Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Will You Be Watching?

My husband just made the BEST dinner---grilled shrimp with steamed veggies.  He seriously has a gift for using spices because he always makes everything so flavorful.  It was the perfect post-workout dinner.

I had a nice intense session with my trainer tonight---there was simply no way I was skipping tonight's workout.

Do you know why?....................................

Because tonight is one of televisions most exciting nights (at least for me)

Tonight, at 10/9 c the annual VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION SHOW airs on CBS.  I DVR it every year and keep it there all year long---anytime I need a little workout motivation, I just watch it and immediately feel pumped to get to the gym

I caught a few moments of E! News before I left for my workout and they were showing the VS models working with their trainers before the show.  Of course models are genetically thin on the most part, but nearly everyday I see paparazzi photos of models like Gisele and Karolina Kurkova leaving the gym. It definitely takes some maintenance.

Last year VS held a competition for a new model to walk the runway---Kylie Bisutti got the lucky spot---they showed the girls working with celebrity trainer David Kirsch and the workouts he did with them were not easy.

Here are some images from this year's show (it is always filmed in advance): (pics: justjared.buzznet.com)

I don't want to reveal too many of the runway shots! I will post more once it has aired.

Do you plan to watch the VS Fashion Show this year?



PS---this isn't really an outfit of the day because I was literally running out of my house and didn't even have my camera on the right setting and didn't have any good lighting...but I wanted to show you ladies my sweater coat that I got at H&M! It's so comfy and doubles as a jacket here on chilly days.


  1. Yes! I will definitely watch tonight. I have missed it the past couple of years but I really want to see it this time around. I am actually headed to the gym so it will be great timing!

  2. I can't wait either! I'm the same as you, I record it every year and keep it year round for motivation. Enjoy the show!

  3. Yes I will be watching for sure!! I like your hair. Its a bit VS-inspired, no? :)

  4. love your cinched waist! jaja
    omg I'm watching the show right now, just downloaded that akon song, how cute was that?? I'm dying. I've heard some of those wings weigh up to 30 lbs!

  5. Love your outfit so chic and comfy and your hair very angel like. Oh and have i told you how much i wish i was Brazilian? yeah back in the day Gisele, now Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio are STUNNING and are even making a name as runway models... oh to be them



  6. monica---Brazilian women tend to be so stunning! The Aussie girls are so gorgeous too though---Like Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanopel (kerr is pregnant so she wasn't there this year)

  7. Oh I know! have you seen Miranda Kerr's Australian vogue pregnant photo spread? just brilliant!!! I really think this baby is going to be one of the best looking people ever between mom Kerr and dad Bloom... I can't wait!!!!

  8. ur sweater is really gorgeous! cant wait for H&M in houston!
    the show was nice and totally inspiring fitness wise. which gym u get ur training sessions at? ive been contemplating to work out with a trainer but the rates arent that great, especially dat i already pay an awful lot for gym membership:(

  9. I've always thought Alessandra was so stunning!

  10. We cant watch it here but eventually it goes on youtube. I love the show and enjoy it (especially when Adriana is in it as shes my favourite) but I cant help thinking the girls have gotten so so skinny recently.. sometimes it can be a bit gross to see!

  11. VS models in my opinion are always the prettiest, I always love their hair and makeup compared to the often harsher looking typical runway models. I love how glamourous and feminine the VS models always look, you had a great idea using the fashion show for inspiration! I also love your top the cinched waist is really cute.

  12. I DVR'ed it so I can watch it tonight. I love Alessandra and some of the new girls are gorgeous!

  13. Oooh pretty outfit! I love it.
    Your H sounds like an amazing cook, I'm lucky to have a talented cooking H too :)
    I'm not too into the VS fashion shows, I think they're pretty dumb. lol. But the girls and the hair and make-up are always gorgeous.

  14. Love your OOTD, I wear pants to work everyday so I like to see how you dress it up! We have an H&M that recently opened where I live, what do you think of it? How would you compare it to Forever 21? As far as quality, price, style? I loved the show last night and how they were super creative with the wings!

  15. sheila---I like H&M but it's always been a huge hit and miss for me. I would say it depends on the size of the store---the more stock there is, the better chance you always have at having a better and wider selection. I think quality there can be hit and miss as well. Probably similar or just slightly above F21...depending on the item :)

  16. i was eating donuts while watching this last night lol (joking)

  17. I forgot to watch it! So sad :( Never happened before...

  18. Love your sweater coat! It looks so cozy and stylish, definitely a tricky thing to pull off when it comes to sweaters. That's a great idea to keep the DVR of the VSFS for workout inspiration. I didn't really watch it, but I love the behind the scenes look of the makeup and hair team.


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