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The other day, someone asked me on my formspring page how to get out of a style rut. Believe me, I've been there.  In my last year of my post-grad program, I recall feeling very lost, style-wise.  I had no idea what I wanted to look like or what I should wear or what I liked. I basically spent the year in LuluLemon pants, UGG boots, hoodies, jeans, cardigans...let's just say I was comfortable and cute, but it wasn't the look I wanted to stick with, especially when I started to work full-time.

When I'm feeling uninspired (which I have been lately, since I've been sportin' all black, all the timeI turn to celebrities to inspire me. It could be their hair, makeup, outfit, sunglasses, handbag---something just excites me about certain looks. I always save the photos so I can look back on them when I'm in a rut---and so I can share them with you lovely ladies!
Here are the looks I'm loving lately:

Winter may be long-gone here in Texas, but in many parts of the country, stylish gals are still feelin' the chill.  I love Blake Lively's outfits above. Chic, warm, pretty.

Following in Blake's footsteps, VS model Alessandra Ambrosio looks gorgeous in a
layered look. I love the softness that the scarf adds to the ensemble.

OMG.  Are you obsessed with this hair color? So am I. When I saw this gorgeous, highlighted look, I almost ran to the salon to get the exact same color. But then I remembered how traumatizing that would be. With her natural color and her skin coloring, her hair color is just stunning.  LOVE. Chrissy Teigen is just gorgeous!

You know who's stylish and often doesn't get the cred she deserves? Sandra Bullock. She's always effortlessly chic and put together.

Camilla Belle was never on my radar before---but then I saw these photos and holy smokes, she's smokin'!  I just love her overall look---and pretty hair and makeup. She polished without being overdone. Me likey. Okay, so maybe in the first photo she's a little more dramatically made-up, but she carries it very well.

I don't think it's possible for me to do one of these posts without giving some love to Miss Cheryl Cole. No words needed.

I also can't do a post without mentioning my fitness inspiration, model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker.  I love her because she's fit,
but also looks like she eats a Thin Mint every once in awhile.
Or maybe I'm just saying that because that's what I'M doing right now...

Proving that the ombre hair trend is here to stay, Hilary Duff stepped out of the salon with newly brunette locks---with an ombre effect that's oh-so-pretty. I actually much prefer this to when she was blonde and had the ombre look. This looks softer and less...dirty blonde.

Maria Menunos can really do no wrong (okay, except for the red boots.)  She is extremely attractive, has amazing, shiny, bouncy hair and great style...I just love her.

Girl of the moment? Minka Kelly. Gorgeous, glowing skin and a beautiful smile---and is that---OMBRE HAIR I see in the second pic? I love it.  I'm actually thinking of getting some of my blonde highlights that I had put in switched to a warmer but still light brown, kind of like hers.  Switch it up a little.

I've been obsessed with this gal lately---Odette Yustman.  Isn't she gorgeous? It looks like she's also got some ombre going on. And nude heels---love them!

Looks like Marissa Miller knows how elongating nude heels are too---here she is looking gorgeous as always.  Okay, so maybe she's my fitness inspiration too!

LeAnn Rimes isn't a popular lady on this blog, but I love her all-black outfit (looks like she's shopping my closet!) and those super-high, nude colored sandals. 
I think she looks very chic.

When my H and I were flying back from Toronto awhile ago, we had a connecting flight in North Carolina.  Guess who was on our flight?  Robert Buckley and Shantel VanSanten.  At the time, I didn't know who she was because the season hadn't started (yes, I watch OTH) but they were definitely dating and they are also lovers on the show. How sweet.  She is gorgeous and I swear she's gotten prettier with ever episode. BTW, as we were passing them at the airport to get a Starbucks or something, I looked at Mr. Buckley and gave him my best "I know who you are, but I'm not going to bother you" type of smile, and I think it worked, because he gave me the "thanks for not being a crazy super-fan smile." Nice.

 Lastly, Kate Bosworth. I like her, always have.  She's just got such a pretty look and I love her sweet and subtle makeup here. Pretty.

Who's been inspiring your style lately? Share with me in the comments below!



(all photos from: www.justjared.buzznet.com and http://www.thevoguediaries.com/)


  1. i found myself nodding along with ya to many of these ladies.

  2. I totally didn't realize that was LeAnn Rimes. I thought she was one of the Olsen twins. She's starting to look a little too thin. But I do love those heels!

  3. Holy crap Leann Rimes is so skinny! It may just be what she's wearing or the angle of the photo, but she has definitely lost weight. Not a huge fan of her, but she looks very cute there.

  4. I have to agree - LeAnn looks way too thin. It would be different if she were naturally really thin, but I don't ever remember her looking like this. She's a waif now! Cute outfit, but I'm a little worried for her.

  5. i loooove kate bosworth's eyes. they're almost freaky, but in a sexy way.

  6. Wow LeAnn Rimes is THIN!! I actually really like her, and her style has just been amazing the last couple of years!!! Her heels are amazing, and I love all black!!!

    I too was nodding along with you...Wow, some ppl are just blessed with gorgeous hair! I'm a blond and realllllly wish I was a brunette...sigh!

  7. I love all these pictures. I am in love with minka kelly currently and I am really about to show that picture of Chrissy Teigen and get her haircolor!

  8. Lovely post, LeAnn Rimes has the most gorgeous Christian Louboutins on.. SuperCut3 xo

  9. Lee Ann looks great...she has really slimmed up! Blake looks homeless in the first photo, but I typically love her style.

  10. I love Shantel's dress!! I would wear the whole outfit!! Ombre hair is here to stay for sure!!! love your blog!!


  11. I always love blake lively!
    I think Leanne Rimes is looking a little anorexic lately.

  12. Are you going to see Brooklyn in her new movie with Adam Sandler? I just saw it and she looked SO fit it was amazing!

  13. @patty---I saw it last weekend and absolutely loved it!


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