Weekend Shopping: Paris, Here I Come (Baby, It's Cold Outside)

I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning to do a quick work thing where I had to be on-site somewhere.  I wore a tee, my VS PINK thermal hoodie and my Zara jacket that I bought for our trip to Paris.

Let's just say that being outside even for 5 minutes felt awful even though I was wearing layers. I finally came to terms with the fact that my lined wool jacket just wasn't going to cut it in the freezing Pairs temperatures. I've been in denial all this time. "I'll layer!" I said confidently. "I'll wear polar fleece underneath!" I assured myself. Alas, I realized that the thin wool coat I have does not actually prevent wind from going through it, which is why my teeth were clacking as the wind lashed through my not-so-warm layers.

You can imagine my predicament on one of the busiest shopping days of the year---finding a down-filled jacket for under $300 was a challenge I didn't want to take on today---battling the traffic and parking space madness was already too much for me (Dear dude in the Dillards parking lot---thanks for blatantly pulling into a parking space when I was in fact signaling that it was mine, and then "shrugging your shoulders" when I tried to point out I was there first. Merry Christmas).

First, I tried a store called Whole Earth Provisions Co. which was good in theory but all of their down coats were the North Face and other pricey brands---I didn't want to pay $300 for a coat I was buying for one occasion.

I also tried Old Navy which was a fail...then I went to Nordstrom Rack...another fail.

Moving on.

I finally struck gold at Macy's where I found a MICHAEL KORS coat for 60% OFF! I couldn't believe my luck because it's exactly what I was looking for.  It was originally $265---I paid $103. Sweet lord was I ever happy!  It even made up for my parking lot experience.

Oh yes. I am going to be toasty and stylish, my vacation dream come true! 

Speaking of toastiness, behold my new gloves. Warm and cozy. I got them at Marshall's for $12.99:

Also from Marshall's this travel bag. I plan to bring this as my carry-on with things like my makeup products (no liquids), my camera and other pricier items or things I'll need on the flight.  It was $16.99.  Usually I take a large purse with me, but I'd rather have more room this time around since we'll be gone a longer time.

It's got side pockets and comes with a little baggie inside that matches to keep change in...or whatever else might fit that you need to store.

Finally, I got this cute tank at Marshall's for $7.99. It's super long and it's made of that comfy stretchy fabric.

My last purchase of the day was from Banana Republic. Right now they're having a 40% off of your ENTIRE PURCHASE sale---so go while it's still on (until tomorrow, Sunday Dec. 19). It's a great sale if you still have some last-minute gift-buying to do.

I got this cozy sweater (um, can I use the word cozy any more in this entry?) It's a light oatmeal color with super soft baby pink stripes. It's so soft and warm. I just love it.

This isn't a purchase---but the lovely Candice lent me this pretty sweater for my trip. It's so holidays! I love it :)

More to come this weekend.  I'm going to do a ton of laundry tonight so packing can commence.  I'm kind of stressed out about packing but I know I'll get it done and it will be just fine :)  I will definitely do an entire post about it.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend (and if someone tries to take YOUR parking spot, just yell "Merry Christmas" at them, like I did.)




  1. Haha I just posted about my weekend purchases! I've been trying to find a good winter jacket that is warm and cute, but it's so hard! It's unfortunate that wool coats just don't cut it in freezing temperatures. Your jacket looks so comfy and it's such an amazing find! I will definitely need to head down to Macy's and see what they've got =)

  2. I love that coat! A girl I work with has pretty much the same one but in a purplish color and I was just telling her the other day that I love it. It looks so nice and warm but you can still look cute!

  3. You're going to love the warmth of that coat. I bought the exact same one (in brown) about a month ago and LOVE it! Plus the price was great.

  4. Cute coat! I love the sweater your friend Candice lend you. Where is it from? It's so cute.

  5. @JC- it's from a a Canadian store called Aritzia and the brand is TNA

  6. Haha.. Your parking experience reminded me of the "Towanda" scene from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes... Obviously though, you handled it much better! ;)



  7. Lovely purchases V!

    Really hope the UK snow doesn't affect your travel plans, I've heard that the 2 big London airports are not having any arrivals over the weekend!! :( Not sure how it is in Paris, so you should be fine!

    Fingers crossed for you!


  8. I went to Paris for the holidays a few years ago and spent nearly the entire time outside seeing the sights and riding the metro. It was cold, but not bone-chilling cold. Just make sure to wear a scarf, gloves, and a hat. The one time on the trip where I really did nearly freeze to death, on top of the Eiffel tower. It will be absolutely freezing up there so dress as warmly as you can if you plan on going to the top. It is definitely an awesome time of year to go. Very few tourists, no lines. There is a ferris wheel at the end of the Champs Elysees that has an awesome view of the city. The trees along the Champs are all covered in lights. Just gorgeous. Enjoy your trip!

  9. Great find on the MK jacket! I can't wait to see your Paris pictures!

  10. that coat looks perfect Veronika, it's definitely going to keep you super warm and the longer length is nice. i can't believe how cheaply you got it for too, how awesome! have FUN on your trip, can't wait to see pictures!


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