All-Time Favorite Nail Polishes (Requested)

It's taken me awhile to get this post together but I've finally done it!  Thanks to everyone who requested this one---I know it's been a long time comin'!

My H went out with his friend tonight so I decided to break out my camera and take pictures of....drum roll..........

My absolute favorite nail polishes!  I divided them into color categories so that it's a little easier to follow.

Let's start with soft pinks and whites:

From L-R:  Minimalistic; Fiji, Bubble Bath; Otherwise Engaged; Alpine Snow & Funny Bunny. One color note pictured is OPI's "Sweet Heart." Looks like I need a new bottle! It's one of my absolutely faves---I even wore it on my wedding day.

Next up, my top picks for dark shades:

From L-R:  Lincoln Park After Dark; Sapphire in the Snow; We'll Always Have Paris; Midnight in Moscow & Wicked.

Hot pink shades are hard to come by, but these take the cake!:

Pink Parka & I'm India Mood For Love
As for non-traditional shades, these top my list:

From L-R: Lucky Luck Lavender; Splash of Grenadine; Lilacism; Mint Candy Apple

.......and finally, if you're in the mood for a little sparkle:

Only Gold for Me

Wondering how I store it all?  This Target container does the job:

What are your favorite shades? Comment below and let me know!




  1. Ohhhh I really love both of those hot pinks and Sapphire in the Snow!! My favorite colors vary depending on my mood... sometimes I love a bold, dark color, and other times I love just a nude-looking nail.

    Nail polish is one of my obsessions, and very rarely will you ever find me without my nails polished. I just painted my nails tonight and this post is making me want to go out and find a new color... Sapphire in the Snow, perhaps?

  2. Lindsay---i'm the exact same way. I honestly don't recall the last time my nails were not painted. I do them myself once a week, toes once every 2 weeks in the winter time.

    I just love having nail color on, even if its nude :) so pretty!

  3. Now I'm want to buy Midnight in Moscow and Splash of Grenadine!

    Love your polishes...I have around the same number, but I'm trying not to buy anymore this year, so that I use up what I have.

    My current favourite shade that I own is English Rose by Rimmel Pro - the colour is so cheerful and the glossy finish is amazing. It also has one of those wide, tapered brushes that makes application so easy.

  4. i am not sure if you have access to Spa Ritual polishes but my favorite right now is Strawberry Fields Forever its a gorgeous medium pink with gold undertones its gorgeous. I also really love China Glaze Fifth Avenue a dusty rose color, and OPI Romeo and Joliet which is a deep, chocolately brown.

  5. bubble bath is the best for french manicures. i love bright and dark colors but nothing beats bubble bath when i get a french manicure :)

  6. I just started getting back into nail polishes last year when I discoved beauty bloggers. I usually gravitate to the light pinks but currently I am into nudes or natural browns.I like the mint candy apple color! I just saw that Walmart now carries Essie nail polishes so I am pretty excited. I think they retail for $7.75.

  7. By the way...has you ever tried the Nicole by OPI brand? If so, what are your thoughts?

  8. I totally just bought Sweetheart a few days ago on accident. I got a pedicure and loved the color I picked so while at Ulta, I picked up Sweetheart thinking that's what I had on my toes. Well I was wrong, not even close! But that's ok, I like the simplicity of Sweetheart :) It's very very similiar to Bubble Bath though...

  9. Love these colors! I have a number of the same ones that you do. I took your advice on Lucky Lucky Lavender and I'm glad I did. It's a great color for spring.

    I also really love I'm India Mood For Love, it is a great bright pink.

    Two more that I love, and I think would look good on you since I think we have a similar skin tone color, is OPI's Miami Beet & Paralez Vouis OPI.

  10. Sweet collecton - I've never seen that OPI India one.

    My fave has to be OPI 'Suzie Loves Sydney' - it was part of their Australia collection and I LOVE IT. It's like a dark, burgundy with some shimmer - never fails me;)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  11. I loveee OPI and Essie. I'm actually wearing Lilacism right now and I get SO many compliments on it.

    I'm in the market for a new lighter colour so I'm going to buy sweetheart.

    Between my sister and I, we have about 60-70 nail polishes. It's insane.

    Tart Deco by Essie is a great colour.

  12. I love I Swear I'm Not A Waitress by OPI. It's a really pretty deep red. These are all gorgeous!

  13. All your colors are gorgeous, especially love the dark shades Veronika! It seems like Lincoln Park After Dark is a staple in a lot of blogger's collections, but I don't have it! For spring I really want to get a punchy coral hue!

  14. Nice collection!!! I'm a total nailpolish junkie (mostly OPI and Essie) and between my mom and I we have 3 shoeboxes full!

    You should DEFINITELY check out OPI for Sephora "I'm With Brad" (dark/vampy shade) and OPI "La Paz-itively Hot" (gorgeous HOT PINK)

  15. Beautiful colors! I'm lazy to do my nails regularly during winter. Those hot pink colors look so pretty though! I must get my hands on either of those :)

    Don't you ever wear any red color on your nails Veronica? I love red nails, especially with black outfits!

  16. You have a great collection. I have and love pink parka!!! Now I'm in love with Chanel Black Pearl and all kind of darker shades.

    xx Olga

  17. Loove some of your dark OPIs. You have a few I've been wanting to die.

  18. I love Metro Chic from Sephora (by OPI). It's a great grey/mauve colour...I get lots of compliments when I wear it.

    Have you heard of Shellac before? It a polish that wears like a gel and last 2-3 weeks without any chipping or smudging. Its pretty new so not alot of salons carry it but I highly recommend it!

  19. I use a lot of them. I really love your light pinks. I tend to do dark on my toes, and light pink of my fingers. I'd have to add in Essie Bahama Mamma as a dark, and Essie's Limo-scene and Allure. All great shades. Thanks for sharing this!

  20. Midnight in Moscow is definitely one of my go-to shades! great picks!

  21. LOVE Splash of Grenadine. After seeing it on your blog, I bought it and wore it almost exclusively last Summer. I don't usually go for brighter shades, but that one worked perfectly with my skin tone. I wish I could wear lighter shades like Bubblebath, but they never look right on me.

    Some other, darker favorites are OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight, Essie Smokin' Hot, Chanel Particuliere, and Chanel Paradoxal.

  22. COMMANDER IN CHIC sally hansen complete manicure. it's a purple/grey-ege one.

  23. Favorite dark- OPI teasey does it.
    new favorite pinky sparkle- OPI teenage dream!


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