Parisian Pretty

Everything is so beautiful here---the Parisians really focus on making everything as pretty as possible.  Their malls are incredible. For me, seeing the mall decor, store windows and the general interiors of the malls was more exciting than the shopping itself (because uh, everything is super pricey here).
(click to enlarge)

The decor in Paris really does remind me of the movie "Marie Antoinette" from 2006 directed by Sofia Coppola.  It's really all about pastels and brights, bows and ribbons, embellishments and textures---everywhere you look, it's another visual delight. There's so much pretty here it makes everywhere else seem kind of boring in comparison. I've never seen such creative, beautiful and cute store windows before---I have pictures of those too that I'll share later.

Hope everyone had the best holidays! I have so much to share from our Paris trip...can't wait!  We leave for London Wednesday morning so we're very excited for that too. 




  1. I am DROOLING over these images! Which mall is this? How I love Paris and so envy your trip there!

  2. GORGEOUS!! I'm loving it so much! Thanks for sharing the photos, V!

  3. It looks you both are having a fabulous time!

  4. That looks amazing. I am very into artsy stuff so I am sure I would be more interested in the decor rather than actually shopping!

  5. Look at that tree and gifts... WOW!! Now that's gorgeous!

  6. wow! can't get over the images! absolutely stunning!

  7. OMG!! That tree is so spectacular!!!! It makes me wish it were Christmas all year round!
    I hope your holidays went well and I hope we can all meet up soon! I soooo look forward to it!!


  8. How beautiful! I just got back from Vegas, and Crystal at City Center is decked out in similar ways... so beautiful! It makes window shopping that much more enjoyable!

  9. So glad you're still having such a great time!!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  10. isn't it gorgeous? j'adore. :)

  11. J'Adore! I love traveling for Christmas :) Germany is astounding at christmastime.


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