OOTD: Geometric Prints

Hello lovely readers! 

I hope everyone had a great day today. My day at work was really productive and I love having those days where you feel like you got a lot accomplished on your to-do list.

I know this BR skirt is not a favorite for some, but it always makes me happy when I wear it. It's crisp and pretty!  I think it photographs a bit oddly but IRL it looks lovely, I promise (or at least I think so!)

Top- Macy's
Skirt- Banana Republic
Cardigan- Express
Shoes- Jessica Simpson
Bag- MbMJ
That's all for today!  I have been working on my new blog template (should debut within the next month) so that's been taking up a little bit of time. As always, thank you for reading!



PS- How cute is Swifty's new video!? Love her!

My Emmy Award Dress Kisses and Disses & A Quick Outfit of the Day

This post has to start off with the gorgeous January Jones who has been trashed on other websites and blogs for her Emmy dress choice...her dress was actually one of my favorites (gasp!)... I just love its shape, bold color and uniqueness. I thought the dress was made for her. I can't apologize for this---I LOVE it!

Another favorite- and perhaps the most beautiful she has ever looked is Claire Danes. She has really blossomed (thought I loved her in her Romeo and Juliet days too...)

Here are a few of my other favorites:
OK. I'll admit I don't love the dress...but Jewel is just so adorable! The dress would have been better without the bow!

I'll admit I thought Keri Russel was a bit under-dressed...but the dress itself is so pretty!
Maria Menunos was just stunning. I often ask myself if she is capable of looking bad, and the resounding answer is always "not a chance." She's always so pretty...even in sweats.

I thought Lo looked really cute too :) 

I was disappointed with Kim Kardashian's dress.  I thought it wasn't really that flattering and it kind of didn't look that fancy. I usually love her dress choices!

What were your favorite Emmy looks?

I have to give mention to Heidi Klum too...after 4 kids...WOW!

Onto my OOTD, I wore my new BR skirt that I got for 40% off:
Top- Forever 21 (old)
Skirt- Monogram Collection at Banana Republic
Cardigan- White House Black Market
Shoes- "Me Too" at DSW
Bag- MbMJ Hillier Hobo "Rosie"

I just love how the skirt drapes at the front like that. I must admit this skirt is not the most comfortable. It is quite fitted through the thigh area. I do love how it falls though.

I went out for dinner Saturday night and snapped a quick shot of my makeup before I went out so I thought I'd post it for fun:

I used lipstick that night (MAC's "colorcrafted) and I really love that color for a night out. Most of you know I don't wear lipstick that often, but when I do, this one is always a fun choice.  It's limited edition but some people say it's similar to MAC's "saint germain" and "gaga."

I will do a post sometime in the next week or so about my favorite lipsticks...maybe it will inspire me to wear them more often!


PS- one of my readers, Carly, is recovering from surgery so I wanted to give her a "get well soon" message!

Weekend Shopping: A Few Forever 21 Finds

Do stores just not want me to spend money or something? I went shopping today with Candice who (thank God) is back from Barcelona and I must say I didn't find much...but the shopping trip itself was fun!

Candice got a gorgeous Tory Burch clutch today and I would say that was the highlight of the shopping trip. I was pretty happy with a few Forever21 finds...but the rest of the stores seemed really lacking today.

Here's what I got:

These fabulous, sparkly bow flats from F21. They remind me of a lot of the J. Crew and Kate Spade flats that cost a lot more.

The next item I got is this pretty lace top. It looks kind of not that great on the hanger, but it is very cute on! It needs a white tank underneath though. I love the buttons on the front.

Lastly, I got this gorgeous black top. It looks like nothing special on the hanger but the sleeves are so awesome that it really creates a statement when worn (Candice bought this one too!)

That's all for today's shopping :) I'm happy with my purchases. I guess I'll have to wait a month or so for all of the great fall stuff to really start emerging in stores.

Oh and before I go, I have been using my "Banana Republic Wednesdays" coupon where you get 40% off of any one full-priced item on the next Wednesday of each week until the end of September. I might get my trench coat using this promo.

Last Wednesday I got this pretty black skirt from their Monogram collection. It has some draping at the front and is overall very flattering.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!  I am going on a girl-date tonight with Candice :) We are still working on picking a dinner place. I LOVE going out for dinner with a great friend.

Did you buy anything this weekend? Share your purchases in the comments below :)



Outfit of the Day & MAC Eyeshadow Rave!

This outfit isn't from today, but I thought I'd post it anyway. It's one of the dresses I got on sale at Zara that has the Grecian-style draped front.

As I've said before, I love dresses for work because it's so EASY. It's one piece, maybe a belt, throw a sweater on top and you're good to go.  I must admit I've been struggling with dresses lately.  I haven't been able to find any great, appropriate-length dresses when I shop. I am almost 100% sure that as more of the fall clothes come in, that will change. I really love the heavier-fabric dresses for the winter. I saw a great one recently at Banana Republic that was about $150. Maybe when it's on sale!
Dress- Zara
Cardigan- White House Black Market
Shoes- Michael Kors
Belt- J. Crew

I've also been using a new eyeshadow color by MAC to line my lower lashline called "copperplate" and I really love it. It's a bit softer/lighter than my usual MAC "brun." I would say this color is a must-have for anyone who wants to give their eyes a little pop but remain neutral and somewhat natural looking.

I think it looks nice and natural while still defining the eyes.

Oh, and for those wondering, I did end up converting the bow earrings I bought last week at CR into a necklace:
Pretty cute!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. My weekend plans include reuniting with the bestie (she's been traveling) and maybe doing a little shopping.  I haven't been to F21 in forever and I'd also love to use my GAP groupon...I'll be sure to do a post if I end up buying anything.



Finally Got Our Wedding Photos! (photo-heavy, obvs)

Today was definitely better than Monday...definitely.  I had to have an emergency bump removed from my lower lash line (don't worry, nothing serious or contagious) yesterday which kind of hurt.  If you've had one before, you know.  Towards the end of my workday I started to feel feverish, hot and cold flashes, migraine, nausea the whole shebang. Still not sure what was going on with me but for hours I felt like I was really coming down with something. I still feel off today, but much better than before. 

My optometrist told me that sometimes you can get one of those bumps from stress. I guess you can say I have been kind of stressed lately.  She also told me to start working out again. I didn't get why an eye doctor was telling me to exercise, but she said when you're stressed, your body produces cortisol and the best way to combat that is with endorphins which you can get from exercise. Well, that makes sense.  When your eye doctor tells you to work out, it must be pretty serious.  I had planned to start pilates again this week because my studio is having a special but I still feel too crummy to do much at all.

I don't have any fun fashion or beauty related things to blog but I do have something else fun to share...we FINALLY got our entire CD of wedding photos on Friday.  My H called me and said "guess what came in the mail?!" and I practically shrieked when he told me (OK so maybe I really did squeal a little.)

I spent the entire weekend making albums!  MyPublisher.com was having a 40% off sale which you HAVE to take advantage of when they do because when you're obsessed with photos like I am, you quickly reach a hefty price tag.  I think my album was about 45 pages and cost $75 or so with the discount.  I thought that was a wonderful deal.  We also have a professional album coming in designed by our photographer, but I wanted to make one with some of my favorites.

Yesterday also happened to be the 3rd anniversary of our engagement (not the wedding, just the engagement- our wedding was May 2009) so that was a nice little coincidence to have gotten out photos back so close to that date.

I get a lot of requests to post more wedding photos- and now I finally can- over a year later!  Hope you all enjoy. (Click to Enlarge)






Our Vedors:
Flowers- Lisa Cushing,
Petals By Design
Photography- www.studio563.com
Hair & Makeup- Danielle @ www.theperfectface.com
Venue- Courtyard @ St. James Place
Dress- Vineyard collection @ Priscilla of Boston ("maeve"
Hair Fascinator- LoBoheme on
Rings- (e-ring) Tacori; (wedding band) Nazars (but I don't recommend them they are awful and treated me horribly)
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