OOTD: The Pink Dress

It's almost Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday, looking forward to the weekend, weekend, Friday, Friday, Friday....

Okay, that's enough of that---and for those of you who didn't catch the funny in that first line---you haven't watched Rebbecca Black's "Friday" video so I'm going to link it here for your viewing pleasure.

Yesterday, I showed you the Banana Republic olive dress (which, BTW I checked the freaking tag today and would you believe it---it was originally $115!!! I didn't even see that when I bought it for $41.99 plus 30% off...so now I feel even awesomer about it---if that's even possible!)

Today, I'm showing you the pink Banana Republic dress. I didn't really accessorize either dress because I wanted to show them just on their own---I'll play around with belts and such next time I wear 'em. Also--- a few people have asked about sizing. I got the olive in an XS and the pink in a Small. I have no idea why but I liked the olive in the smaller size. Weird.

Dress-  Banana Republic
(On clearance racks right now!!!)
Cardigan- Express
Shoes- Jessica Simpson
(and yes, I've been wearing these every darn day)
Necklace- Tiffany & Co.

What are everyone's weekend plans?  I'm going to try and hit the gym, do some shopping and having dinner with Candice Saturday night!  Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

Oh, and don't forget to check out Chloe's blog, See Chloe Shop
, for all of the sales happening this weekend!


PS- I finally got back into the gym today and my quads feel like they are going to rip off of my legs. Ahh yes, the burn. It feels good to be back :)


  1. @ashley---for that price, you can't afford NOT to get it!!!

  2. Gorgeous dress! So elegant! Also, i was singing the friday song in my head as I read those first few lines.

    xo, gina

  3. "Friday" is kinda like Robin Sparkles "Lets go to the mall" but worse, because it is not a joke. ;)

    This dress is so pretty! I love it in both colors you bought!

  4. okay I've been curious for awhile now...where did you get the pink peony arrangement that's behind you? I've been looking for a realistic-looking silk arrangement and yours are always gorgeous!

    (I love the dresses, too.) :)

  5. I love the pink! So spring like!

    If you're looking for extra shopping money I have a gift card give away on my blog....


  6. OMG that song is the WORST, I heard it on the radio the other day and was like, 'WTF?!' lol

    The dresses both look great! Funny how one is xs and one is small. I do that too sometimes though - nice to know I'm not the only one ;)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

    PS - Have a great weekend! Sounds like a good one!

  7. Kelly- they are either from michaels or wal mart :)

  8. So nice to see you in COLOR! I love it. Yay!

  9. AHHHHH!!! Love Rebeca!!! The best! :)

    That pink color is GORG on you...suits your complection perfectly!


  10. Love seeing you in color again, such a cute dress! I hope this means things are getting better for you and getting brighter.

  11. I love that you're wearing other colors besides black! So pretty!

  12. I absolutely love your outfit posts but this one is definitely a favorite, that dress isn't available online is it?

    Come by and enter my giveaway for a See by Chloe tote bag if you like!

  13. Cute dress! The dusty rose is a great color on you.

  14. I love that dress -so light and springy! Yes, unfortunately I have heard "Friday," nonetheless I am thrilled that the weekend is fianlly here!

  15. love the dress on you! It compliments your skin tone so well. What nail polish are you wearing in these photos!

  16. Anon -it's 3 coats of Fiji by Essie I love it!

  17. Hi Veronika! I found your blog through Sarah (Sardun1 on YouTube) and absolutely love it! I'm actually getting married in September so I find all your wedding posts so inspirational :) And Lu-Lu is adorable! This is a gorgeous outfit, love pink and grey together! <3

  18. @Anna I love your blog as well and I follow your videos on YouTube! I love reading your wedding posts! You are going to be a gorgeous bride.I love your puppies too!

  19. Ok, I just watched that video and feel like my teenage years weren't nearly as stylish.

    This weekend will be a mani/pedi, trip to memorial park, and drinks with friends.

  20. This look is so pretty and girly! Have a great weekend!

  21. That dress is gorgeous and the color looks great on you! I can't wait to be back in normal clothes! I'll be flying myself in for a shopping trip with you : )

  22. It's so sweet! I just love the soft colors. You look so pretty!

  23. You look so pretty in pink. Love your blog.

  24. Veronika, this color looks so pretty against your complexion. You do color well! Have a great weekend!


  25. awww what a cute pup!!
    love the ensemble, you look stunning!-as always

    happy friday,

  26. Love this color on you too V, awesome scores!

  27. V i loooooovvveeee how you look in pick! so spring and cute you are looking AMAZING! oh and congrats to the handsome Lulu! <3

    Classy & Fabulous

  28. Love it - it's just a pretty color on you and so breezy and springy!

  29. love the pink on you!

    what do you think of Brooklyn Decker's new haircut? I know you're a fan or hers

  30. @miss k---I don't love it but she's beautiful no matter what :)


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