monsters" and I've found that I have a lot more energy in the morning after drinking one and they are loaded with all kinds of nutrients. All it is is two handfuls of spinach, about 1/2 cup of almond milk, one ripe banana, 3 ice cubes, and some cocoa powder to taste. I also add a scoop of protein powder sometimes but it just depends on my mood. Blend it all together, pour into a glass, and drink. It's not as bad as it sounds and you can come up with all kinds of tasty variations.

  84. Thanks for sharing Veronika! :) The processed food comments make me laugh a little because do people realize what crap the majority of Americans eat all day!? You specifically said you are trying to eat better, not that this is an ideal diet. I think you are doing a good job of striving to improve. It can be hard to prep meals and cook when it's not a habit yet. Every time that you make your own lunch or snack instead of grabbing something processed, you are making a great step!

    Number 1 suggestion I have is one you already said yourself - EAT MORE VEGGIES GIRL! :) I harp on my friends and family about this, too. I fully believe that 50% of our diets should come from veggies. The previous ideas a/b protein and calcium are great too.

    Thanks for posting this. I agree that you are quite skinny, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't want to look like that!!! :) Keep up the good work!

  85. V--Do you drink water during the day?

  86. You look amazing..I'm definitely going to follow ur tips and tricks so that I can achieve that one day! Love ur blog too!
    I don't have an account so I'm sorry for the anon comment.

  87. Hi Veronika,

    Thanks for posting this! I think we can all improve our diets - so it's a great conversation to take part in. I was wondering, when planning what you eat, do you also take into consideration prevention of diseases in addition to maintaining or achieving your ideal body shape/weight? There is an AMAZING book called Foods That Fight Cancer by Richard Béliveau that outlines a list of foods that we can incorporate into our diets to help us be healthy, in shape and in addition, minimize our exposure to cancer and heart disease - major killers in the Americas. **An AHA from the book is that a HUGE factor in these diseases is our diet - including eating processed foods, and not just genetics as is commonly believed**

    Recommended foods include green tea, blueberries, raspberries, fatty fish, whole grains, cruciferous veggies (ie. broccoli and cauliflower), garlic, olive oil.. here is a link to an article by the author: http://www.canadianliving.com/health/prevention/foods_that_fight_cancer.php

    Reading this book was a huge eye opener for me - my goal is to incorporate these foods into my diet so that in addition to looking good, I will be giving my body the nutrients it needs to fight diseases. But of course, I'm not there yet... it's baby steps, like every one else.

    Thanks, V!

  88. hello! thanks for that recommendation---to be honest, I haven't thought a lot about eating to prevent cancer---but I eat everything on the list you posted (green tea, blueberries, raspberries, fatty fish, whole grains, cruciferous veggies (ie. broccoli and cauliflower), garlic, olive oil) so it looks like I am off to a good start!

  89. V - I admire how honest and straightforward you are about what you eat. You look great, and although your diet may not be "perfect" (seriously, who can eat veggies, fruits, and lean protein every single day without allowing themselves a treat once in awhile?) you still look great.

    My favorite treat right now is the Diana's Bananas, and when I'm craving ice cream I also like to put some frozen bananas in the blender to make a soft serve-esque treat. Another summer treat I've been loving lately is granita - I usually make the one from Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook (the pomegranate one). Very tasty!

  90. Hi! I think I may have commented a couple of times but this post (really thye comments) compelled me to not miss out! I have been doing weight watchers for about 6 weeks and my eyes have been opened to what I eat. I admire you for posting, being real and honest and accepting everyone's comments. Your readers, while some harsher than others, gave GREAT advice that i am sure helped you AND helped me! It is hard to understand why people cannot give constructive criticism and use uplifting words. You look amazing (I missed the post that people questioned your eating habits) and many girls would like to look like you. I don't find that you come across as a "health nut". With anything else in the world people read into and see what the want to see and make a judgement. Whether it be religion, blogs, work, weight etc. I look forward to future posts!

    Mandy @ Life in the Fashion Lane

  91. P.S. Whoever posted about that Black Bean salad...THANK YOU!! SOunds amazing and perfect for me!

  92. Gosh, some of the anonymous posters are really harsh. I think your diet sounds pretty normal. It's pretty much how I ate when I worked and didn't have much spare time. I changed my diet a lot once I quit working.

    My favorite cookbooks are all of Jamie Oliver's books. His most recent one (I think it's called Food Revolution?) has a ton of quick and easy recipes that take less than 30 minutes. There are definitely quite a few that are more like treats (a lot of red meat), but there are many that are healthy enough to eat on a regular basis (lots of fish and chicken recipes). He also has an app for the iPhone that's incredible. It has a grocery list feature and pictures to guide you through the cooking process. I think it was about $10, but it's essentially a cookbook, so from that perspective it isn't that expensive.

    I have become obsessed with the Jason's brand of nut butters. They are sold at Central Market, but I would think Whole Foods would have them.

    My greatest challenge has been figuring out a way to have a good amount of protein, without having animal products at every meal. My dinners always have some sort of meat (I'm including fish in "meat"), so I try to keep my breakfast, lunch, and stacks vegan to lessen the impact I have on the planet. I am having a really hard time finding vegan snacks that aren't carbs. I can only eat so much hummus with cucumbers and carrots and Greek yogurt gets tiring on a daily basis too. Any of you found a solution to this same issue?

    I have the same issue with my hips sticking out no matter my weight. I have found that it's really an issue when I try to wear mid rise jeans with a belt with a tucked in shirt. It's almost like the belt emphasizes the fact that my hip bones are sticking out. Have you ever had that issue? Drives me crazy!

    Anyway, good job on sticking with your workout! It's really hard to do when you're as busy as you are.

  93. Mandy,

    Not every woman wants to look like Veronica. I want Sophia Vergara's body and Elizabeth Taylor's face! The only reason so many woman want to be "skinny" is because they get a lot of attention from other women. Take a trip to Somalia and maybe you will feel differently about being skinny!

  94. I think your diet is relatively healthy compared to today's average, American diet. There seems to be a good mix of healthy foods, like your fruit. And you're honest about the processed foods you eat. I like to think I eat healthfully, but there are boxed & packaged foods in my house along w/the fresh foods. I think you look great and have shown discipline to achieve the look you want. I think you're going to ttc, though, so that is definitely a consideration. Sadly, our eggs age whether we use them or not and I strongly believe diet & lifestyle (Ie. getting enough sleep, stress) can have a big impact on our fertility. You're always so forthcoming & honest. I think the rude ppl are jealous or envious in some way, whether they want to admit it or not. Otherwise, why such the vehement reaction...

    Thanks for posting. :)

  95. I love how people comment on here like they are all registered dieticians. 'Oh, not enough calcium!' 'You need more protein!' 'You're going to keel over with all the working out and lack of eating!' For crying out loud people, are y'all perfect??

    Don't listen to these idiots, the majority have not a clue what they are talking about. Just because you don't drink 3 glasses of milk a day doesn't mean you aren't getting enough calcium. Calcium, protein, (etc etc) are in many different types of foods, and for all we know you could be getting plenty.

    None of these people, me included, knows you or your body. So unless it's your doctor on here commenting, I say take their diet advice with a grain of salt, which I'm sure you were anyway.

  96. I think it's very admirable that you posted such a detailed list of what you ate. Also, reading your posts lately have reminded me that I need to be more consistent with going to the gym. I personally believe in snacking and indulging; however, def in moderation! The amount that you eat does seem to be fairly small for someone who works out&makes me think you might have conditioned yourself to eating smaller portions than you actually need; ie when you say eating crackers w/pb is filling for lunch, dim sum for lunch keeps you full for the rest of the day. Another point that I noticed also was the lack of calcium in your diet, especially with all the caffeine you're taking in. I would suggest calcium tablets as well as fish oil tablets for the omega 3s.


  97. Where did you buy the ginger snaps from ?

  98. Great post V, thanks for putting this out there! You look great, your stomach is so tight!!
    I just read that drinking a cup of green tea within 2 hours after eating will help to break down a third more fat than if you didn't. Pretty amazing!

  99. Awesome post girlie!!!! I am on the floor laughing right now at the retarded comments that the Anonymous readers have posted. Its funny that they are "Anonymous"....Pfft.. what KNOW IT ALLS huh?

    You, my friend... are fit, fun & FABULOUS!!! Love your blog and love your life!

    Hugs.. xoxo

  100. To the snarky little poster above: I am the one who posted about the calcium, peanut butter, and the black bean salad. And for the record, I AM a registered dietician, as well as a physical therapist. So in a sense, yes, I am a "know it all", at least on the topic at hand.
    Carry on ;-)

  101. Great Mrs. Know It All Dietician... Although I should've been more specific that I wasn't talking about the good people like yourself who made nice comments and yummy suggestions.. I am referring to the mean comments that others left towards my friend. However, thanks for the sweet compliment.. I always wanted to be "snarky" lol.. love it :)

  102. Melanie

    Why did you use the word "retarded"? I don't really see how people are making "mean" comments. I think you are one of those girls that think everyone woman that does not say what you want to hear is "jealous" of you. If they are, take off your makeup and stop coloring your hair. Then they won't be and everything will be great in your life. I don't mean this to mean, it's just the truth!!

  103. Thanks for posting this! It's great to see how someone else maintains their balance.

    Sometimes you wake up late. Sometimes you don't have time to make complete meals. It's life. We're all doing our best to improve!


  104. Oh my goodness you look good! Seriously... must. work. out. more. (me, not you!!). Congrats that your hard work is paying off.

  105. @natasha---sorry i forgot to answer you---i only drink alcohol once every few months. It usually makes me feel sick so I just don't really enjoy drinking.

  106. Anonymous (who am I talking to?) - Why are you personally attacking me? I'm making a comment that there have been a lot of negative comments with veronikas eating. I think she looks fabulous and whatever she is doing obviously has been working for her because she looks incredible!! Anyhow. If you feel the need to personally attack me and trash my looks (which is very mature btw) Then I would prefer you email me (colbyavery@gmail.com) and discuss my hair and make up and whatever else bothers you, rather than post on here. I am VERY happy with my life and my looks... So unless you personally know me.. Please don't try and profile me.

  107. Melanie, your use of the word "retarded" was by far the most offensive comment in this whole post. V, I'm surprised you would approve such a tacky and crass comment.

  108. Christine - I am sorry I offended you. My apologies. I obviously am not trying to personally attack anyone!! Now, please... let's drop this and move forward. Have a lovely day :)

  109. Hi Veronika!!

    I think you look great, don't take account of what people say about you!!! There are people with eating disorders who aren't stick thin or size zero and there are thin people who eat a lot and don't have any eating disorder! I think it is great you are working out, that is always very important!

    go check my blog if you want to, I just did a post about cyber-bullying a couple of days ago..

    xo Rose


  110. i think we all could eat better ... i for one ... but honestly if i ever posted what i ate in a weeks period, i would be embarrassed. so kudos for you for even posting it and kudos for you for taking the criticism.

    after reading this posts and the comments it helped me see what i should be incorporating in my diet. so thanks!

  111. @faith---the comments helped me a lot too :) my best friend is actually taking me grocery shopping today because she eats a pretty clean diet and is going to teach me to shop better and make better choices :)

  112. Veronika -

    I have been following for a few weeks now & this has been my favorite post! My life has TOTALLY changed after reading Bethenny Frankel's Naturally Thin!!! How amazing is she?! Keep up the good work girlfriend!!! :] SO excited for you

  113. @ Anonymous

    I not once stated that everyone wants to look like Veronika (not that there is a problem with that, she is a beautiful girl). The word I used was many. I appreciate that "skinny" means different things to different people. We all have different body types and bone structures that limit how skinny one can be. I do not need to go to Somalia to appreciate what skinny means, but thank you for the snarky suggestion. I posted my name and website so feel free to email me instead of posting anonymously. I felt that I left a nice comment that doesn't need to be attacked.


  114. You look great. I would love to see a post with before and afters posted. :)

  115. Mandy,

    My post was not attacking you, so please stop playing "victim". I meant that you should go to Somalia, because those people don't have food and don't care about be "thin", they just want to eat and survive. The girls on this board think that when people aren't kissing their a** that people are attacking them . I think it's part of being the "me" generation. It's funny how all of you have a problem when people post "anon" and you don't like what they have said, but you don't have a problem when someone posts something under "anon" and they say something you do like.

  116. @ Anon...

    Once again you didn't read my comment correctly. I never said I was being atacked I said my comment was. I don't personally feel attacked by you. I don't need any one to kiss my butt, in fact I don't have respect for people that do that. You have no idea how old I am to put me into a "generation". I post comments that are positive and uplifting and supportive. If I don't like or agree with something then I choose not to post. I just stated I left my information so we can discuss this off someone else's post that doesn't need the continuous banter.

  117. Great post!
    I have a question for you, How late do you eat dinner?
    I have been having issues with timing.. I work everyday till 530pm i get home around 6ish.
    After getting home i work out, shower then start with dinner around 8ish so i eat almost at 9 o'Clock which i dont like but i dont know how else to do it...
    Any suggestions?

  118. I am new to your blog (I am a fellow Houstonian as well) and I have loved it so far! i think your diet is fabulous, you look great! I wish I had time to work our like you!
    I love this post. Keep them coming!


I love reading your comments! Thank you for taking the time to leave one.

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