OOTD & Fitness Updates

I have an outfit of the day to post today, but I also wanted to share some exciting fitness updates!  My H and I have been working really hard at the gym lately, going 5 days a week on average.  We are doing a fitness challenge with our trainer where we are part of a team so we are getting measurements done ever two weeks or so to track our progress.  I'm really proud of myself because I learned that I am currently at 17.5% body fat and I've also lose a few pounds (bringing me closer to my goal weight)! 

When I started to work out, I was at about 24% body fat so getting down to the teens is a big accomplishment for me. My next goal is 15% and I'll probably stop there.

As far as eating, I have been doing pretty okay. I am reading "Naturally Thin" right now, and it's helping me understand the thought process behind eating and choosing foods, which is good for me since I tend to sometimes overeat certain things (like sweets!)  I've been doing well though with eating whole grains, protein in meats, veggies and fruit.  I still have my indulgences, but I practice more strict portion control now.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that. It took me a LONG time to get the results I have, but it was all worth it because now I'm really seeing the numbers move!

I also want to note, because I know people will probably comment about this. I have said in the past that I do not weigh myself on a regular basis. That was true until I started this challenge, as I'm required to weigh in every few weeks. I am actually glad I started to weigh-in, because it helps me stay motivated to see that the numbers are moving! My weight can fluctuate throughout the day (2-4 lbs), so I always go with the lowest number I weigh in at (you know, when you weigh yourself after you pee and before you eat!)

Here's an outfit that I wore last week that I hadn't posted:

Top- Target
Skirt- Heritage Collection, Banana Republic
Shoes- Steve Madden "Fantasik"
Watch- Michael Kors
Bracelet- Pandora

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!  I have some product reviews coming up because I feel like I've been slacking on that and I have a few great ones I want to share with you all!




  1. scroll to the end of the link below and look at 15% vs 15%. Your goal is quite low and dangerously close to the minimum amount of body fat needed to maintain basic body functions. If you're thinking about getting pregnant in the near future, you might want to rethink this goal.

  2. k- that 15% picture is crazy! The muscle builder lady Is def NOT what I want to look like! The girl beside her has a very nice body though! My trainer said normal women who are active should not go lower than 15%

  3. lol! No, I assumed your goal was the girl on the right! And honestly, she looks like I could snap her in half with one hand. But, I know everyone has a different ideal. In my opinion, she's just not a picture of health.

  4. I've been working out a lot too lately and though I don't weigh myself at all, I love that I can fit into clothes better and just feel healthier overall! I've also noticed that by being more active I'm not craving the sweets and junk as much as I used to (though I do still have some cravings for them and eat them if they are present). Stay healthy!

    PS you look fantastic but don't lose too much weight

  5. Congrats on reaching your goals. You're looking great :)

  6. I love your shoes, watch and bracelet! Your really pretty too! <3


  7. The recommended body fat for women is 21-33%. Below 21 is considered underweight. When I was around 95 lbs - my body fat was probably 17 or so, and it looked horrible.

    So, just be careful. I hope your body fat % is higher than what your trainer said, bc it's much healthier. Maybe a mistake was made during measuring?

  8. Wow, that's a huge redux in bodyfat percentage...go Veronika! My goal is to lose 7 pounds....random number, lol.

  9. Love the outfit and really motivated by your post! Isn't Naturally Thin the best? It's really all about how to live your best life and eating along the way! Love!

  10. i think i might pick up that book too? also, I like your outfit!!

  11. Congratulations Veronika!! I think it's fantastic what you're doing and I don't think there's anything wrong with it - seeing as you are working with a professional (trainer), it doesn't seem to me like he would encourage you to do something if it weren't healthy! You look amazing (but I've always thought that!) and healthy and I think you should be really proud!! <3 <3

  12. Congrats on your weight loss. Just be careful and think twice about losing more. Your body fat is low and considered underweight. And your goal for 15% body fat is a little scary. If you are looking to have children, this could cause problems when trying to concieve. Also, underweight women tend to gain more during pregnancy than women that were at a healthy weight prior to getting pregnant.

    You have a great body, but for some reason it seems that you can't see that. I'm sure that you have younger readers that follow you and look up to you.. Is 15% body fat the image you want to be giving off?

  13. @ann--- are you talking about BMI or body fat percentage? I am talking about the latter. I spoke with my trainer this morning and he said that active, fit women should be between 18 and 22 percent. No offense, but 33% body fat may be normal in our society, but that doesn't mean it is a healthy body fat percentage. In fact, there is a girl in my class who said she is at 30% body fat and she said she is overweight and trying to lose weight for her health.

    Also, my BMI is within the normal range and I am not classified as underweight. I still wear the same clothes and they are not falling off of me. I just have more muscle mass now and less fat mass than I had before. I only weigh a few pounds less than when I started to work out---which means I replaced fat mass with muscle mass.

    @ J--- My body fat percentage does not make me underweight. I have a completely normal BMI. I saw my OB/GYN this week and she told me I was very healthy and that I am on a great track if I want to TTC.

    Also---you said "you have a great body, but for some reason it seems you can't see that." I have never once slammed my body or said I was fat or didn't like my body. I am working out to relieve my anxiety, gain more muscle mass and strength and overall to feel good and have more energy.

    If I was underweight and had a dangerously low body fat percentage, then I wouldn't have the energy to even do the workouts. Anyone who sees my photos and sees my in real life can see that I am not in any way, shape or form underweight. I am just really proud of how hard I've worked to get to a higher level of fitness.

    thanks everyone for your comments!

  14. I think you look great. I really want to read Bethenny's Naturally Thin, just haven't ordered it yet. I read some of her tips on her website, it's very interesting. Keep up the good work!

  15. That's such an amazing accomplishment girl!!! I too, am rocking it at the gym as well as my food intake. It's so motivating when you start to see the results... makes you want to work even harder. Keep going because as long as you are killing it at the gym and eating your meals.. .pfffft, there is nothing wrong with it. You are becoming such a fitness icon.. be proud and forget about the retarded comments :) xoxo p.s I share your love for gummies and sweets... MMMmmmm so good!!!

  16. I'm happy to hear that you've made big changes without losing lots of pounds. I've been working out a lot since March and I'm seeing changes in my body but the number on the scale hasn't moved! It can be frustrating. I guess I just need to focus more on the improvements I'm seeing and less on the numbers.

  17. Jessica---I was the same way, it has taken me much longer than 6 months to even get to where I am now. I think it's harder for me to lose weight because my body doesn't "need" to lose weight. I was already at a healthy weight. So I think my body basically built muscle and burned enough fat to get to a point that brought me to this level. So sometimes, you may not even lose a pound, but your body is building muscle and burning fat and you stay the same weight but you look better and your clothes fit better. Just know that being fit is a great thing you're doing, no matter what the numbers are!

  18. Veronika,

    I was married around the same time you were and started following your blog from theknot or thenest. I don't want to be a negative commenter on your blog and I think you are beautiful, but I'm a bit worried that you are exhibiting some disordered eating;

    As an athlete and someone who previously had an eating disorder, I agree that many Americans are obese and that is not an acceptable standard. That said, you do not need to practice strict portion control and it appears you might be beating yourself up for "overeating":
    "which is good for me since I tend to sometimes overeat certain things (like sweets!) I've been doing well though with eating whole grains, protein in meats, veggies and fruit. I still have my indulgences, but I practice more strict portion control now"

    It appears you might be weighing in more than once a day:
    "! My weight can fluctuate throughout the day (2-4 lbs), so I always go with the lowest number I weigh in at (you know, when you weigh yourself after you pee and before you eat!)"

    FInally, you are at 17.5% body fat, but want to be at 15%. You admit in the comments that this is too low, but it doesn't seem to deter your 15% goal:
    "@ann--- are you talking about BMI or body fat percentage? I am talking about the latter. I spoke with my trainer this morning and he said that active, fit women should be between 18 and 22 percent. No offense, but 33% body fat may be normal in our society, but that doesn't mean it is a healthy body fat percentage. In fact, there is a girl in my class who said she is at 30% body fat and she said she is overweight and trying to lose weight for her heal"

    I hope you are healthy and I wish you the best of luck. You may want to check out the book "Women, Food, and God" by Geneen Roth if you haven't already read it.

  19. Rock on, Veronika! You look great and, more importantly, you look healthy. It is obvious by the posts that you do no fitness and healthy eating that you are refining your body the "right" way, i.e. slowly and healthfully. I think it is really awesome that your H is also involved in the fitness challenge and you can share this and motivate each other. xo

  20. Great job on getting closer to your goal! I need to get back in the gym more regularly! I used to go 4 times a week but the last couple months I've slacked off. AND RIGHT BEFORE SUMMER TOO! Bad time to slack!!

  21. @anon---I definitely do not have disordered eating. I am not just saying that. I actually used to have problems with over-eating---as in, I would eat until my stomach hurt and I would eat so quickly that I didn't know when to stop because I wasn't giving my stomach enough time to send the message to my brain that I was full. I used to pile on my plate with tons of food and try to finish it all. That wasn't right for me or my body. It was causing me to have major crashes and cravings.

    Now, I eat and I stop as soon as I start to feel like I'm on the brink of full. When I eat pasta, I try to have the plate with more veggies and meat than the pasta because I would rather nourish my body with the proteins and fibers fro the meat and veggies---but you have to have balance too---so of course I still eat carbs all the time.

    This past weekend I ate 3 cupcakes! It was a heavy food weekend for me because we were celebrating. But it's all about balance---i don't eat that way every day.

    I eat every 3 hours and I try to eat healthy throughout the day. When I talked about portion control---I meant that instead of sitting in front of the TV consuming over HALF of a bag of sour patch kids, I will limit myself to a handful. Or, Instead of eating 5 butterfinger fun size bars (which I have done in the past) I will only have two, which is about 170 calories.

    I promise I do not have disordered eating at all. I still am the same size in clothes and I don't look emaciated or even too skinny. I can see that in my photos and I'm pretty sure anyone else who saw them would make the same assesment.

    I think I am going to start posting some of my daily eating as not to confuse people.

    Like I said, body fat measurements are not concise and can have a 5% margin of error. So I may not be at 17.5%. I hope I am, but there is a chance I am not.

    As far as reacing the 15%, that is more because I'd like to see more noticeable definition in my body. But I would be more than happy to stay at what I'm at now.

    Also---I do not weigh myself daily. The only reason I have weighed mysel about 4 times in the past week is because one day was for my weigh-in for the fitness challenge, one day was at my in-law's home (they have a scale, I don't) and one time was at my doctor's office, where it was required.

    I just wanted to clarify this because there are a lot of people who read this blog and might think that what you are saying is true (in regards to me) and I just want to assure everyone that I live a very balanced lifestyle and I still love cake, candy and carbs and eat them all the time---I just eat them in a smarter way so I don't go back to my over-eating tendencies which left me feeling awful and with stomach pain. I have to be extra careful too because of my IBS.

  22. i read your blog but never comment, but congratulations are in order here!! you look great! it's an accomplishment to reach that goal!! i've been working out harder than ever the past 6 months, but really don't feel like i've made a dent. i think my problem is eating...maybe i'll have to check out your book! i'm like you and don't need to lose weight, but wish i had a little more definition from losing a little more fat. it's not an eating disorder, it's a fitness goal. it's great to get a bomb body while you can, because it's all downhill after kids! and hello, if you are working with a trainer and your husband, i'm sure they aren't going to let you get carried away. i'm sorry you have so many people leaving negative comments on an upbeat post. it's great they're concerned, but you know your body better than anyone, so stick with it til you and your trainer and satisfied with the result! :)

  23. thanks ashton---I guess I didn't think this post would get this carried away. I have never in my life had an eating disorder---if anything, I've had a problem with binge eating and over-eating (which is an eating disorder, but not one that makes you thin!)

    To put it simply, I have been LUCKY that all of that eating didn't catch up to me. I'm glad I started to work out when I did because now I can see and feel the benefits. Eating an entie bag or chips or half a bag (or a whole bag!) of sour patch kids is not healthy. Those are the kinds of things I used to do and think were not a big deal.

    So to me, this is a huge accomplishment because I have worked hard to get where I am.

  24. Veronika you look awesome! You should be proud of all the hard work you've done so far! I too am reading Naturally Thin and am really enjoying it. I also have to say that I love your hair! I'm trying to grow mine longer but it's taking forever! Any rec's on how to help it grow faster?
    --Melissa M

  25. This is H, Veronika most definitely does not have any eating issues, unless you count stealing my butterfinger minis, her body fat is going down, but her muscle weight has gone up via our training workouts. Mine has also, in 6weeks I gained 4lbs and lost 4% body fat, and I most defintely do not have any eating issues. We both eat healthy-ish(Im the fast food person in the family)..but we dont deprive ourselves of items we want or have cravings for. Believe me, I would say something to my wife if I thought she was endangering herself or any future family members (kids). Veronika is a hypochondriac when it comes to doctors and ailments, etc...so her doctors would have also identified any problems and brought them to light.

    have a good one.

  26. This is H, Veronika most definitely does not have any eating issues, unless you count stealing my butterfinger minis, her body fat is going down, but her muscle weight has gone up via our training workouts. Mine has also, in 6weeks I gained 4lbs and lost 4% body fat, and I most defintely do not have any eating issues. We both eat healthy-ish(Im the fast food person in the family)..but we dont deprive ourselves of items we want or have cravings for. Believe me, I would say something to my wife if I thought she was endangering herself or any future family members (kids). Veronika is a hypochondriac when it comes to doctors and ailments, etc...so her doctors would have also identified any problems and brought them to light.

    have a good one.

  27. Congrats on being close to your goal - seems like your hard work is paying off! You look great! :) And I also love the concepts in "Naturally Thin." It's a great read, and makes you think about what you need vs. what you want.

  28. I am a very regular reader of yours and look forward to each and every one of your posts :) However, I never comment -- but feel compelled to this time.

    I've noticed quite a few people sharing their concern about your low body fat percentage. I'd just like to share my experience with it...

    I have always been a small person (5' 2", 100 lbs.) but I never worked out. However, when I finished college, I had lots of extra time on my hands -- so I decided to start doing pilates twice each week and to lift weights on two other days during the week. I didn't lose any weight and didn't change clothing sizes, but I was loving my strong legs, arms and core. What I didn't realize was that my body fat percentage was going down, and my lean mass was going up. At the time, I was on birth control, so there was no indicator that something was "off". However, I went off birth control last July -- and didn't get my period again naturally. After thinking about it, I decided it might be a good idea to have my body composition checked last October in a "Bod Pod" -- a very accurate way of determining BF%. I found out at that point that my BF% was 17.3%. Not scary low, but, according to the trainer at my gym, a place where only "elite athletes" find themselves (which was pretty cool in some ways... if only my high school gym teachers could see me now! ;)). I also saw my OB/GYN, who prescribed some progesterone pills to get my cycle started again and told me I should gain 10-15 pounds and cut back on the exercising in order to get back into a better place. As difficult as it was, I cut back my lifting to once per week and continued with pilates twice a week. And I ate and ate and ate like it was nobody's business. By March-April, I gained that 10 pounds and still only lifted once a week... and still no cycle appeared. I went back to the Bod Pod again in late April to see what my BF% was after I had gained my 10 pounds, and unfortunately it was only 18.4% -- which was better, but for conceiving, my OB, a nutritionist I visited with, and my trainer, all suggested I be around 20%. What was also frustrating was that though I had gained 10 lbs., only three of those 10 were fat mass -- everything else was lean mass. So it took me 10 lbs. to go up 1% fat mass. And as I say to my trainer, I can't be a 5' 2", 130 lb., 24 year old (assuming every 10 lbs. I gain means a 1% BF% gain). Needless to say, it's been a long, frustrating, "monthly friend-less" road. I've now decided to cut out weight lifting all together in hopes of upping my BF% and lowering my lean mass. It's been one year since I've had a period because of a too-low BF% -- and H and I would love to conceive any time.

    Anyway, the reason for me posting this for you isn't to criticize you for your fitness goals -- in fact, I think they are great goals and think it's awesome that you've made such strides! There's nothing wrong with being mindful of what you eat and taking care of your body -- lifting weights is SO good for your body, and I know how empowering it feels to be STRONG (which is why cutting back on lifting and trying to gain body fat is such a hard thing when you enjoy exercising!) But I just wanted to share with you what happened to me when getting down in a lower BF%. It can have frustrating, sad outcomes that you may not see right away -- and reversing it is extremely frustrating as well. No one likes to gain weight, and unfortunately, that's the only way to reverse something like BF%/exercise-enduced amenorrhea.

    Please don't feel I'm coming down on you! I just wanted to share it with you. You look fantastic and healthy -- not too thin! Just make sure you keep it all in balance. Keep up the good work and keep the posts coming :)

  29. elizabeth---I am really glad you shared your story because I am also on birth control but have regular periods. I may go off the pill in the next 6 months or so, so this is good information to know and look out for, I really do appreciate it and I know it's coming from a place of helping and not being critical, so no worries.

    I just saw my OB/GYN this week and I explained to her my workouts and from looking at my height and weight and everything she was not concerned at all and actually told me how great it is that I am being so healthy.

    I do not believe my trainer would ever let me get to a point of being unhealthy with my body. I have pretty much been the same weight for the last 8 years or so, so I am not too concerned that I am too thin---but I never thought about how the body fat percentage played into it all, and how it played into fertility, which obviously I care a lot about.

    Had you been trying to concieve and you couldn't? I will be sure to monitor extensively when I am not on the pill. Thanks for that heads-up.

    I cannot imagine gaining 10 lbs as that would bring me basically to my highest ever weight, but I would have no problem stopping weight lifting.

    Just to clarify too---I do not lift heavy. Most of our stuff is done qith 4-10 lb weights or using our own bodyweight. We also use resistance bands.

    anyway, I am rambling on, but thank you again for sharing that story.

  30. It is super frustrating. And gaining 10 pounds was a really hard thing. It's hard to have your pants get too small. And, like you said, it was hard to be at the highest weight I've ever been -- especially when it wasn't an issue in the past and suddenly is now. Of course, the problem is my BF%, which wasn't an issue before because I never lifted weights.

    I took a group exercise class called Group Power (not sure if you're familiar with it), and there, we typically are squatting/pressing/curling 15-35 pounds. So using smaller weights or your own bodyweight and resistance bands should be really good.

    My husband and I weren't trying to get pregnant, but it's been a year since my periods disappeared (since going off the pill) -- so now is a time when we would like to try. Here's to hoping my no weight lifting change makes a difference! :)

  31. @elizabeth--- did your doctor say that the BF% was the only reason that you were not able to get your periods or are there other factors at play as well?

    I do not lift super heavy weights so hopefully that helps.

    Thanks again for all of your input---I appreciate it from the perspective of someone who has gone through something like this.

    I wish you luck in TTC and hope your body gets back to normal soon :)

  32. Initially, my doctor didn't say either way. She said I should gain 10-15 pounds so that we could determine whether or not that was the issue. After I gained the weight, I did notice some bodily changes in the way of hormones. So when I went back to visit with my doctor and shared that with her in April (that I'd noticed some bodily changes in relation to hormones returning), she felt relatively confident that BF% was the issue. She did do a few blood tests to check my thyroid and testosterone to be sure those weren't the issue, but those came back just fine.

    I should mention, though, that I haven't always had completely regular periods either. Prior to getting married and going on BCPs, my cycles averaged about 45 days long, which isn't considered "regular". I've also been told that all women are different as far as what BF% is enough for their body to cycle -- so where you're at could totally be completely fine! I absolutely do NOT want to scare you at all -- if your OB is happy with where you are, then she must be comfortable with it, and she of all people would know :)

    I should also mention that after I used the 'Bod Pod' in April that shared my BF% at 18.4%, the nutritionist and the trainer I've been working with aren't completely sure it is BF%. They think that should be enough fat mass to cycle -- but they point out that, again, every woman is different... so my 'cycling point' might be 20%, versus for others it might be 17%.

    Thanks so much for your well wishes! :) Glad I could share what I've gone through. Again, I don't want to scare you! Just want to suggest you be mindful of it all :)

    Also -- I hope all of this discussion doesn't discourage you from writing about your workouts. I am in love with your "Motivation Mondays"! And fitness is something I'm interested in so I enjoy hearing about workouts different people do.

  33. elizabeth---thanks for all of your very thoughtful responses. You're so right---everyone is different but it's nice to be aware of our bodies so we can know what to look for.

    I have been on the pill since I was 18, but before that, I had extremely regular periods (every month, right on the dot). I am hoping I will not have any issues when I come off the pill.

    Of course I will continue to share my workouts and eating. In fact, I am keeping a food diary for a few days so my readers can see exactly what I eat everyday.

  34. Tuesday must have been a special blogger day to post about body composition because I read 3 unrelated posts about it on different blogs!

    Come on V- you KNEW that everyone was going to either say yay awesome I wish I was you OR omg you are anorexic blah blah blah. The other 2 posts I read about body composition said they wouldn't post their %'s but that people could email if they wanted to discuss. You had to know when you posted your number that it was going to cause controversy. I realize that's part of what blogging sometimes is about, deciding what to share and what not to share and you are always very willing to share a lot with your readers and that's okay it's your choice because it's your blog. But don't act offended because you had to know some commentors were going to give you heck about those numbers.

  35. @christina---I'm not sure offended is the right word, but yes, it is kind of offensive when someone proclaims that you are "underweight" and have "disordered eating" when...
    A) You are NOT underweight and have a normal BMI
    B)They do not know how much or what you eat

    I know what my body needs and how it feels. In the last few weeks, I have been to two different doctors who proclaimed I was living a very healthy lifestyle and saw no problems at all with my weight or health in any way.

    Unless someone is a medical professional and knows my weight and eating habits, they really shouldn't throw out terms like "underweight."

    There are people in this world who suffer with real eating disorders so I just don't like to throw around words like that.

    Also---and here's my last point. I don't even remotely LOOK underweight in any way. If one day I posted photos and I suddenly appeared emaciated, okay, make a comment. But I still look the same as before, just with more muscle tone, which you can't even see in photos.

  36. I never said you looked underweight! All I meant was that you had to know there was going to be some controvery when you posted those numbers and you seemed surprised by it, that's all.

  37. @christina---I know you never said it---I am talking about other people who did say it in their comments, and why that would be offensive since they do not know my weight or how I eat.

  38. Okay :D! I'm going to look like another suck-up type of commenter but I'm just being honest- I'm a runner like serious intense runner and I'm sure I'm not 17.5% body fat and I am defi jealous! I'm short 5'2" and would kill to be as tall as you. and you defi don't look underweight, I think you look healthy and you are defi lucky to have some good tall/slender genes! I'm sure genetics has something to do with it. I think it's easier for ppl who are taller because they can carry a bit more weight and still look good, or look nice and slender at a lower weight. I know this as a fact because my sister is a lucky tall girl (5'9") and her weight can flucuate a lot more than mine and she looks good still. For me to be 15% body fat I'd have to loose what seems like an impossible amount of weight- and I enjoy eating sweets in good moderation and I would really have to cut out a ton of food to have that much lower percentage- I think it's harder when you are shorter I'd have to weight like 100lbs with good muscle! So in the end go girl because ur lucky to have a great body and still enjoy eating some sweets and yummy things in moderation. Like 2 yrs ago I did one of the hand-held tests I think I was more like 20% body fat but now I have no idea and I don't want to use an online calculator that seems scary and no accurate.

  39. @christina--- I am totally with you on the tall thing! It definitely helps. I do tend to only gain in my hips, thigs and butt areas. It's so weird. If I gain, it only goes to those areas.

    Like I said, I may not be at 17.5% because it could be up to 5% of a margin of error, but I know I've achieved good results because of how I look and feel and how much stronger I am.


  40. 17.5%? That isn't healthy! You have a beautiful shape already, and at 15%, you won't be able to become pregnant.

  41. @anon---I hope you realize how wrong and inaccurate your comment is. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. How the heck do you think Victoria Beckham has 4 kids!? She is tiny and was able to get pregnant.

    Pregnancy is affected by SO many factors. There are anorexic women who can get pregnant (which is sad because the baby doesn't get enough nutrition, but I'm trying to make a point here).

    Please don't speak about things that you are not a subject matter expert on. I have seen two doctors, both told me I am perfectly healthy.

  42. I have followed this thread for a few days now and I feel the need to comment on two things.

    1. I think it is utterly ridiculous to label someone who is slim, athletic healthy and working on being in better shape as having "disordered eating" or "anorexic" simply because she is striving to take control of her health IN THE RIGHT WAY by eating sensibly, moderating her junk food intake and exercising. Further, she has stated on numerous occasions that her doctors are supportive and she is certainly nowhere near starving. I commend you Veronika for wanting to show us what you eat but I don't think it should be necessary to defend the healthy and sensible choices you have made to get yourself in shape. Eating disorders are serious but you can't label everyone who is thin and athletic as having one!!

    2. Regarding TTC, I am a nurse who works in the OB world so I feel somewhat qualified to comment on this. A healthy pregnancy starts with a healthy mom. I think that wanting to get yourself in good shape and develop healthy eating and exercise habits now before TTC is very commendable. Obviously if your OB approves and you are still getting your monthly cycle, you are nowhere near being too thin. When you do start TTC then may be the time to reevaluate IF you are having problems, but again, with the guidance of your OB.

    I enjoy your blog immensely. As a fellow IBS sufferer who also recently went through a colonoscopy and has decided to drastically change my eating and exercise habits in an attempt to be healthy, I thank you for continuing to inspire and motivate me with your blog!

  43. @claire--thanks so much for your comments, I really appreciate it. I think people just need to stick to the facts before the write something. I am not underweight, do not look underweight and I don't have any eating problem.

    I am still planning to share what I eat because I think it's helpful for people who may be looking for ideas :)


  44. I think you look great and I wish i had the determination and patience to stick to a regular work out schedule like you do- keep it up!

  45. Rachel Zoe had a baby- enough said.

    You look great!

  46. You look fabulous! I think my body type is very similar to yours. It is very difficult for me to lean muscle mass, my body just prefers to hold onto the body fat. Do you mind posting more in depth info about your diet and exercise. Thanks.

  47. Hi Veronika, I never have commented before, although I read your blog often. I actually stumbled upon your original version of the blog in early 2010 when I was searching for others who had my same wedding dress! Anyways, I have read your blog ever since and wanted to say that I don't think it is fair or appropriate for other people to judge you for being open and honest about your accomplishments. More power to you for getting yourself in tip top shape and working so hard to be heathly in a society where the vast majority of people are not. Every single person's body makeup is different, so I don't believe it is right for others to judge you for what is working the best for you. I would say just continue to be yourself and stay the healthiest you that you can be. As long as you feel healthy and fit--and sometimes splurge on a cupcake--that is all that matters in the grand scheme of life. Hope you have a great day,


I love reading your comments! Thank you for taking the time to leave one.

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