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Happy Thursday ladies!  I just got home from an intense workout---I've gone 4 days in a row and I am SORE.  I always just work through the soreness because when I take too many days off, the pain is worse, whereas if I work it out, it goes away faster.

Today I brought another colorful, printed dress out of my closet. It's from the Tucker for Target collection and I had forgotten how much I liked it (I bought it towards the end of last summer...so I didn't have that many chances to wear it.)
 LOL---this is me leaving the house with my big gym bag in tow!

Dress- Tucker for Target
Shoes- Cynthia Vincent for Target
Cardigan- Express
Belt- Came on a dress from Papaya

I am really excited for a review I have coming up of a hairdryer I was sent.  It has changed my blow drying experience and I can't wait to share it with you---expect that next week :)  Here's how my blowout looked with the new hairdryer.

I also want to share with you a nail polish I got over the weekend. It's Sephora by OPI and it's called The Way Tutu His Heart and it's an opaque light pink. You need a good three coats, but I like the result a lot.

It's good if you like that real milky, opaque look. You can buy it here.

Lastly, have you seen the cover of the latest issue of Allure magazine? Lauren Conrad is on the cover and she looks STUNNING. Loving her beachy hair and smokey eyes.

HELLO Beautiful!
By the way, LC just launched a new website with her hairdresser and makeup artist---www.thebeautydepartment.com. Check it out!

I hope everyone has an incredible Friday. My husband is taking me on a date to see Water for Elephants.  I am really excited. I haven't read the book, but just after seeing the preview I knew I had to see it (plus, I just love Reese Witherspoon). Do you have any fun Friday plans? Let me know below!




  1. I can't wait to see Water for Elephants. The book was phenomenal and I love, love, love it. I adore Reese Witherspoon, as well, so I hope it's good.

    I love that nail colour! Yay for working out. I work out 8 times a week (6 days of Yoga and 2 days of Zumba) and I love it.

  2. Lauren Conrad is a style icon of mine.. she has an amazing body without being too skinny, and I love how she keeps it pretty simple.

    Loving the mixture of black and brown!

    Weird question... do you do your own eyebrows? they look awesome! I have eyebrow envy sometimes.

    Intense workouts are the best ones... I feel like at this point I barely notice soreness because I don't mix up my workouts enough. Maybe hitting an actual gym instead of just the treadmill would help.


  3. I'm loving her new site since People mentioned it a couple of days ago. It's bookmarked on my iPhone!

  4. That dress looks great on you V! ...and I also sported the CV wedges this week to work ;) LOVE 'EM!

    xo, tasha

  5. Cute dress! You have the tiniest waist!

    FYI, sometimes "working out the soreness" can be detrimental unless you are alternating muscle groups. You need to give your body time to recover because it't not the actual workout that makes you stronger/build muscle, it's the recovery and repair period that makes your workout beneficial.

  6. @cheynne- wow! good for you :) you are so motivated!

    @rissy---i jusy pluck the strays, fill them in a tiny bit with the anastasia brow pencil (or powder) and then i brush em' into place. I like to keep them pretty thick.

    @natasha---aren't the so great? I love em' :)

  7. @anon---you are so right :) we worked on different parts of my body today that weren't as sore :)

  8. Your wedges are effing adorable, your hair looks great, and that nail polish is so pretty! Good god, you are just so put together! I now hate that I wore jeans and a sweatshirt today!


  9. u look stunning, love the polish & the wedge!

  10. Your whole outfit is so cute! My hubs calls me the Bag Lady when I leave the house: giant purse, gym bag, and lunch bag. :-)

  11. Your hair looks amazing, girl! I love that nail polish color, too. Do you have OPI's Mod About You? This looks very similar!

  12. Can't wait to read about the new hairdryer, love how your hair came out!
    And I also love Reese Witherspoon, I've heard great things about the book so I also want to see the movie.

    Tomorrow night, I'm going to a Bachelorette party for a friend. :)

  13. I love that dress and your shoes! I am definately on the hunt for some good spring/summer heels! :)

  14. Wow, your hair looks incredible with the new blowdryer. I'm very interested in finding out more!
    Always love Tucker in general. Such a cute dress!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  15. I've read the book, which was awesome. I hope the movie does it justice. Have a great date! I'm sure you'll look good ;-)

  16. Your whole outfit is gorgeous! Love the shoes they are a beautiful colour too!

  17. Loving this dress! I think it feels more like spring than summer anyway! And your waist is just so narrow! Hello! :)

  18. Oooh, great outfit! It looks so springy, and I'm jealous! It's been cold and windy here in Colorado, and I'm *dying* to drag out some of my warm-weather stuff. You're not helping, LOL.

    I'm also making (forcing) Husband to take me to see Water For Elephants tomorrow night and I also haven't read the book--but the previews make it look intense.

    Fingers crossed that it's worth it, or Husband will never let me live it down (and I will then be forced to see every single Will Ferrel movie that ever comes out INCLUDING this one that is only in spanish and UGH. WATER FOR ELEPHANTS YOU BETTER BE GOOD, YA HEAR?).

  19. I'm grocery shopping for Easter lunch. LOVE the grocery store. ;)

  20. this dress is soo cute! i wish they were still selling it - i'd probably pick it up for myself. it looks fabulous on you!
    i'm interested to hear about this new hairdryer you got ;) i had a really good one and it fell in the toilet (thank GOD it wasn't plugged in or turned on)

  21. That dress looks great on you-very pretty.
    I agree, I always lovbe L.C's sexy beachy hair and natural makeup.
    I absolutely adore Reese so I can't wait to see Water for Elephants!

  22. I love Lauren, too! Thanks for clue-ing me in. I had no idea she had a new website.

  23. First, I am so jealous of your summery OOTD looks lately! It's still pretty chilly where I live and I can't wait to break out the sun dresses and sandals!

    Second, the book Water for Elephants was amazing and I'm so excited to see the movie... I just hope it lives up to the book! My hubby is taking me to a fun jazz lounge/restaurant for dinner then we are going to see it tonight for my b-day... have a nice weekend!

  24. Gasp! I need that Allure ASAP because LC is my style maven =) Yeah...I really love her =)

    You look beautiful in the Tucker dress, V. I wish I had picked that one up last Summer. I did pick up a Tucker for target dress about a month ago when Target re-released some of the Go International stuff. I'm wearing it Sunday so I'll be sure to snap a pic ;)

  25. I'm so jealous you got this dress! I searched everywhere for it and it was sold out :( Looks so beautiful on you though and I love that you belted it!!



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