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I hope everyone had a love weekend! Today my husband, my best friend and I went to church together and then went and had brunch at Backstreet Cafe. Yum! 

I spent the entire weekend cleaning my house. Like deep cleaning everything.  It was nice to have today off to relax. I also had time today to finally take photos for my blog sale!
Remember, prices are negotiable.  Rules are the same as the last blog sale but I'll re-post them for those who haven't seen them:

1. If you'd like to reserve an item(s), EMAIL me at veronabrit at gmail dot com with the item number(s) you would like to reserve.  For Candice's items, please email her at candicebersani at gmail dot com.

2. Please copy & paste the item # and description as the subject of your email 

3. I will sell on a first come, first-served basis. I will notify you via email whether or not you were the first to reserve the item.

4. I will accept payment only through PayPal. My PayPal email is the same as the one above (veronabrit at gmail dot com)

5. I am shipping to the US & Canada only--- in my last blog sale, most shipping was between $2.50 and $5 depending on how many items were shipped and weight.  I bill you for shipping when I send them item and I send you a scanned copy of the receipt so I don't over or undercharge for shipping.

Candice's Blog Sale Items: Remember, email candicebersani at gmail dot com for these

Authentic black patent leather COACH purse.

Asking price: $100 (paid about $350)

Authentic COACH bag

Asking Price: $100 (paid about $300)

Authentic Micheal Kors Clutch
Asking price: $75

Veronika's Blog Sale: email veronabrit at gmail dot com for these items!

1.  Ann Taylor Floral Detail Tee (SOLD)

Size: MP Worn a few times
Selling for: $9
2.  Charlotte Russe Bow Tank (SOLD)
Size: L (it's super-long, perfect over skinny jeans)
Worn once or twice
Selling for: $7

2.  Zara Women's Blazer
Size: S
Worn once
Selling for: $25 (paid $60)

4.  Forever 21 Stripped Nautical Tank (SOLD)
Size: M
Worn a couple of times
Selling for: $5

5.  Charlotte Ronson for JC Penny Dress (SOLD)

Worn about 5-6 times, include black liner to wear under dress
Selling for: $13
6. Papaya One Shoulder Stripped Top (SOLD)

Size: It doesn't have a size on it, but you can probably tell the fit by how it fits me!
Selling for: $7

7.  Black workout top from PH8 (bebe's workout wear line)
Size: M- I'm selling it because it's too short on my long torso, has a little zipper at the front, never worn
Selling for: $10

8.  Gray and Pink Workout Tank from PH8 (SOLD)Size: L- once again, selling because it's too short on me, worn once
Selling for: $12

9.  Forever 21 Bright Green Dress
Size: S, never worn
Selling for: $20

10. ALDO Nude Sandals (SOLD)
Have been worn once- they are too small for me even though they are my size. These might be ideal for someone who wears a 9 or 9.5. They have a pretty pretty sort of mirrored heel. I love them and wish I could keep them but they are just too small :(
Paid: $110
Size: 10
Selling for: $12

Thanks so much for looking!  I originally had several more items that I was going to put on sale, but then I realized when I took photos of those items that I actually really liked them and just forgot I had them in my closet

So word to the wise--- I completely recommend every once in awhile really taking a long look through your closet and trying some things on and taking photos of yourself in those things. You might be surprised to find something you forgot you had or thought you'd never wear again that makes you very happy!

Also---before I go, though you can see it in some of the photos above, here are some additional close-ups of my new hair color:

We decided to do the roots and also added in some blonde highlights underneath so that it would have a little more dimension when I curled it.  Me likey.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 




  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! What kind/size curling iron do you use?

    I love those Aldo shoes...if only they were in my size!

  2. I think it's great that you wear heels even though you're tall. I'm 5'9 and I hate wearing heels because I feel like a giant. You're inspiring!

  3. @cupcake---i wear heels almost daily! I love being tall!

  4. Love the new hair! ...and I LOVE the fact that you're willing to take a few risks with color.

    <3, natasha

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous, both cut and color!

  6. Damn it! I had my eye on the charlotte R bow top! Sad times. You're super pretty, btdubs.

  7. I love your new hair color!!

    xx Olga

  8. Where is that black skirt from that you're wearing in the first few pics? It is really cute!

  9. @janine---it's from BR- their heritage collection

  10. What a cool idea... I always ALWAYS just give my things away!! I really need to consider something similar next time :)

    Love the hair :) What do you use to curl it? Flat iron? Curling iron? Curlers?

  11. Your hair is beautiful! You should do a hair-curling tutorial so the rest of us can look that good :)

  12. Are you still looking to sell the blk coach puse?


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