Products I've Been Loving: Living Proof "Straight"

I'm not a huge fan of straight hair. I like hair with a little bounce and shape.  Even when I "straighten" my hair, I do it with a blowout and I set it in Velcro rollers so it has a little shape instead of being pin-straight and flat (that is just NOT a good look for me.)

So, why in the world would I buy a product called "Straight?  I'm wondering the same thing, believe me.

I first learned about this product from an email sent to me by Living Proof and I was intrigued by the promise: Straight hair that lasts for days.

Here's the product description:

"Straight is a weightless, anti-build-up straight styler that enables you to achieve and maintain sleek, smooth, professional looking results for days. Straight is the only straight styler that can be reapplied to dry hair without build-up to extend the life of your style and extend your time between shampoos — for a straight style that lasts for days. Other temporary straight styling products rely upon oils, silicones, or resins, which make hair feel limp and greasy. And all permanent treatments damage hair and may contain chemicals like formaldehyde.Straight contains PolyfluoroEster, Living Proof's breakthrough, patented, and proprietary molecule to weightlessly, safely keep your hair straight."

The reason I bought this product was because I thought it would be nice to use to smooth out my hair and help protect it from the Houston humidity

I apply it after my mousse (which I only use on my roots)  but prior to applying any other products. I apply it from the nape of my neck to my ends only and then I add other styling products on top, as desired.

I really do notice that my hair has not been as frizzy as it has been in past summer months---even after working out in my gym that has no A/C, my hair still looks smooth after the workout.  The only new product I've added to my routine is the "Straight" so I am attributing it to the properties in the product. 

I often curl my hair the day after using this product and it does not at all impede my hair's ability to curl, which is wonderful.

Overall, I'm really enjoying this product and I definitely recommend it! Anything that helps with humidity is a thumbs-up in my book!

Have you used this product?  Let me know in the comments below!




  1. I have never heard of this product but I'm now dying to use it! I have natural wave in only sections of my hair and it looks a hot mess even when I religiously straighten it. Maybe this will help! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your gym has no a/c!?!?!? In Houston!?!? Good fans??

  3. Sounds like a good product for MY hair as well!

    Jennifer @

  4. Your gym has no ac?!! How do you survive? I think i would pass out after 20 minutes of strengous work.
    Go you!!

  5. @leann---the gym has fans and that's it---it realy does make the workout much more intense!

  6. I love living proof products. I have been using a sample of this and I wear my hair is always straight. But blonde hair frizz is the worst and it tames it down! :)

  7. I'm also blown away by the fact that you live in Houston and your gym doesn't have a/c! that's actually the only reason I joined a gym - to be able to work out in a climate controlled setting. I would honestly die w/o it.

    I have never used any of the Living Proof products but anything that can tame the TX frizz I'm game to try!!

  8. @michelle---my gym is like a warehouse type facility and they just opened it so it doesn't have A/C yet. It actually makes the workout more intense, which is good!

  9. I've heard about this product and been dying to use it! Good to know it has a good review!

  10. I'm quite intrigued with this product! I'm def a fan of straight hair especially w/my unruly waves lol Thx for the review! -A

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