Weekend Happenings: Husband & Lulu's Birthdays!

It's Sunday evening and I've just now had a chance to sit down and get to some blogging.  My H and I were at his parent's house all weekend because we were celebrating my father-in-law's birthday, Lulu's birthday (he just turned 7!) and my H's birthday, which was today (the big 35!).  Happy birthday to my wonderful husband!

I usually plan a fun party for my H, but this year he wanted to just relax and have a really laid-back weekend.  We started our Saturday with an hour and a half long workout and then we got into our pool gear and drove up to his parent's home.  We spent a few hours at the gorgeous country club pool and had lunch in our cabana. It was SO hot though...like you either had to be in the pool or in the shade hot.

Here's what I wore:

Hat- Ann Taylor (outlet)
Cover Up- Target
Bikini- Victoria's Secret
Sunglasses- Marc by Marc Jacobs
On Nails: Essie's "Lilacism"
On cheeks- Bobbi Brown "peony" blush

We celebrated birthdays that evening with a family dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants and when we got home we sang to Lulu and gave him his cake:

Oh, and here's what we had for dessert (cupcakes, from Houston's Sugarbabies):

Let's just say it was a huge eating weekend for us!  Lulu LOVED his cake (from Jackson's Place)

We had such a great, laid-back weekend. It's just what we needed!  For those wondering, we got my H an iPad for his birthday but he's had it for over a month now because we got it early.  We both really enjoy using it!

I also wanted to give a quick update on my Pandora bracelet.  Candice got me a charm for my birthday, and here is what my bracelet looks like now:

Hope everyone had a weekend as great as mine!




  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! Love the LuLu pics :) xo, tasha

  2. absolutely love that color blue.

    I think a day relaxing by a pool after an awesome workout is what I want for my bday celebration this year too!

    I'm thinking it's time to start a pandora bracelet.. yours looks like it's getting full!


  3. I am LOVING that you are wearing more of a menswear inspired watch!! I do the same thing and I think it adds such a classy and sophisticated touch. Glad to see I'm not the only one who digs the look. :)

    <3 Jess

  4. Happy Birthday to both! Love Lulu's cake & your lilac nails :)

  5. That cake for Lulu is so adorable! I also recently started a pandora; don't you love it? Every charm is so special and lovely!

  6. Lulus cake looks so nice! And it looks like you had a great weekend!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  7. Your puppy is just soooooo adorable!!!! XOXO


  8. What an adorable dog! And I love the Marc sunglasses!


  9. This is Jennifer @ http://booksrecipeandlifeohmy.blogspot.com

    I have figured out it's only my work computer that doesn't let me be signed into Blogger and comment on SOME blogs. BOO!

    Love the outfit for the poolside day.
    Also Happy Bday to your hubby, Lulu and your in law. Love that cake Lulu got, so cute!

  10. always love reading your blog.. what kind of watch do you wear - details please :)


  11. You're so funny. I think it's funny how you do your hair to go to the pool. Everyone I know just throws their hair up in a pony and a bun. :) My hair would be a hot sweaty mess!

  12. @anon--- I didn't do my hair to go to the pool. That is what my hair looked like after I woke up and brushed the curls out from the previous day (slept-on hair). I wore it in a low pony tail with the hat on while I was at the pool.

  13. What a lovely birthday weekend!

    I've been reading your blog since day one and love it more and more with each post. I love your pandora bracelet.

    Be very careful with it because it can start to kink and tear from the weight of the beads when worn everyday. This happened with my own and I ended up having to replace it. My advise is to get the clips style beads to protect the marked separations to help keep it in place. HTH.

    ~Ket <3

  14. @ket---thanks so much I had no idea this could happen!

  15. Looks like a great weekend! Happy birthday to your hubs and your doggie. You look gorgeous as always :)

  16. I have followed your blog for awhile and I love your style and your postings. I am also on the Nest which is where I discovered your blog. I was going to make the same suggestions regarding the clip style beads. I have them for mine (recommended by the Pandora store) and it helped keep the beads in place while mine was filling up. Thanks to my loving hubs, it was full for my 30th birthday in the beginning of the month! You can get them from the other brands as well...Chamilia, Trollbead, ect. all have versions that are interchangeable.

  17. thanks clarie :) I didn't notice any of the clips when I was in the store so I will hace to go back and check!

  18. As always, another great post Veronika!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend celebrating all three birthdays! Lulu looks so adorable with his birthday cake, I heart him! lol

    --Melissa M

  19. Lulu's cake was adorable! And I love your bikini btw!

  20. Happy Birthday to the wonderful guys in your life!

  21. Lulu is so adorable! Happy birthday to the pups and the hubs ;)

  22. LOVE that doggy cake! We completely missed our doggy's b-day last year (I know we're terrible parents) because we were housesitting. I keep telling my H we're going all out this year for her and we're definitely not forgetting!

  23. love your hat! have been looking for one like it for such a long time!
    would love for you to take a look at my blog and tell me what you think!

  24. what kinda pup is lulu??? ;) she's adorbs


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