Latisse Update: Longer, Thicker Lashes

This Latisse update is extremely long overdue!  The product has definitely done what it promises---my lashes are longer and thicker

I am enjoying the results and I am still on my first bottle even though it's been like 8 weeks!  I also got a second bottle for free through a promo they did. 

This product is costly, so I would say it's more of a luxury than a must-have, unless your lashes are seriously short or sparse
.  I didn't hate my lashes before I started using it, I moreso wanted to see how dramatic the results would be (and  I think they are pretty dramatic). The best part is that I don't really feel the need to line my top lash line as much as before---the lashes alone make my eyes stand out!

This is a photo of my lashes immediately after using eye makeup remover to take off all of my mascara:

And here they are with my daily eye makeup on:

(super close-up taken w/iPhone)

The only thing I wish Latisse did for me was curl my lashes more. I still have to curl them to really "show off" the length.  The first photos above were taken right after eye makeup remover but before washing my face---once they get wet, the completely lose the curl.  I know the product doesn't promise more curl...but I kinda wish that was one of the side effects!

So, there you have it ladies!  Do I like the Latisse?  Yup!  Will I continue to use it? I'll finish my first bottle and my second and then we will see what happens from there---I'll probably take a break from it  and start back up again later on.

So, to summarize:

  • makes lashes longer/thicker
  • is easy to use
  • doesn't cause irritation (not for me, at least)
  • I don't need to wear as much eye makeup anymore---I can go without liner on my top lash line or sometimes I use a tiny bit of liner just to "tightline" but it's very minimal
  • the price
  • can cause irritation for some people
  • doesn't curl lashes more (though, it doesn't promise to, this is just a *wish* for me)

    Have you used Latisse? How did you like it?



By the way---you can see my lashes after just 2 weeks of using the product here.  There is quite a difference!


  1. Wow, awesome results!

    I really want to try Latisse, but my eyes are so sensitive.. I want to avoid the whole bloodshot eyes thing, which I know will for for sure happen to me.

    Maybe I will try it some day.. :)

  2. Would it be rude of me to ask how much it cost you? I am REALLY tempted to try, but those side effects scare the bejesus outta me. Are you super brave or did you just not worry much about the side effects?

  3. @pamela--it's $110 for one bottle---I was not worried about side effects because they had such a low occurrence and I trust my dermatologist who prescribed it.

  4. My friend used it and we both noticed a huge difference on her short, sparse lashes. They looked really amazing, and she stretched out the bottle usage by using it several times a week instead of every day. However, she did start to notice a darkening of her eye color and decided to discontinue using it (her eyes are light blue/green). Your lashes look great!

  5. Your lashes look amazing and so... pretty!

  6. My mom uses Latisse and loves it! I've never tried it... but I do use the L'oreal Lash Serum... and it definitely works (I wasn't expecting it to honestly). I'm sure the results aren't as dramatic as Latisse, but I love it!!

  7. Love your jewelry purchases!

    Your frames are super cute! Mind sharing the style #?

  8. I love how your lashes are practically touching your eyebrows!

  9. I used it for about 6 months before my wedding and found that Latisse definitely delivers what they promise. I did notice that once I stopped using it and my Latisse-long eyelashes fell out and were replaced by my "natural" lashes, the natural once were very short and sparse. And it wasn't just in comparison to the Latisse lashes, they were definitely shorter and less full than they were before I used Lastisse. This didn't last forever though. I'd say things went back to normal in another 6 months.

  10. Also, I wanted to add that it did make my eyelid reddish. I usually wear eyeliner or shadow so it didn't really bother me, but something about Latisse made me nervous. Putting the chemicals so close to my eye, and the redness. It just didn't seem healthy to me. I don't think I would use it again (also the cost -- yikes!) but I am glad I did for my wedding.

  11. It's kind of pointless to review a product like Latisse if you're not going to show a "before" photo...

  12. julia---thanks for sharing your experience. I have not gotten any redness but i know someone who got redness after using it for several years.

  13. @anon---you can see my lashes after only two weeks on the product without any makeup on here:

    this is my second post about latisse, so the before pictures are there---and after two weeks, there wasn't anything really going on (other than in my head i thought they were longer) but you can see that now after more than 8 weeks there is a big difference.

  14. Your lashes look amazing... I have tried the L'oreal one but it was making my eyelids so dry they cracked.. Since then I have wanted to try latisse. I can't believe how dramatic it looks!

  15. I would personally never use this. A friend of mine had darkening of the iris after using this, and it has yet to return to her natural eye color. I don't think the risk is worth the reward, especially with so many great eye products out there that don't share the potential side effects. Your lashes do look great, though :) Your brows are closely set to your eyes, so that makes them appear longer even without the lastisse. I was blessed (lol) with high brows, so they appear short even with false lashes, sigh.

  16. @anon---that's unfortunate that your friend had that side effect! :(

    I do have brows that are a lot closer to my eyes so you're right, it does make them look longer!

  17. I went to the dermatologist a few weeks ago and got a script for this. I so desperately want to try it because I have the most pathetic eyelashes ever, but the price is keeping me from actually going to the pharmacy. One day, hopefully!

    Your lashes look great, btw!

  18. I've worked at a pharmacy for many years and cash prices vary a lot from store to store even in the same chain, so people might want to call a few places for price quotes. our price on Latisse (in Kansas) was around $70 last time I checked. Just thought I'd share. the difference is amazing btw!

  19. Oh, isn't it awful--I used RapidLash for a bit, then stopped out of laziness. I loved the results, but I'm also someone who doesn't always like scrubbing her eye-makeup off for 10 minutes every night so she can put it on, eek! Somewhere Estee Lauder is rolling over in her grave, I am sure of it. :/

    You have such pretty eyelashes, though! It definitely makes me reconsider giving either Rapidlash a second try or trying Latisse, mmhm. I just need to de-lazify myself!

  20. One of the not so good side effects of Latisse is that it can change your eye color if you have light eyes to dark, so just be careful of that for the girls with light eyes!

  21. I've always wanted to use the product, but just haven't bitten the bullet yet. Your lashes look lovely!

    Kristen from Love Lipstick and Pearls

    (blogger comments is still being lame)

  22. I've heard about it, and been thinking about it...a lot. But too pricey for me for the moment. Your lashes are really long, it's beautifull, without makeup! Do you have to keep doing it for it to stay like that? Or do you just want them even longer then they are already?
    If you stop do they stay as long, or do they slowly go back to the original length?

  23. So glad you posted the Latisse Update! Your eyelashes look amazing.

  24. Your lashes look fantastic. I won't try Latisse because of the side effects, but it sure looks like it might be worth it for a special occasion like wedding.

  25. It looks fantastic! But you're right, a bottle is quite expensive.
    I use Rapidlash, which works super well on my eye lashes. They have really grown and become thicker and more curly. The good thing about Rapidlash is that it's cheaper than Latisse.
    I haven't had any side effects from using it. The only thing I noticed was a slight tingling on my eyelids the first few times I used it. But it's gone now. A good tip is to smear some cream on the eyelids and let it dry, before using Rapilash.

  26. They look great! I would love to try it but I am way too afraid because of the side effects and hearing about people's eye color changing permanently. Not worth the risk to me right now.

  27. Hi Veronika! I have to give you this tip because it works wonders! I'm a dentist and we use this little brush called "micro-brush" in our practice and I just thought it worked better than the big latisse brushes. Besides...latiise darkened a little bit my lids, and with the micro- brush the application is more precise and I use waaaay less product.
    By the way, when i stop using it the darkness goes way, I've been using it for 2 years by now, but now just 2 or 3 times a week, just for maintenance.
    Thanks for always being so helpful. You're beautiful and VERY chic!

  28. Hmm... seems as a great product, that does what it says... which is great! So, because I've also read so many good Latisse Toronto reviews, I will try it most likely. I really want to have the promised results, because now my eyelashes are too small and with mascara as well! :( Thanks for your review!

  29. Whoa, your lashes look amazing! I love Latisse but the price can be a killer. I get my supply from They have it for a cheaper price and have a lot of promotions. :)

  30. Yes, latisse eyelash serum is costly. But you can buy generic latisse online which contains same ingredient bimatoprost that works to treat glaucoma as well as to improve the growth of eyelashes.


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