OOTD: A Standout Piece

Do you ever buy something that you think is really cute and then end up wearing it so much that you realize it was one of your best buys of the season?

That's how I feel about this H&M sweater coat. I can only think that my grandma's sweet spirit was shining down on me when I discovered this sweater coat while shopping in Bratislava after her passing. 

I've worn this sweater/coat more often than I ever thought I would. It's warm and so cozy and it's the absolute perfect length for my long limbs.
Sweater Coat- H&M
Belt- J. Crew
Dress Underneath---you can see it in THIS post
Tights- Target
Boots- Jessica Simpson
Bag- Tory Burch Reva Clutch---
love this bag! I just started using it this week. It's really small but I pared down what I carry and honestly, I don't need to carry a ton with me day-to-day. 
Remember my teeny Kate Spade bag? This one's quite a bit larger but it's slim, so you can't over-stuff it.

Do you have a standout item you bought this season?  Let me know what your winter season "best item" has been this year in the comments below!



PS- I know many of you are dealing with the snow and freezingness---so, who's ready for SPRING!?  Me!

PPS-  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who left such sweet comments and great advice in the post about my upcoming colonoscopy! I will let you all know how it goes. It's in a couple of weeks.


  1. Love the coat! And that Tory Burch purse-- looove.

  2. Love the sweater coat, looks fab on you...tried it on after seeing your post and it does not work on me because I am so short!!!

  3. Great outfit V! LOVE the clutch so much.

  4. How's the sizing on those boots? I hover between 7 and 7.5 in just about everything, usually going up to a 7.5 for boots that I may need to wear a sock with.. but I'm thinking I'd probably just do tights with these.. anyhoo.. what say you on the sizing?

  5. I just love this sweater and your new TB bag is adorable! Great buys!!! And I am with you on spring! So ready! :)

  6. hi there i just found your blog and it is adorable! and i was reading on your last post about the colonoscopy... i had one done last summer, and i'm 21, and they thought i had chrons disease and the pictures from it looked exactly like it, but the test results came back negative. it turned out that my stress was ruining my intestines and pushing everything to my colon, so i got on pro-biotics and now everything is fine! hopefully yours isn't anything serious!! i was worried but things turned out fine! my prayers to you!


  7. I like this outfit...esp. the brown boots w/ the black and white!

  8. Great outfit!! And this sweater coat looks great on you!

    xx Olga

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  10. Hello beautiful!!!! Just found your blog Love!!!

    That coat looks amazing on you girl!

  11. That sweater is super cute.

    I have to tell you that I took your advice about the importance of mousse for a good blowout and how it helps it to last longer. I can't believe what a huge difference it has made. My second day hair doesn't look like second day hair anymore! I've been using the Aveda Phomollient styling foam and so far so good!

  12. laura- yay! another mousse convert :) isn't it amazing!?

  13. Hello Veronika ...so many lovely, lovely outfits ...and we share the same name -so rare to meet a Veronika with a "k". My stand out item? I've bought some really fantastic dresses for Fall/Winter which I love to pair with coloured tights + my vintage coats. Love your H&M sweater coat really fab. xx veronika

  14. I couldnt agree more! My best buys of the season were my SM Intyce boots and my J. Brand Love Storys. I am already scoping out spring purchases. I am thinking Tory Burch ballet flats (Jelly's) and some classic Ray Band aviators. Maaaybe a T-bags maxi dress too :)

  15. So cute! I love how you accessorized too! That TB bag looks gorg ♥

  16. Absolutely loooove your OOTD posts. :) After reading this one, I had to try those Jessica Simpson Alany boots in brown. O...M...G. They look just as great on me as they do in your pics, and they go with just about everything. Thanks for the shopper advice. ;)


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