Shop My Closet: Mini Blog Sale #2

Hello Ladies!  I wanted to post a handful of items for my second blog sale. It's mostly tops and there's a few dresses too!  I sold most of my dresses in the last blog sale (thanks again to everyone who participated!)  I'm also going to include items that didn't sell in the last sale in case anyone would like those.

Remember, prices are negotiable.  Rules are the same as the last blog sale but I'll re-post them for those who haven't seen them:

1. If you'd like to reserve an item(s), EMAIL me at veronabrit at gmail dot com with the item number(s) you would like to reserve.  

2. Please copy & paste the item # and description as the subject of your email (ex: Item #1- black dress)

3. I will sell on a first come, first-served basis. I will notify you via email whether or not you were the first to reserve the item.

4. I will accept payment only through PayPal. My PayPal email is the same as the one above (veronabrit at gmail dot com)

5. I am shipping to the US & Canada only

#1- Navy Blue Dress with Nude colored Tie Belt- RESERVED
Forever21- Has been worn once
Selling for: $17
Size: Medium
(this was in my last blog sale but the sale fell through)

#2-Black & White Rosette Top- RESERVED
Forever21- Has been worn twice
Selling for: $12
Size: XS- this top was originally super super long which is why I got an XS-it doesn't fit like and XS but I did shrink it in length so it's not as super-long as it used to be (but still past the hip on me)

#3- Black Top w/ Crystals
Forever21- Has been worn twice
Selling for: $5
Size: Medium- I shrunk this one too! that's why it doesn't fit me well anymore.

#4-Cobalt Blue Ruffle Blouse- RESERVED
Forever21- Has been worn once
Selling for: $10
Size: Medium- super lightweight material

#5- Cherry-Print Sun Dress- RESERVED
Marshalls- has been worn twice
Selling for: $13
Size: 9 (juniors- it fits me perfect and I usually wear a size 4 dress, for reference)

#6- Hot Pink Cut-Out Top
Forever21- Has been worn a few times
Selling for: $7
Size: Medium

#7- ALDO Nude Sandals
ALDO- Have been worn once- they are too small for me even though they are my size. These might be ideal for someone who wears a 9 or 9.5. They have a pretty pretty sort of mirrored heel. I love them and wish I could keep them but they are just too small :(
Paid: $110
Size: 10
Selling for: $45 OBO

#8- Lilac Ruffle Asymmetrical Top- RESERVED
Charlotte Russe- has been worn once
Selling for: $10
Size: Large- to me, it fits like a medium. It's nice and long too which is great :)

#9- Pink Rosette Tee- RESERVED
Forever21- Has never been worn 
Selling for: $13
Size: Medium

#10- Gray Sweater Dress- RESERVED
Forever21- Has been worn once
Selling for: $15
Size: Medium
#11- Beaded Yellow Top
Forever21- Has been worn a few times
Selling for: $10

#12- Cotton Button Mini Skirt- RESERVED
Never been worn, unknown brand
Selling for: $10 (price reduced from last blog sale)
#13- Printed Maxi Dress
Forever21- Has been worn twice
Selling for: $10 (price reduced from last blog sale)
*I think this one might have some rips on the inside/bottom from tripping on it, but it's not obvious. I will recheck it if you're interested in it :)*

That's all for this one :)  Hope you enjoyed browsing!

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!



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OOTD: Shades of White

Happy Friday Ladies!

I had a TV segment to coordinate today, so no casual Friday for me.  I wanted to keep it light though, so I decided to go for an all white/cream ensemble.  I had forgotten my love for this J.Crew blouse. I haven't worn it since the winter time.  I love the neckline- it's so feminine and pretty.

Silk Top- J.Crew
Cardigan- Express
Skirt- LOFT
Bag- Kate Spade
Nude Pumps- Jessica Simpson (buy them here!)
Watch- Michael Kors

I've been thinking of having another blog sale this weekend.  I have a few items left over from the last sale and also some new items (went through my closet again).  Let me know what you ladies think! It won't be as many items as last time. I also have a pair of heels to sell this time around.  They are these great, nude patent sandals that I can't wear because although they're my size (10) they just do not fit me. I can get my foot into them but can't walk in them. They are really cute so it sucks I can't wear them (especially since nude heels are so now.)

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!  I promised I'd start my clean-out and organization this weekend so I'm looking forward to getting all of that done.


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