(Black) Friday Shopping: Best Buy, Express, LOFT & Bath & Body Works

I hope everyone had a safe and happy thanksgiving!  Ours was spent with my husband's wonderful parents and my best friend who joined us for a turkey dinner.  Candice even baked an apple pie (from scratch) and it was delicious!  I couldn't have asked for a better thanksgiving.

I was able to get some reading done this weekend. I had read about this book in a few magazines and it peaked my curiosity so I bought it Thursday after work using a 50% off coupon from BORDERS.  It's called "Some Girls: My Life in a Harem" by Jillian Lauren.  It was a really quick read---definitely a page turner.  It's sort of a mixture of her life and what happened both before and after she decided to go to Brunei and live in a harem serving members of the royal family.  The descriptions of her time there are very interesting.  I almost expected it to be more shocking than it was, but it's certainly a great read and takes you into a world 99.9% of the population will never experience.  Candice is already next in line to read it!

So...I went Black Friday shopping. I had planned JUST to go to Best Buy but then I got all of those emails from all of the stores I shop at and when you see 40% OFF OF EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE STORE(!!!!!!!!!!)...well, that's kind of hard to ignore ("think of the money I'm saving!" I exclaimed proudly--- as my H rolled his eyes.)

Many of you ladies will be excited to learn that I finally took the plunge and invested in a good camera.  I purchased the Canon Rebel T2i!!! I am beyond excited!  This means better photos on the blog which I'm thrilled about. I also purchased a camera remote so I can take multiple frames using a tripod.  Very exciting! Finally, I purchased a DVD that's all about how to use the specific model I bought because honestly, I have no idea how to use it outside of automatic mode (haven't even taken it out of the box yet) and I'd love to learn to use it how it's meant to be used and learn about things like white balance and aperture.  It will be a fun little learning journey for me. I can't wait!  Plus getting it now leaves me time to learn to use it before we head to Paris.

So that's my BIG purchase...it's my Christmas present :)  We aren't really exchanging gifts this year (the H and I) because our trip is our gift.

Next up, I got this pretty sweater from Express for 40% OFF:
It's got this pretty, gunmetal colored metallic thread through it.  It was $79.50 and I got it for 40% off.

I picked up 4 packs of Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works too because they were on sale for $5 for a pack of two refills. For anyone who doesn't use these---I recommend them above and beyond any plug in air freshner I've ever used. The quality of the product and the variety of amazing scents available simply beat out the competition.

Lastly, I purchased these two incredible items from LOFT (at 40% off) that I am very excited about!

First, this gorgeous top (*sigh*, it's just so feminine and romantic)
The second item is this lovely lace skirt:

and here they are when I tried them on
(I wouldn't wear them together, this is just from the fitting room):

The top photographed a bit red...it's more of a reddish hot pink---a color I was actually worried about but I think it's nice to add a little something bright in once in awhile. I thought it looked flattering with my skin tone.

Lastly, I forgot to share something I bought at H&M when I was in Slovakia. Believe it or not, I didn't ASK to shop, my grandma's sister and her husband took me to the mall because they wanted to show me where my grandma had liked to shop (her and I shared a love for shopping.)  I only went to about 3 stores.  I ended up getting this sweater coat from H&M.  It's super long and warm...yet also lightweight so It's perfect to layer under a long coat, or even wear as a coat here in Houston where it's not too chilly:

and here's what I wore today---comfy clothes for shopping!

Tee- Love Culture
Hoodie- Victoria's Secret PINK
Tights- Lulu Lemon Wunder Under Pintuck (crops)
Boots- Nine West
Scarf---- My grandmother's---it was one of the items I took as a memory of her and I absolutely love it!
By the way---the Nine west boots are INCREDIBLY comfortable. I was so impressed with how great the felt when I walked around in them for a few hours. I am so very glad I bought them :)

How was your thanksgiving? Did you brave the malls today to get some great deals?




  1. your outfit of the day is so comfy cute!

    congrats on the rebel!!

  2. Veronika -
    Not sure if you remember me, I was Stumpy on the Nest : ) I love your blog, read it all the time...

    If you want some help with the camera (as far as using it beyond auto) I would be happy to help you out with any questions :)

  3. hey stumpy! of course i remember you :) you had the very cute little girl!

    I did buy a DVD to teach me the basics but I'd love to, over time, learn to shoot great photos as a hobby. I will let you know if I have any questions :) it's going to be a process! LOL. My husband is making fun of me because I just put the camera together and i looked through the viewer part and he's like "you have the cap on." I'ma dork!

  4. Well, feel free to shoot me an email @ typeaimages@gmail.com if you want any tips or have any questions! : ) I love helping people out with their new SLRs : )

  5. @type A---cute blog BTW! I didn't know you had gotten into photography professionally, that's awesome!

    I will def email you when I have some questions. Right now I am in "afraid to even touch the camera" mode. My battery is charging so I can't really use it anyways...

    do you have a remote for yours? I bought a wireless one so hoping it works!

  6. I had an itch to go to Nordstrom and return some shoes I'd ordered, but I couldn't stomach the thought of Black Friday Galleria parking.

    I DID get to wear my new Born Crown boots today, that I'd bought at the Anniversary sale this summer, with my new skinny jeans. The wine steward at Central Market told me I looked very chic and European!

  7. @amy- glad you ended up finding skinny jeans you liked :) i've heard good things about the comfort of born boots :)

    the galleria wasn't horrible apparently---my bestie went today.

    I heard Baybrook mall was insane...and memorial city was pretty nuts too!

  8. I don't use a remote, no real use for it as I don't do any self-portrait type stuff : ). But, they're pretty easy to use, so I wouldn't worry too much. You'll get it. Watch out, SLR's are addictive! Pretty soon you'll be spending all your $$ on lenses and external flashes. : )

  9. that's what everyone says---that they are so addictive! :) I'm excited though! When we eventually have children, it will be nice to have some photography skills to capture all of those moments :)

  10. and PS---I am blog stalking you right now looking through all of your work!

    Loved reading about the seminar you attended---I confess I really love jasmine star! she has a color balance to her photos that really appeals to me a lot.

    Love checking out your work!

  11. Veronika, I am suprised you didn't buy more! This was actually my first year going out on Black Friday. I went to Macys & JCPenney, two of my favorite stores. I got suede winter boots from Macys that I love. They are by Style and Co. regular $60 & I got them 50% off. Super comfy & cute. I usually get these from Target & Payless but wanted some that were a little better made this time. I also got two tanks to wear under cardigans about $7 a piece & a long tee to wear with tights. Also got a men's inspired button up thats long in length to wear over tights. I'm trying to be a little more creative in my style :) Yes, that small step is creative for me. I wanted to go to Express' sale- but I didn't want to temp myself although the deals were amazing!!

    Love your blog!!!

  12. I love evrything as usual =) However, the camera is the best buy! I want a new camera so badly!

  13. I've had the Canon t1i for about a year and we LOVE it. Best money we ever spent. We also did a lot of traveling around Europe before we had our son and I'm kicking myself for not buying one sooner. We also invested in a 55-250mm lens and that has also been worth the money (as was our tripod and remote).

  14. Great haul! LOVE the camera. I've been wanting one for a while now but am nervous that it will take me forever to learn how to use it.
    I'm looking forward to see how your new pictures turn out.

  15. OMG!! You got a Rebel!??!?! Veronika!! Congrats!! That's seriously sooooooo exciting!! I'm frothing at the mouth ;)

    Great deals, the pink top is soo pretty.

    No shopping for me as we don't have Black Friday in Canada - as you know.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  16. i had a feeling you were going to go Black Friday shopping, haha!
    eeeee, that camera is GORGEOUS! veronika - no joke, i've had my eye on that same model! i am hopefully either going to get that, or the canon G12 for christmas. i'm excited about having nicer photos on my blog, and the remote option will be perfect for you, and your outfit photos!

  17. totally excited about your new camera purchase!


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